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Laws and Regulations

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In Islam, there is a science that explains the law and it is called jurisprudence. In fiqh, it explains all the rules regarding the elaboration of which words are permissible and which are not. There are rules that are binding and there are also those that are not in accordance with the order and also the formation of the prevailing conditions or circumstances. So that the rules that have been explained can be a guide for mankind who want to learn from what has been explained in life.

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In the span of the group order, from the smallest to the largest, an explanation of the legal issues that apply in the group arrangement is also formed. As the biggest reference and example, a country can be said to be an example of the existence of laws that apply to the country concerned. From this law comes the existence of legalization and also illegalization. Which can be interpreted as a basis that has been permitted and has not been permitted by the country concerned for every existing condition.

From these two things, when described in terms of human needs, the basis for fiqh law is more taken as the basis and is formed according to the conditions of a country which forms the word applicable law.

One-sidedly, there will be questions for non-Muslims, why did I take the foundation from the Islamic context, what about other religions?

My answer is that my faith in and embrace of Islam is a religion that I believe in word faith. And if you still haven't answered or are considered one-sided or intolerant, my answer will continue to grow at the foot of the existence of the divine words Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Where from this basis will actually be found the similarity of the same legal knowledge base and will not be different if it is really studied.

However, if there is still a polemic on the boundaries, what about other religions trusted?

It is clear from the question that I wrote and that I use the word trust, where the word has a very different meaning from the word belief. The word "trusted" comes from the form of human thought, while faith comes from those who believe in the existence of guidance from the Creator as the God of the universe who created humans.

So in this paragraph, I can only include an apology if anyone is offended by my answer as part of my tolerance for the conditions you believe in.

Continuing the issue of halal and haram is not the same as legal and illegal, where the dissimilarities are clearly very different. Because the formation of halal and haram applies to Muslims who believe a legal basis that they should apply in life as Muslims who must be obeyed in the realization of beliefs that are believed, while legal and illegal apply to a nation, state, or group only. Because the ummah covers all parts of the world while the group applies to a certain group only. The scope alone explains the breadth of existing conditions.

So without going into more detail about the meaning between haram and halal or legal and illegal, I would like to explain the differences in the existence of the meanings of each of these laws. If there are those who equate it, it is clear that the same is due to the formation of the legal basis for a state or group taking from the existence of information on the problems of fiqh that exist as existing rules for Muslims that apply.

The context of religious and state issues ultimately impacts the order of human life itself. The aim is to be able to reduce conditions of damage and crime resulting from understanding the existence of why there are rules and regulations that are believed and made as a form of the applicable legal basis. When viewed from the differences or non-acceptance of the form of the foundation it is due to the presence of existing differences. So the awareness that each party believes and trusts should be aware of the provisions where the law originates in order to understand why the words law and regulation exist.

As a final part, let's reflect on the order of life that has occurred. And if it is focused on one condition, it is clear that it is hoped that there will be aware from each individual to be aware of the existence of resilience first so that they can accept other conditions that apply to the degree and capacity of being religious people, not as people who have no religion. The main fortress is where it is formed and takes shape, so that's where it can be seen clearly what it was formed like.


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Written by   826
2 months ago
Topics: Facts, Law, Regulations, Education, Sign, ...
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Indeed, anyone that has a well grounded knowledge of fiqh and Sunnah would find alot if things easy in life. Fiqh teaches you how to take care of your body, fix your salat and also purification. It was indeed my best subject while I was Islamic school

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2 months ago