The Initial that Formed

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We start talking about life, we will talk about humans, and when we mention the word human, it moves towards a person or community, when it reaches a personal or community point, it will focus on one view of needs and welfare, but then it doesn't stop at the point of need and welfare because all of that means conditioned on economic and financial factors, which in the end are focused on the context of money. From the existence of money, there is a step to achieve in the direction of how to be able to generate or bring in this money, so that the existence of jobs is needed and also helped. Then a space is formed in a person for the presence of belief.

At the endpoint, we have actually been aware of the initial journey that formed the conditions for the existence of the word life, humans, needs, money, and jobs. Where it ends on the side of self-belief to be sure of what you stand for and dream of. Because it has become human nature since birth.

Belief itself is indeed synonymous with the existence of a rule called a religion but is not bound by ties that bind to other conditions in interpreting the journey of life. Where it should always exist in every step of a human who lives life about the existence of the word choice.

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All become one if put together in a unified whole for the existence of needs and welfare. Where in a healthy life there will be a strong and healthy soul in living life and the power of thought that produces positive values ​​for life. So that it can give birth to words of need that are useful and beneficial, and will produce good and correct financial thoughts. If the financial factor is a good and correct concept, it does not rule out the existence of jobs for those in need. And all of that was born from a strong belief in the purpose that was created from a soul that has feelings and feelings that are sure of the existence of the meaning of being a human being created by God.

Execute the perfect puzzle pieces after being put together in the correct placement. Such is the effect of the completion of the hectic journey of human life.

It is lengthy and never stops at one discussion because even though the form is the same, it is a real form of the existence of the word perfection of an imperfect existence. Even though it will never be perfect, always try from the presence of faith so that you will be able to accept and realize what it was all for.

Don't deny and you can't deny that everything is spinning, not as it looks like it's spinning. The ending will always be the same, from every opening that will start. The difference is only from the point of view of seeing and living. No matter how strong our reasons are, the reality will definitely return to one answer later which will lead to one point of similarity.

In conclusion, it will present a new word that everyone must have felt. Regret, where the word regret is present is the fruit of the presence of human consciousness from the condition of existence of self-confidence that has returned to its nature as a human being. How far we go, how bad humans do, or vice versa, all of that will return to the beginning which ends in the concept of belief that is believed. Both the formation of intentions, the formation of thoughts, the formation of choices, and the formation of the existence of belief in the belief that is believed.

How many humans chase the word quantity so they forget the word quality? Isn't it obvious that if someone just catches up with word a lot without being able to feel, it's just as useless? Compared to getting small things but can create a sense of satisfaction that can be felt.


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