2022 - Bullish or Bearish ?

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2022 is a year that will provide new answers to the existence of crypto in the future. From the views of people who assess the existence of crypto for 2022, there are 2 different views this year. For a bearish outlook, 2022 will be the year the bitcoin price will drop which could touch below $20K for the year. They view the existence of what happened in 2018 where gloomy times will happen again this year after bitcoin has passed its halving period.

From another perspective, there are also those who say that Bitcoin does not have strong value fundamentals compared to other cryptocurrencies. However, when viewed from this point of view, it means that there will be a bitcoin killer that will replace bitcoin as the top holder on the crypto ladder so far. Especially seeing the existence of Ethereum which is indeed increasingly promising its future.

On the other hand for the bullish view. They tend to see a difference in existence that occurred between 2018 and 2022 today. Even though it hasn't shown any performance to run to the $100k position on bitcoin. They view that the current situation will increase the number of investors who fall into the Hodler category to play in the long-term future. This means that more and more people are playing crypto this year.

For another thing, the existence of NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse also support cryptocurrencies for the possibility of a bullish trend this year. Where Ethereum plays an important role in this trending phenomenon.

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Meanwhile, other problems, such as the existence of bitcoin mining, have also been in a safe position where they have moved from China, which is now banned, to the USA and Mexico at this time. Plus there is a fairly positive adoption from several countries such as El-Salvador and the possibility of other countries that will follow in the footsteps of countries that have started to enforce bitcoin as a currency. In the midst of the possibility that there are also many regulations that occur in other countries that will create many new rules for crypto this year.

The many views from these two different camps make it clear that crypto is getting better and better. And it didn't make the chaos so severe compared to the chaos of other economies and the conditions that have happened recently. Even though there are different views, they create a lot of space for public caution to be more careless about playing in the crypto world and provide good education in the end. What can be taken from the two views, both bullish and bearish, is that both parties are convinced that for the long term, crypto will still be a promising investment for the future.

To be sure, Defi and Metaverse have attracted a lot of new investors into the crypto world. The existence of an increasingly crowded NFT makes the existence of Ethereum become one of the strengths other than bitcoin in the future which offers more interesting forms of development.

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As for me, it is. Even if crypto doesn't go bullish this year, for me crypto is a new thing that gives a lot of positive things to current economic problems. Its existence has made a lot of people with low-income economies helped by its existence compared to the existence of government assistance which is only up to the point but large and crowded if it is reported.


note : Please note this is not an investment call, but just an opinion piece of free writing created.


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According to my perspective I don't think there is any coin that is ready to replace bitcoin because Bitcoin at it is halving stage is affecting other crypto currencies others are also halving just Eth, BCH and much more

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2 years ago

The year 2022 may be similar to 2018, but I don't think it will lose value as much as 2018. The crypto outlook and positive projects like NFT Metaverse, the ever-increasing number of usability don't allow for a big drop.

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2 years ago

I believe this year is going to be better, coz am very sure we are going to have alot of ATH that's for sure... I know nothing about NFT but if there should be any coin to replace BTC that might be ETH, BCH or BNB.. But I suggest it should be BCH due to low gas fees

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2 years ago