Essence and Contradiction - No way out when the final paid commission gets.

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-Life Begin-

"Human lives as if groping in the dark. Will never stop looking for a way out in order to find the light that can illuminate the darkness. By leading intelligence to great effect. In traversing all the time in the world."

So a question that is re-written in this sentence as another part of writing about life is, "what do we live for?".

If taken and followed by the essence, by all means, there will be many answers to the sentence questions at the end of the paragraph above. And if juxtaposed with the four sentences in the opening paragraph of this article, it is inappropriate to enter into a study of the essence obtained. Fragments of a continuous, adaptive mosaic, of petty things, like all stories, must end. Human life in its essence is so diverse that it is not only covered in black or white sheets. So vast that it is unstoppable with the diversity of desires and the human spirit itself. There will be no similarities between the existing similarities, sure enough, there will be differences but they are equated to make it easier to become one reason for understanding which can be said to be in line and of like-minded meaning.

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That's how human life continues to branch out. Walk with the expression according to the era that was created. But moving on to what is meant by the ultimate goal has been explained in one answer. Instructions with the edict of knowledge and treatises of the heart in fact make it branched out by the existence of desires and temptations that already exist and are indeed created for that life. Some stumbled, got lost, stopped like they had met a dead end and some found their way.

Appropriate and inappropriate, right or wrong, becomes a polemic that creates problems of self-confidence to be able to find a final goal that can actually be achieved. It is winding, but that is the harsh reality of the world's life that must be lived. A test is like an exam to be able to achieve and get it right again with answers that can actually be taken and will be carried away until the time is answered for all the truth.

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Contradiction finally emerges from an understanding based on the temptations and trials of life that are lived. Not only from themselves but also from the group created on the words that share their thoughts and beliefs. So that the expression of the writing in the opening paragraph of the article was refuted from the meaning of the existing essence. The answer that had been able to create as soon as the branch can finally be condensed into two kinds of answers that will be obtained according to each understanding. So that the black and white paper that could previously be ignored becomes not overlooked to be adjusted to the information that will be included in each answer for the understanding taken.

There is no way out if everything has been determined and becomes a decision. Nothing can change and be changed anymore. Determination is the end of the reality of the choice of each individual human being on the basis of the chosen choice. It is a responsibility that must be accounted for and cannot be denied. Time is up, the time has stopped, and there is no turning back. Although every effort is made to hope for a return.

The time when everything is covered and shown. And when the notes on the black and white sheets were read out, regrets, defense, and also the petition can no longer be pursued. Where the failure will be clearly written so clearly and no further efforts can be made to correct the said failure which can also be considered as a final paid commission. That is the same time as the closing of this paper is created with the final words written after the last paragraph was written.

-The End-


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