Macro environment for the economics condition

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A community group that demands a large adaptation but without realizing it has an influence on attitudes in the change is interpreted in conditions as a macro environment. In the world of economics, the macro environment will have a major influence on the rise or fall of a value that is developing. So, if combined with market conditions, this can be an indication that there will be an increase or decrease in the value that is included in the economic market arena.

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The global economic conditions have been hit by problems lately from the presence of the pandemic problem, and Russia's war with Ukraine causing massive inflation this year. Referred to as the dark condition of the world, it shows that the influence of the problem comes from one of the macro environments that take place.

The financial world on the world stage experienced a great shock with the fear of a recession being an indication of the outlook for every community group to be able to adapt to the conditions that happened. Changes also have an impact on the conditions why there is a big decline this year. Increasing pressure on conditions that are feared to occur so that it suppresses every sector that intersects with the banking world.

With inflation conditions that occur scarcity follows. And this affects the price increase in the middle of the condition of the decline in the value of the currency used due to the increase in interest rates which aims to protect the value of a related currency. Those who are affected are, of course, dependent on global conditions in the context of the income that can be generated.

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Then if we look at the downturn conditions that happen in cryptocurrencies, the same results from a macro environment come to pass. However, one value is more than the other, crypto can be said to be in a better state of being improved. Even though they are indicated to be equally affected by the impact of global economic problems, crypto is still seen as a value that can be expected compared to others. There are many groups of people who still see and have the opinion that crypto is an alternative savior from the uncertain world economy.

Changes in the interest of changes encourage the market aspect to draw the conclusion that many people will be careful when the global economic conditions are like today. Whereas an example of what happened to Argentina being one of the first countries affected by global economic problems this year, at least it had a major impact on the decline in the Argentine peso currency transpire since yesterday. Where people do a lot of exchanging pesos against the US dollar in the country to anticipate the crisis that comes across.


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We have high inflation and the central bank keeps rising interest rates to get inflation under control. It crashes the stock market and crypto market. The economic condition is not good so far.

The US is going to come up with NOPEC to do something against OPEC. Energy prices may keep rising and it is going to affect different things. Most people may consider crypto as an alternative to doing something and building wealth outside of the existing financial system.

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1 year ago

We are also suffering a lot in this war. The war in Ukraine and Russia has left the cryptocurrency market reeling. Again, in developing countries like ours, commodity prices have increased.

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1 year ago

I am really not that good about econ, but seeing how the changes in our economy scares me. Inflation alone is scary enough how it may really affect everyone in the country.

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1 year ago