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As we know that the United States Exchange and Trade Commission (SEC) is very keen to check and regulate the existence of cryptocurrencies that are currently present. Various conflicts and various regulations have emerged from the results of investigations carried out by the SEC so far. And as the latest news that comes, this time is how Binance finally complied with SEC regulations which removed one of the coins/tokens (AMP) related to one of the insider trading cases that previously occurred on one of the major exchanges in the United States, namely Coinbase.

From these cases, we can see how important the role of an agency that is accommodated by a government is to protect its people. But on the other hand, in the crypto world, as we know it, it is very contrary to the systematics issued by the government. Seeing conditions like this, how do we view actors, users, and lovers who play and support the existence of crypto at this time against a legal entity that was born from government systematics? Wasn't crypto born from the dissatisfaction that occurred in the existing government system, regardless of where you live in any country, of course, if you who have become part of the crypto world know what the dispute is between crypto and the government.

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The latest news is one of the positive news that can be taken in fact in protect the community from the results of the existence of protection that occurs and is carried out by a government agency. And it's not once but there have been many things that have happened in other parts of the world, for example, my country is Indonesia where Bappebti protects the Indonesian people against the existence of a company that plays in the crypto world. It gave birth to many positive results from such protection where protection from the existence of fraud, misuse of identity, permits, and so on.

As we know if the crypto is sold as part of the profits of the company or organization that issues the crypto it is part of the securities, which in fact is causing the loss of many people and is tantamount to fraud. Or such as the implementation of securities buying and selling activities for their own or other people's interests. And the second is the implementation of buying and selling shares and bonds through the stock exchange or outside the stock exchange. What you can say is that this is very common for people who don't understand the world of stocks or bonds, so if you look at the main side of this, how government agencies are so helpful and provide good security in their goals and visions and missions.

The crypto world is still so young, and the crypto world is also built on the basis of convenience that is so easily different from everything that has been born in the world of banking and finance. The actors who play and participate in it are very mixed from the existence of the existing community level, for me personally how necessary the existence of a legal entity is actually to be said in the context of community protection. So if we take something positive from something that was born, it is actually acceptable to exist, while the issue of being too strict or too interfering becomes freedom that is the subject of the problem can actually be tolerated if we look at what has happened in the case that recently occurred in the crypto world. itself. How did the case of the existence of Terra Luna, Celsius, and others end up harming many people? One-sidedly hates the government when in remote areas seek refuge with government assistance. It's weird but it's not real.


note: As a note and reminder, so many coins/tokens in crypto scattered are part of the game of a company, be careful in choosing and using the exchange you use in the world of crypto.

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As I have watched the "anonymous good hackers" who can able to interrupt the bad guys from scamming people, this means that the gov't need help in this area since they have so many processes first and sometimes low tech, before catching the culprit.

In cryptocurrency we need them honestly to caught the stealer, gov't has the authority but in some area and ways there is still a limitation, let's discern on what to do... Stolen identity can get help from the government.

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