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Strange but exist

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2 months ago
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Many strange/weird/bizarre things that we think are impossible to happen actually happen. From appearances, creations, and impossible things that are beyond logic, more and a lot are found and can be seen by the real eye. If you say it's all thanks to technological advances, where in the past one could only hear news, stories or news. For now, it is easy to find the existence of a phenomenon that can be said to be strange but real.

Logic certainly plays an important role in human thinking patterns, but in reality, many things must also be accepted without logic.

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

The smallest thing we often encounter is the problem of love. About feelings of different types having a mutual attraction to the word liking each other to the point of love. In the matter of love, many strange but real things can happen, which must be admitted that the problem of mate is true like fortune and death will not be exchanged.

But it's a possible phenomenon that has been accepted even though it will always enter the strange but real language. If you look at strange but real happening, what is even more complex is various natural phenomena that cannot be digested by the mind. Even if there are those who still deny it, maybe the discussion is because the secret or technology to solve the problem has not been solved or achieved.

But I don't want to talk about it, because it's like a gift to be accepted and learned by mankind. For me, what is really strange but the reality is the condition of the existence of humans who do not recognize the existence of an almighty God. For me, it is a strange but real thing that is the most obvious and most horrifying to say about their mindset and existence.

There are so many things that can be said that fall into the logic of the condition of God's greatness. So many extraordinary phenomena that cannot actually be done by humans are clear evidence of the existence of God. And so clearly so many clues from all kinds of things that can be used as an indication of the condition of God's greatness. But it turns out that with the advancement of technology, it turns out that there are still people who think that God does not exist.

Outback humans who were said to be isolated from the outside world might still be natural to think this way. Because of the limited knowledge and scope of their condition. Then how about those who are not in the condition of being inland humans, who have such a wide container for problems of science, information, and the condition of the surrounding community? Smart and unintelligent language is also a strange thing that enters this category of humans, where in fact many humans who have a high level of intelligence given by God do not even acknowledge their God. Whether it's because of his/she's arrogance, feels smart, or because doesn't want to admit the limits of human beings as created.

If so, it may feel unkind and immoral to discuss strange but real humans who do not acknowledge the existence of God. But unfortunately, I think it's even more immoral if I respect humans who don't acknowledge the existence of God who created humans.

I once asked about important issues concerning the importance of the right of a nation or the interests of human rights, so this time it may be clear that nowadays many human rights issues are not appropriate and are used as shields. Making the destruction of the blessings that have been given by God to the man himself. So weird but is so real happens.

No offense if you read and it turns out that part of people who think don't believe in God, A little enlightenment, try to think about how the word creation transpires where if something is created, it means someone created it.


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Written by   821
2 months ago
Topics: Write, Freewrite, Weird, Strange, Bizarre, ...
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I think we all believe in something that is of a Supreme Being especially those who don't believe in God. We may not realize it right away though.

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2 months ago