Why People Make Promises

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Is there really a need to make promises before you will do something good for yourself or to others ? What could be the reasons behind promises? And where do people base their promises?.

Basing upon personal experiences and observations we could learn.many things about promises.

Firstly, let us look at the positive reasons why people make promises in many ways.

Promises Are Used As A Tool

Promises are first introduced by families to children. Parents in dealing with child's tantrums or to obey them , they will make a compromise with the child. And in such compromise promises are made as a tool to make the child's tantrum stop or make the child to obey. It works , but it has some negative effects. It backfires to parents. The child being unaware, would do tantrums to get what he wanted from parents. In his tantrums he could get their attention and could demand from them to compromise .

Promises Are Used as Motivation

This is another way parents used promises to motivate their children to do good in their school performances. Parents promises rewards to a child in exchange of good school performances . During occasions or family gatherings for fun and enjoyment parents with pride asked children to perform dancing or recite a poem or perform a declamation or perform any talent a child has with the offer of a promised reward after performing.

Promises Are Used As Mental and Emotional Conditioning

When a person is depressed , the mental and emotional condition is weak . But when they will see even just a little hope,they regain such strenght, and begun to think and feel positivities.

Promises are the ones we hold on to , at times that we are losing our hopes . So when one promises as good things in life, we are prone to believe at once, and fully convinced of the person who made such promises. For the person comes on time, when no one else seems to care, that person is there when we needed it.

Secondly, let us look at the major personalities in the different spheres in society as to relationships, who are usually making promises to people or persons.

In the realm of family relationship

Family is the basic unit in a society. It is the most personal and closed attachment that any individual could have. Everyone is familiar with everybody, their attitudes and behaviour, their likes and dislikes, strenght and weaknesses.

Parents especially though how many children they have, they know personally each children qualities and characteristics, most especially each behaviour and attitudes. They know how to deal with each of them. In making promises they take cautions of how, what and when to make promises to each child. And these actually should be taken into consideration, because children take note of their parents promises to them. Though how young a child is, a child cannot forget a promise, more so the older ones. And so a parent should be careful in giving promises. A word of honor should be in his vocabulary. If not his integrity is at stake and the possibility of losing respect from children can happen.

In the realm of personal love relationship

In love relationship promises are made to assure the one being loved that he/she alone will be the one to love and to care. And such promise is a commitment that culminates to marriage . Marriage vows is made by both before God and man to guarantee a lifetime partnership and commitment.

In the realm of businessIn big or small business transactions are being made. And transactions with other business men are made promises from both parties.

Promises to be binding , contracts are signed by both parties to ensure that promises will stand and must be fulfilled.

Transactions between seller and customer also applies promises. Good products bought or sold to customers are given warranties and or guarantees for a period of time. These are done for consumer protection and satisfaction. And on the part of the seller it is for a show or proof of guarantee of the product sold as to its reliability and dependability as its characteristic and quality.

In the realm of Politics

I think promises are common in the realm of Politics during elections whether national or local elections.

It is a common issues which all of the citizens of the country are well aware of. Election is fast approaching , campaign of politicians in different places is going on. This is the present situation the Philippines is in.

In every news in social media every netizens and citizens of the country are made aware of the politicians promises during their personal campaign.

Each candidates for Presidency , and other higher positions, gave their promises in the form of their agendas on how they will run or govern the government.

Promises in the form of agenda is to convince people so as to gain favor from people , and that is their votes. The more people are convinced and made to believed the more votes is gained and possible winning can be expected.

It can be said therefore that promises can be a tool to be used, a motivation and a conditioning factor to hearts and minds of people that will create a convincing power to people to make certain decisions that favors more the one who made the promises than themselves.

I just hope each one who gives promises are honest and true to what they promised. And that they are very much willing to fulfill it as they promised. And the one to whom promised is given and look forward to its fulfillment is ready to be thankful as well as ready to forgive and understand if promises are delayed in fulfillment , forget the promises, and the worst not able to perform the promises.

Lastly, I would like to mention some negative effects of not fulfilling the promises made:

Unfulfilled Promises made by parents to their children, will result to less respect of children to their parents. Besides they will not believe any more any promises they will have to say. Attitudes of children to parents changes. For them parents are not reliable any more because they lie & kept not promises.

Unfulfilled Promises by a lover to girlfriend would result to doubts and less confidence . And if not given a chance to make up for it, the relationship will turn to break up.

Unfulfilled Promises of husband to wife in terms of stopping from vices . We all know that uncontrolled vices have negative results not only to the person himself but to his family as well . Because of certain vices a father became irresponsible with his wife and children. The vices became the priority and not the family. And if this cannot be settled down right, a broken family will result to it.

My Conclusion

Making Promises should not be treated lightly but seriously. Your words of promise is your identity and shows your integrity. Because it takes a person's trust and respect to believe in promises, not fulfilling your promises is losing the trust and respect from the persons to whom you give your promises.

Friendly Reminders:

  • No one is perfect

  • People forget

  • People change

  • Mistakes are inevitable

  • Be forgiving and understanding

  • Never promise which you know you can't fulfill

  • Once trust is lost , it's hard to get it back again

Thanks for reading

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You're word totally perfect and I totally agree with you because many people make promises but they can't fulfill and I'm one of them

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2 years ago

Tama po kayo na kapag tayo ay nangako dapat lahat ay totoo. At kapag nangako handa dapat itong tuparin. Its good article po. Many learn a lot po

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2 years ago

Promises are meant to be broken, and when it breaks, that moment we'll question the worth of the word promise

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2 years ago