The Pandemic Journey We Passed By

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The Unexpected Dilemma

No one , I think ever did thought that a world wide pandemic would be experienced. And when it happened and experienced a new normal way of life had been adopted , which had been difficult for everyone to live by and adjust. It's almost two years , in our country, the Philippines , that these new normal way of life was strictly observed as health protocol, for safety precautions.

The New Normal Way of Life Back Then

When the pandemic outbreak happened people was put in an Enhanced Community Quarantine, wherein no one is allowed to go out of their own houses. There in only one allowed in one family to go out to buy food at a specific time limit. Those with only quarantine pass are allowed to go out and travel. And they must be with face masks and face shields.

Schools and most business establishments were closed, causing people to have no work and income. Travelling from one place to another far or near were banned. The busy streets with vehicles and commuters disappeared . Only very few vehicles were allowed provided they have some travelling requirements to show to the authorities . It was really a very difficult and sad reality experienced . But the saddest part was getting infected by the virus, getting sick , and loss of a loved one.

Survival , Is Everyone's Goal

During pandemic , the government with the health authorities worked hand in hand to address to the needs of the citizens of the country to survive the pandemic situations.

The national government with the local government sees to it that people get helped financially, food aids , and health assistance like vaccination for free.

Health protocols mandate like wearing facemasks, face shields , social distancing and being vaccinated were prescribed and strictly implemented to adults, and even to the young ones, to secure health safety of each and everyone.

Maintaining & Recovering

Inspite of the difficulties and loss, in many aspects that concerns human life 's existence somehow after almost two years after many survived . The health awareness now existed in the hearts and minds of everyone. And having such realization maintaining the observance of health protocols is personally , individually and willingly practiced by everyone who is concern to their health . And such actions leads to recovery of the health of every citizen and the economic condition of the nationwide.

Starting Anew After Passing The Pandemic Journey


The past pandemic journey though difficult has it been, gave us new ways and means that upgraded the economic conditions of the country. Businesswise , transactions were made easier privately, publicly and even individually or personally. Online business , online shopping, online financial transactions are accessible and affordable.


Not to mention the difficulties faced by students in the past not having the face to face classes but by live streaming only. Parents have to monitor the schooling of their children which added to the burden they tackle as a parent/teacher. Multi tasking has been the parents option and it was inevitable at that time.

Now, face to face classes began the school year this month of August instead of June. It might have an advantage or disadvantage but the good news is face to face classes had started.


Quarantine, Social distancing, Vaccinated and Unvaccinated are terms used during the pandemic journey. It's connotations were all about the social aspect of every individual.

We all suffered a lot socially during our pandemic journey. We were all deprived of our social freedom to mingle or associate with friends and even loved ones as close as possible. We can't go to places we usually enjoy going for fun, amusements or bonding.

Those days had been so sad and lonely. But thanks to God, those days are gone now. We're back to our social life again with a more cautious and responsible attitude in mingling with others for fun, amusements and bonding.


Way back during pandemic journey , mass gathering we're not allowed . It was implemented for healthy precautions. Only a certain percent of the total quantity of people must gather. To address into such situation , live streaming of worship services came into the scene so as worshippers can still be fed spiritually. Just as physically we should not be hungered, so it is spiritually.

But face to face worshipping is the best . It is because , fellowship with other believers helps in the growth and strenght of the believers in their faith in God.

There are a lot more that you can tell by our different experiences in our pandemic journey, but I have to end . All I can say is that our experiences had taught us a lot .

I'd appreciate to see some comments and feedback from you that I can learn from too.

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Title:The Pandemic Journey We Passed By

Published: Sept. 11, 2022 - Sunday 8:57pm

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To be honest I'm this pandemic I just learned that no all the people who were saying we will always be with are with you those were just mere lies by them. Pandemic showed me the true people who were really with me when I was in difficult situation

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1 year ago

At tough times we go through in life will reveal who are those people that will be with and for us to care inspite of the difficulties they too experienced. There are really those who care less of themselves to show care for others . But those kind of people are rare to find. So if ever you have them in your life appreciate and loved them.

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1 year ago

But now we are in trouble for corruption and Russia-Ukraine war has broken our economic backbone.

Corruption is suffering most in our country.

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1 year ago

So sorry for what your country is going through. I just don't know what to say , but I still believe that God in His goodness will work out things for anyone who will put their trust and faith in Him.

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1 year ago