Broken Promise (Part 3)

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A little throwback guys

You were walking your way to your school

Yes it's your first day as a freshman in college, you're taking bachelor of arts in photography De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, your wanted to pursue photography even your parents is against it and they wanted you to became an architect.

You don't want them to control or decide what you wanted to be in your future so here you are walking your way to your dreams.

When you reached the gate you've seen a lot of different students and you don't give damn interest even a single one of them,

You walk your way to find your assigned classroom, but when you were busy looking at the fliers they gave to the freshies, you bump into someone that makes you fall in the ground with the person you just bump in.

You were shock and irritated but when you look at her you feel something new when you look at her face, you were so mesmerized for a moment until she spokes up

"uhmm goshh I-Im really s-sorryy"

the person says without breaking your position rightnow, not until you realized you are in an awkward position, you laying at the groud while she's on top of you, you stand up quicly as soon as you realized it.

"oh yeahh, it's alright, sorry it's also my fault, I was busy looking at this" you showed her the fliers that's already crampled in your right hands

She laughed at your reaction, but you don't know if you will get angry or not because, the way she laugh makes you feel aomthing inside, makes you wanted to know her, but you erase the thought and back to your serious self

"yeah you don't have to explain chill" she just says while showing her smile that you were surely always wanted to see

"yeah sorry again"

"we both at fault here okay, I was running late at my first class so I run hurriedly and I didn't notice you so yeah sorry" she apologetically look at you

She's so innocent you wanted to know talk to her but you also need to go cause you'll also be late at your firs class

"it's alright, anyways I've gotta go" you bid your goodbye not until you remember to asked her name but when you look at her she's far away now

You just keep in mind to find her if you have time...

At the present time

Your thoughts when you see the front of your old school, memories came flashing back to you when you step your foot at the place where you first meet her, the place where you always waits for her after class and the place where your story of you and her started...

The place where you first meet Alexandra

Your home

Your bub

It's funny how you easily accept the offer to meet with her, after what she did, you still wanted to meet her cause you wanted to hear everything and all the reasons why

You think meeting her will be the answer of all your whys at late night thinking why she left you

And now you're here waiting for her again

It's been so long since you last saw her, you're so excited at the same time scared

You don't know but yeah here you are

After an minutes of waiting you here the familiar voice who once became the music to your ears, your name sound so nice when she says it,

You look at her from a far and she waved her hand and run to you with a smiling face, a smile that you always missed

"hi" you awkwardly greeted her, you wanted to slap your face cause of the awkwardness of your tone

"hey Andrei" she greet you with a smile

"Let's go grab some dinner first it's already dinner time, let's just talk while we eat" she broke the awkward silence between the both of you

"oh y- yeah yeah" you stuttered replied

She just laugh and walk past by you

You both walking to the sidewalk to find some good restaurants to dine in, when you notice she's still clumsy and doesnt care on her surroundings, cause she's walking near the road side so you held her and change position with her so she can safely walk to your side,

You didn't missed the small smile she gave after what you did

And you also feel the same way

It's crazy but you know you miss this

You miss walking with her

You miss her...

So guys this is the part 3 of Broken Promise, this is the continuation the other parts is in my old account I don't know why it got spam so I made a new one just to continue this story,

For some of you who's wanted to read the parts of this story heres the link

Part 1

Part 2

Again thank you for reading this, I will upload the next chapters, hayss very marupok both sides talaga...

Keep safe guys :)

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Topics: Story, Fiction, Romance, Angst, Pain, ...