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Broken Promise

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7 months ago

"If things go wrong... would you still stand by my side?"

The question that both of you already know the answer just by looking at each other

"What are you even saying bub I will always stay with you as long as you want me to" she sweetly replied to you

You both feel the urge to feel the lips of each other, the romatic vibe that surrounds the park gave you tonight, and the each others presence hand by hand sitting at the park bench, just admiring the view and the feel the cold breeze of night.

You know it's not the place or the time or anything else that gives you this kind of feeling, the feeling of being home, the feeling of being with her feels like home, she's your home, she always been and always will be.

You smiled to her and she just says

"I love you bub, thank you for holding me tight and spending your 4 years with me"

You could feel the way your heart bounced at those words. You felt the urge to marry her, right here, right now, that the only witness is the moon and the stars that light up the whole place in the park.

You became speechless because of her random iloveyous, you think to yourself that if you coud just tell her each reasons why you're thankful for having her, you would...

But it would be just an endless fit of words.

A infinite reasons why.

Only three words enough to make your heart fonder as you watch her staring at the night sky.

You think to yourself how could she makes you feel like this even on normal days, she makes everday, every moment special,

On your hard days, when you feel like nothing right is going on your way, just by her being with you makes you feel light, she makes you feel light and better.

"bub, why you're looking at me like that?" she asked with a confused smile on her face

You suddenly came back to reality, you realized you're staring and admiring her whole existence by your side

"it's just... Bub I want to ask you something"

" what it is then?"

"bub how do we get this far?"

"what do you mean far?" she laugh at your serious face

"I mean far... as in... how do we get so far we're already 4 years together"

"maybe because we just know how to love ourselves?"


"I mean bub, we know how to love ourselves, but at the same time we also don't forget ourselves, we know how to balance, how to take things seriously, and we both know the we don't want unhealthy relationship, we don't want red warnings, so we both did our best just to work out things for the both of us" she explain with a calm voice

Hearing her said that you can't help but to kiss her, you don't know what you do in your past life just to be rewarded by the existence of the person beside you right now

You are more than hundred percent sure that she's the woman you see being together in the future, you see her as the mother of your kids, the best wife that you could ever have...

" bub, I want you to promise me, If I'm going to ask you to marry me you would only say yes" you ask her while staring at her eyes

"of course bub, your the only one I see, and the only one I want to marry and be with in a lifetime"

She says while she's gently caressing your face

You smile and hug her tight, she's really the one

This is why you love to be with her...

Bzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzz! Beep beep beep!!

The loud buzzing of alarm wakes you up in your slumber...

You feel yourself waking up in reality, you remember your dreams, you remember her...

You smiled to yourself, taking in the waves of memories of your dream

The tears started to build up around the corner of your eyes, but you can't helf just to ignore it, you felt the longing for her, you miss her, it's been 2 years since she left you and you have no damn idea why she did, she just says that's she fell out of love after spending almost 6 years of being together, you don't believe her at first and you don't want to believe her ever until she says that in your face while looking at your eyes, you lost communication to her since the day she left, you don't know where she goes, she leave you with the house you both build, she just....

Your phone buzz at the side table of your bed and a notification pop up

And you don't know how would you react by seeing the name of that person who just make your phone screen light up

You receive and email from Alexandra Maxine...

It was her, your home...

Or maybe not anymore...

That's it for now, it's really exhausting everyday to think of something to write, so I just think of writing some fiction story hehezz anyways to be continue to guys thanks for reading have a great day stay safe everyone.

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Written by   9
7 months ago
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Dear you are awesome nice story of love between you and you both got a same views of love ,seeing to see happiness to each other and create a love connection.Love is the blunder of many thing some little bit of hard times have to see out And when some broke promise she's actually broke your heart,your thought,dreams,love,happiness everything she left it out but forget them for last moment

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7 months ago

Yeah exactly you've got it promises arebnot the only thing they broke but also the whole person, thanks for reading will upload the next part

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7 months ago

Why did they broke up then? There's this one person who will build us and then leave us. However, we should learn how to build our own selves. I hope the man will choose the right decision

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7 months ago

Yeah, after they built us they just leave us hanging, anyways will upload po the next part hehe thanks for reading

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7 months ago

Right dear I always single because of that reason make your heart big and be happy May God give you more patience

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7 months ago

Thanks, friend.

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7 months ago