How to deal with our ego when what we write is not as successeful as we expect!

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Sitting down to write an article for this network and then seeing how that article is doing in the community has ended up being quite a surprise! The truth is that at this point I have no idea how an article can be seen by a good number of people! What topic can get the attention of readers! How to develop the ability to create content that manages to be interesting, entertaining and above all that makes us write in a passionate way!

At this point I think the first thing you have to be very clear about is what you would like to write about! I, for example, like to write about physical, mental and spiritual well-being. So from the day I created the account I was very clear that what I would share through my writings would be basically related to these topics. That's how I created my blog called: @AMA-T.

The choice of the name "AMA-T" came from the fact that I was looking for a way that the Spanish reader could feel, in some way or another, that wonderful energy that emerges from self-love and that is concentrated in a single phrase: "Amate" Well, that was my intention from the beginning, but the truth is that I don't know if I succeeded! Sometimes you get an idea of something and in the end it doesn't turn out to be what you were expecting.

And that's exactly what happens when we write! Sometimes we have a great illusion with a special article, because, perhaps, we spend time in its elaboration, we investigate, we corroborate information, we take good care of the details, we accompany it with good images and, finally we make a good presentation of the writing and, nevertheless, we do not manage to attract the attention of the readers as we had not imagined... What a disappointment... It is the least that comes to our heads! And now what! Well, I am sure that like me you start to think about not investing so much time in something that honestly is not giving the results you imagined!

Ok at this point I have to say that I have experienced that unpleasant feeling that nobody is interested in what I write! And this is the perfect moment when we have to learn to deal with our ego! Because dear readers, yes, our ego is there waiting for us! And evidently it is the first to get hurt in those continuous attempts to attract the attention of our potential readers.

So, two things can happen: either we decide to listen to our ego and leave it at that! or we give ourselves another chance and continue producing our articles with the same passion, dedication and commitment, even though we are not getting the results we imagined! And I say this from a bruised ego, product of several articles that took me a long time to research and write but failed to attract the attention and empathy of readers!

These possible failures -which in reality are no such thing- are the perfect opportunity to take a close look at what we may be doing wrong and how we could improve without straying from our initial path. Because as I said, if you like to write about something in particular I think it is important that you keep your passion above anything else! and do not start writing about something that does not arouse in you any kind of interest, but that in the end you choose to do because you see that it works for others.

Obviously, you don't have to write only about a particular topic, because you may prefer to write about anything that catches your attention, or simply express your feelings, experiences and emotions through your writings. However, in this sense I insist that there is nothing better for our articles than a good dose of passion for what we write.

I also believe that it is important to sit down to write without feeling that you have to do it in a forced way... You know, because you have to publish and that's it! In my case, I'm now taking some time to relax and sit down to write in a freer way. Which means that now I'm not only writing about wellness and health which, of course, are topics that I'm passionate about and feel comfortable producing content on. Rather, I am now allowing myself to reflect through the articles and in this way share a little bit of myself with potential readers.

Now dear readers you may be wondering after all this time of trial and error what is the most important thing I have learned! I could tell you with total certainty that one of the details that I have been able to realize and that have taught me to assume the writing in Read-Cash, now from another perspective, has to do more with those feelings and emotions contained in the article and that finally will be shared with readers Yes, feelings and emotions! because beyond the information we want to share really is wonderful to make an emotional connection with those who can read us!

So, now beyond sitting down to write about health information that I believe will be of benefit to others, I also try to show a little more about myself and the experiences that make me who I am! And I must say that this seems to be to the liking of Random's artificial intelligence, whom I thank for their support for my last article. Thank you very much Random!

By the way, a few weeks before I had written an article to which I had put all my creativity, in fact I published some drawings made by me! and I really thought it was going to be very well received... It turned out to be the least viewed of all my articles! 😂jajajajajaj.... I'd better say it hasn't even been seen! 🤭 By the way, I'll leave the link here in case you're curious to take a look at it:

* An Angel's Feather in downtown Caracas? (Part I) Spanish *

At first I thought of deleting it immediately, taking advantage of the fact that no one saw it😅, but, then I thought it was best to leave it there as a sign that my ego has matured quite a bit and is no longer hurt by the rejection of the early days😉!

