What Is Our Most Concern In Life?

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Is It Work or Health

Work is a part of everyone's life daily. Whether you are at home or in your work place, there in unending work for you to do.

Work is an activity which is necessary to keep you going in life. It is an unending activity as long as we continue to exist in this world.

Work can be stressful but at the same time it is enjoyable. It all depends upon a person when to start the work and when to end it in order to have time to rest. We must always remember that work and rest goes together, and both are important. Enough time given to both Is good and necessary for our well being. Too much work and less rest leads to fatigue and can cause sickness, same thing with too much rest and less work.

Our concerns in our life can be best seen by the way we used the blessings of time of a day each day God allows us to wake us up. We expressed or manifest our most concerns in life by the activities we do each day in our lives.

Our awareness and realization of our most concern in life can be a help to us to monitor whether we are on the right track in our way of living before God and men especially the people close and dear to our hearts.

Is it Work or Relationship

Relationship before God and men is protected and is maintained in a good and blessed condition when our concerns in life is well balanced, and when our time within a day and days within a week and weeks within a month and months within a day is spent well and wisely, nothing more , nothing less.

God in His goodness to us , through nature , shows His concern for our health and strenght. He created & gave us 7 days a week , 24 hrs. a day. It is in our hands how to use it and be responsible to it. We are stewards of that time and as stewards of it we will give an account to it.

God freely give us our days to enjoy it responsibly. He only asked a certain day to give time for worship to Him.

He gave us a night and a day, to use the day to work and a night to stop working and give time to rest. This shows us that God is so concern with our whole being, especially on having strenght and good health spiritually and physically. To properly take care of our body and using our time rightly. Thus giving us no excuse to give Him when things go wrong in our lives by way of our negligence to adhere in what He allows us to have.

Is it Fame or Power

We are social beings and we associates with people of every walks of life. A person's work or activities may require it, especially in business and entertainment world, or in social media. The activities a person indulge in and the amount of time he spend to it are expressions or manifestations of what most concerns in his life.

Is It Finances or Moral Values

Finances or money is very essential in our lives. We work hard , find ways and means to acquire more of it to meet our basic needs, wants, comfort and ease and enjoyment and satisfactions in life. There is nothing wrong with money. It is the way or method of handling it matters. The manner by which money is handled by a person shows how he values it. Having more money or less having it, could lead to something good or bad. There are those who values money more than their life or Moral Values. Some risks their lives and exchange moral values for it.

A Well Balanced Concerns in Life

  • Knows the use of time - Being aware of just having 24 hrs a day, he manages time wisely within the day. Gives preferences or priorities to things that are more important. Those things that would results to productiveness and wholesomeness.

  • Knows the boundaries of work and rest - God gave us night and day to set the limits between work and rest. This is for the good of our well being. To be physically fit is yo give our body enough rest and sleep. Having such will help boost our immune system and good resistance, in order not to get sick.

  • Knows when to start and when to stop or end an activity that nothing is being compromised like health, relationship between God and men. It is usually the case that when time is mostly devoted to work, time to spend with God or time to spend with family or loved ones is set aside or neglected.

    Sometimes giving too much time to work , health is neglected . It is usually the case that when work is not yet finished and it's time to eat, the time to eat is set aside just to finish the work.

  • Knows the important things to prioritize and give preference. There are lots of important things we have to do everyday . But of course we will do the first things we need to prioritize accdg. to it's necessity or importance. In this matter , every person differs. What is important to one may not be as important with another. An individual must then needs to be discerning in all.matters of his activities or work to do first.

  • Knows how to have proper discernment or good judgment in handling the unexpected and emergencies that interfere in the set goals , plans or schedules of work or rest.

  • Knows what discipline means and act upon it with focus and firmness. All efforts will be in vain, and goals set , plans or schedules will not be achieved.

Personal Thoughts and Opinions

Work, Health ,Family , Fame and Power ,Finances , Moral Values are all important to us. Everyone of us has all the freedom to choose the one above the other for peace of mind, happiness and satisfaction.

But we can have it all if we want, as long as we could handle it right& handle it well balanced.

As always let us not forget God who is above all, who will help us , as He allow us to be blessed with life , health to strenght, and wisdom and all that concerns in life.

H A P P Y R E A D I N G !

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What Is Our Most Concern In Life?
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1 year ago


It's just a matter of acceptance and prioritization so that you would not be concern to anything like this and eventually will become a problem. But being concern and conscious is a great mental exercise.

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1 year ago

Individuals have got their own priority and it necessarily don't have to be a single choice. For instance work and health, those two are basics of life. You sure would work to survive and get some money from work to pay health bills. So, for me, I have no preference but the two goes for me.

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1 year ago

They are all important really and I do choose the things that would give me peace and rest of mind.

We must try to create a balance in everything to avoid having issues when we place less important ones over the important ones.

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1 year ago