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2 years ago

Hey hey hey! dear read.cashers!

Your resident AlphaCron is back again with another content!

Finally, Mr. Sun has finally come out after few days of hiding behind the dull gray sky. Hopefully, Mr. Sun will always choose to feel the atmosphere of ecstasy so that he can brighten up mood every day.

The reigning period of the month of January is about to end, and I know most of us on this platform if not all, have specific goals to achieve for this month. I just hope that we will carry out successfully all the goals we want to put into reality. We may experience difficulties in life this month, however, I do hope that we will conquer it all. Just trust the process and have the determination and perseverance to carry on what you are pursuing.

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As for this blog, allow me to share with you the poem and the letter which I wrote 5 years ago.

I wrote these two write-ups during our first periodical examination in Creative Writing when I was in Senior High School. Since it's an examination, it's impromptu. Anyways, I happened to come across with these write-ups when I was decluttering my stuff. To be honest, I was amazed to see my exam papers having satisfactory scores. I can say that I somehow nailed my Academics in SHS.


(I intended not to correct the grammatical errors of the write-ups that you are about to read. This is for the purpose of authenticity).

And so, without further intros, let's get started.

Poem about: "Teenage Struggles''

Title of my Poem:

Dark Shadows in a Cold- Fainted Heart

A group of friends like team,
They get everything even your self-esteem.
They bully just to be cool,
Not knowing they look like a fool.
They threatened others 'cause that's their rule.

Oh! Please just stop I'm being harassed!
Every time I look to others, I feel embarrassed.
They made me feel like a rat,
Always hiding and afraid to look at.
I wish I had the power to defeat them at last!

Bursting out words like a flowing lava from a volcano,
And fully destroyed everything like a smashing tornado.
Every day they made me feel nothing,
And don't even care about a thing.
They called me nerd or even weirdo.

Every night my tears are falling,
Don't know how to stop from screaming
Asking myself, Is this life worth living?
This made me feel so sad, When I haven't done anything bad.

How I wished they were on my shoes,
Just to feel the pain of being abused.
A feeling of emptiness
Turns out into happiness
To all the bullies, thank you for the experiences.

Letter to my future self (5 years ago)

Dear future me,

First of all, I want to say thank you for your concerns and your heart-warming advise. I really appreciate the efforts that you do in order for me to realize everything. I believe in myself and I will never stop believing.I know that I can achieve great things in life. No matter what problems may arise, I will be strong enough to deal with it. I am happy of who I am and there's no need for me to change myself in order to be accepted. I will never get into trouble and take risks just to be happy.

I will be loyal to someone that I really love. I will be more proud to myself and be contented of what I have right now. And lastly, my family is my treasure, they are precious gift that I received in my life. Even though odds against me, they are here beside me to console the pain; they are my shoulders to lean on. They love me for who I am as a person.

That concludes my blog for today. Thanks for extending your effort just to read this write-up of mine! I hope you all have an amazing day today! Stay safe and healthy.



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2 years ago


This was a good one..Be more proud to ourselves and be contented ..in that way all the blessings will flow towards us in a natural way.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the compliment bro! Hope you had a great day!

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2 years ago

Ang galing2 jud ng mayor namin. Akoa gipanglabay naman guro nako akong mga gamit sa una HAHAHA.

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2 years ago

Aww I love the poem bata. Ang galanda, tue message is just superb 🥰

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2 years ago

Parang maganda yung may love letter ka sa sarili para may nilolook forward sa future. I did a self letter before but I forgot where I put it haha!

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2 years ago

Picture sa I'd na lage imong gibutang dong, hehe okay lang naman gwapo/ pa rin naman.

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2 years ago

You have a good writings alphacron. Your article is great.

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2 years ago