The important thing to keep going despite not having the expected result in the first attempts is that by insisting so much we are going to achieve it After a week of rejection and without a view to my article! I sat down to write about the not so good things that are happening to me right now, and with sincerity I wanted to share with the readers, with the sole purpose of transmitting my conviction about the beauty of life and every opportunity we have to achieve our goals and objectives, despite the not so good things that may be happening to us at a particular time in our lives.

This article has not yet received the visits I imagined, but, it did receive a visit from Random, who apparently liked it and gave me great support! Again, thank you Random😊👍! Over here I leave you the link to that article if you're a little curious:

 * Let's not leave our dreams for later! Now is the perfect time!

So I can only tell you that despite feeling a bit disappointed with those less successful articles at first, I will keep producing content and sharing it with this wonderful community, because I know, the day will come when I will have a lot of readers! So I will continue to create content that is always in function of being part of a better world and a better human being!

We are all hoping to be successful with our spaces and I mean to be successful by receiving good comments from readers, having many visits, that our content produces a good amount of contributions, of course that Random visits us and likes and supports our content!... in short that we do very well with our articles! However, beyond everything we can expect to receive in return with our articles I think it is very important that we assume the creation of content with the necessary passion to continue even if we do not receive anything in return, - or at least nothing of what we imagined - and is that just the fact of giving us the time to sit down to write about what we like, no doubt, is already a precious commodity!

By the way, having read "Martin Eden", the wonderful novel by Jack London, made me understand to what extent writers who are passionate about their way of life, which is none other than "writing", manage to deal with their fears, failures, egos... only thanks to insistence! So let's definitely pay no attention to our bruised egos and keep insisting because sooner or later we will receive our reward!

Dear readers, I hope with all my heart that in some way or another this writing has been of some benefit to you! And I would love to hear your impressions in the comments and if you have dealt with the fact of not getting the acceptance you imagined with a particular article to which you dedicated time and effort and how you have managed to move forward!

Dear readers, I hope with all my heart that in some way or another this writing has been of some benefit to you! And I would love to hear your impressions in the comments and if you have dealt with the fact of not getting the acceptance you imagined with a particular article to which you dedicated time and effort and how you have managed to move forward!


For the moment I say goodbye, but not before telling you that here I will be writing articles about wellness, physical, mental and spiritual health, and all those topics that can help us to fall in love every day more of these avatars🕴👯that we had to be in this Matrix 👾 🤖 so fun and unique in which we live!

Greetings to all, an online hug from Venezuela🙂✌️🇻🇪 !

...and remember first of all just love yourself!


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Hola nuevo amigo en jajaja también soy de Venezuela. He estado bastante tiempo en y ha sido una montaña rusa, así como tu dices hay muchos artículos a los que le dedicamos el corazón y mucho esfuerzo y no generamos ingresos, luego están los artículos que no le dedicamos mucho y resulta que son los que generan más ingresos, es algo bastante loco y aleatorio, pero bueno, así es y los diferentes lectores que se encuentran aquí, espero que a pesar de todo te vaya muy bien aquí en la plataforma

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1 year ago

¡Hola muchas gracias por leer y comentar mi artículo! ¡Qué bueno encontrar paisanos por acá! ¡creo que los venezolanos vamos formando una comunidad incipiente por acá! Sí tal cual, a mí que apenas llevo 4 meses tratando de agarrarle como la caida a esto te juro que cada día me soprende más jajajaja, nunca sé cómo le va a ir a un artículo! Pero bueno creo que al final como que lo que he entendido es que es mejor dejar salir la musa y escribir de lo que te apetezca sin enrollarte mucho. Claro está tambien creo que es importante que la gente se tome el tiempo para escribir sobre cosas interesantes y que tengan siempre calidad. En fin yo aquí continuaré como el resto de los venezolanos que estamos por acá aprovechando la maravillosa oportunidad que nos da esta plataforma al permitirnos generar unos ingresos extras, algo que tanto necesitamos por acá! ¡Te envio un gran abrazo desde Caracas!

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