Broken promise (finale)

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Sitting at the same spot you always eat together at this simple restaurant that gives you a lot of nostalgic feels

You know it's not just the restaurant

Or the food

But it's whom you are with

With her...

The feels of nostalgia all came back, it's like you were in your college days again, you feel that you were together again...

"I would like some pasta and then just cold water"

She just said looking at the menu

You were just staring at her not until she put down the menu book and stares at you with the same level, you came back to yourself and avoid her stares...

"just go with the same as your order" you just said nonchalantly without looking at her, afraid she might misinterpret the look you gave to her

"yahh, you hate pasta didn't you remember" she just asked with a shock and annoyed in her face,

You felt the concern to her voice, you smile internally to that, she remembered, she doesn't forget...

"okay fine just a salad will do" you just say and smile to her

She seated comfortably and hereyou go again, the awkward silence started to build up again between the both of you and before even that you broke the silence

"so how are you?" your voice is so awkward just to break the silence

She stops and stare at you with her eyes that just look like longing, sad, pain, and emptiness, but she just smile and says

"I'm fine, just gotta do somethings so I could finally leave" she said

"so... " you started

"so what?" she just said with a playful tone

You were getting impatience so you just directed her to the point of meeting her

"so what are gonna says to me?" you said with a calm voice

"your so serious, let's just finish this foods first so we can go oht and grab some fresh air"

You never talk after she just said that, you don't know why you're still here it's like she'd playing with you,

After you both finish eating you go walk to the familiar park and just sit at the same bench

You realized and remember something

This is it

This is the place where she promised, you felt the sadness cause of that memories

The night at the exact place where she promised to marry you, where she promise her future with you,

You don't realize that the tears are already building up around your eyes, but ypu force it not to fall

You notice she has been quite beside you, you both rest at one of the park bench and At that moment, you felt a comfortable silence among the both of you not just like the awkward silence you felt a while ago. You were both taking the pleasure in each other's presence, not wanting to break the silence, you know you don't want this night to end but all things should be done


" bub"

You both laugh because you both call each other at the same time, but that's not just the reason why ypu laugh, but because after a long time ypu heard her say the name ypu both gave each other, she called you bub...

"you go first" you says with a smile

"okay, so bub first of all I just wanted to say thank you for givimg me a chance to talk to you and meet you in person, I- I know it's a bit inappropriate for me to meet you and act loke nothing happen, act l-like I-I didn't leave you" she says while voice are stutterring

You just stay quiet sign that you wanted her to continue what she's saying

"I wanted to tell you, I'm so sorry Bub, I know sorry won't bring back everything that happened back then, sorry won't bring back the pain I caused you but I just wanted to be sorry for all of it, I wanted to free all my guilts, I know it's selfish of me but bub..."

She stops and look at you with the same loving eyes, you remember the night that she promised you the future of being together, you can't help but to feel the pain again, it feels like all the walls you build from the years she left you started to fall again and you can't help but to asked her

"why alex, why did you do this, why do you just show up after I started to feel a whole person again, why ypu just need to showed up and break me again, why..." your tears started to fall down to your face

"I'm s-sorry bub but I still love you, I always lov-" she just says while holding your hand

You stand up and removed her hand from the hold and look at her eyes

"alex please just stop, let not talk to each other again" you cut her off with a louder tone of your voice

"I'm with someone and I love her okay" you said to her

You look at her expecting to be angry or feel anything but she just sit again and smile while tears are running down to her face, you're so confused right now

" I know" she said not looking at you

"I always know" she adds up and look at you

You feel that she wanted to talk with you at peace so you calm down yourself and back to your sit again

"bub I always know cause I alresdy talk to her, I know her bub and I know that she loves you and you deserve her ans she deserves you, you both make a good future together..." she just says with a surrender tone of her voice

"bub I know everything, and the day I leave you that's the day I received a good news from my aunt doctor at the states, I'm gonna be treated cause this kidneys are failing me" she broke glare and just look away

"wh-why you didn't t-tell me?" you were so confused, shock at this reason, so this is why she leave for her health, you are now angry to yourself why you didn't even give a damn to look for her or beg for her to stay that night or just asked her until she says the truth why would she left you...

"bub I'm sorry" you says and make her face you

"no bub it's my fault, It's not your fault that my body is weak, I'm so sorry bub" she said

"bub I will take care of you from now on" yoi said not thinking about the other person you're with, you were not thinking about the circumstances you just think of her

"no bub, you can't bub, I'm just glad you're okay now and I just wanted to meet you and give you the closure you always wanted and... " she says

"I'm dying bub" she broke into tears and you hugged her tight

"the kidney transplant is a failure it got rejected by my body so I just go back to the dialysis treatment but I think day by day is like surving I don't know if I will be able to see the sun every night I'm going to sleep" she cried her heart out

"just wanted to tell you bub that I love you and you were my first and last but I think I wouldn't be your last... But it's okay atleast I know that you're in a good arms" she left out a chuckle with an exhausted tone

"no bub, I can leave everything and everyone just to be with you and take care of you" you were selfish you know if your present girl moley hears you she'll get hurt but it's your bub that you were talking about, it her and you know it's always been her...

"bub are you hearing yourself, this is the reason why I didn't tell you cause you will go bizarre and wouldn't care even yourself, bub I love you and I want the best for you" she says

"but you're the best for me bub, I love you and why won't you let me take care of you" you were both shock at what words came out to your mouth

"bub it's okay, this whole night that we both shared is the moment that I will always treasured above and if I were given a chance to be with you in the next life time, I will not get tired to find you and continue what we started but for now bub just let me go bub... " she says with a tired tone

" bub I love you" you said while tearing up and hugging her much more tighter

"I know bub and I love you too" she replied lovingly

She broke the hugs and kiss your forehead

"promise me that you will live for me bub"

"Please live for me"

The end

Hahhahahahahaha wowww it's bitin and cheezy whahahha but yeah that's it I'm not gonna make it more longer cause I don't want it hahhahaha so yeah that's it thank you for reading this

Again if you wanted to understand the whole story then please read the 3 parts

Here's the link

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Thankyou so much anyways please listen to this song for this story...

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