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They grow to be said to be adults. But it can't be released even though it has grown up. They understand many things, but not enough and there is still much to learn and understand. They are sad in pain but have not been able to feel the pain that can soften life. They are happy in joy but have not found the true meaning of happiness for themselves.

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Like a fruit that is still ripe, so tempting but can not be enjoyed as ripe fruit. Like leaves that grow on the top, because there will be a time when they come down to the branches and twigs. The green is not as green as old leaves that can shade the earth from the heat and rain.

Indeed, there are still many shortcomings and guidance for souls that are growing. However, behind these souls are stored a lot of honesty and purity that will not be obtained from the souls who have aged. Sincerity, innocence, and ignorance are proof of the beauty of their existence in the world.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

Hurting them is the same as hurting the beauty in the world. Like destroying, creating a world without protection and compassion. Restraints, intimidation, harsh treatment, or other bad things are never appropriate for them to feel. Being spoiled is their right, and needing affection is a reciprocal of their sincerity. Their smiles, cheerful laughter and the way they think are so beautiful. Not as beautiful as the souls who have been said to be mature or old. They run not the same as running feet that usually run. The small steps will not be the same as the usual steps.

Not yet, cannot be equated and generalized. Indeed, they are humans, but their existence will never be the same as the existence of adults. They do not deserve to be burdened with the heavy burden on their shoulders. There is no hatred, hypocrisy, greed, or doubt. That exists because of their ignorance. Let them run, smile and laugh. This earth will be theirs too. Let them feel the warmth of the sun, and the cold of the moon at night. Let them feel the rush of the wind that rushes the flowing river.

Even though it is full of limitations, ignorance, and all the shortcomings that exist because of an existence that is still so young. It's not yet time to feel what it means to be an adult. Satisfy all the limitations that are due to their youth, so that they understand how beautiful it is to be young in old age.


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Written by   706
1 month ago
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