I am thankful

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2 years ago
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This may be short article but it has meaningful to me how I am grateful.

I am used to translating my language for people to understand me. Then you came, learning all my words and actions— reading my soul between the lines. You taught me that I do not need to always explain myself to anybody because if they are really interested, they will make a way to know me.

You made it look easy to love me. And had me remember that it is not my fault if ever my past relationships let me believe that I am that hard to be loved. I bet that you know me so well— from my silence to my laugh out loud, from my shyness to my ambiversion, from my clumsiness to my safeguard. You adore all of it as if I am a perfect person.

There, you remind me of sunsets, rooftops, and breathtaking view. Of midnight riptides, ocean waves, and lukewarm water. Of the place where the sun meets the sea and where the moon kisses the clouds. You're all the beautiful metaphors I could ever think. And if this is too much for you, my love, may I remind you that this grateful gift is not enough for me to express how thankful I am to have you.

And that finally, someone do not need a manual to love me.

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Looks like someone is in love, I am happy for you :)

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2 years ago

Thankyou. Now i know what love is and how grateful i am

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2 years ago

I am glad :)

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2 years ago