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I am a person who find pleasure in remembering happenings or events in my life. I enjoy writing it down, as much as possible having photos attached to it. I do this for the sake of remembrance . For I know time passes by and it passes quickly . And in the process of time, I can go back to it , to refresh those events in the past days. By reading and seeing the pictures attached to it , I find pleasure seeing the persons , things , and places that are related to the happenings.

Read cash to me is a platform wherein , writing an Articles about different topics simple as how life goes each day as I observed and experienced can be freely shared and published. And as for me , I could do it with much pleasure and enjoyment. What I have written in this platform is part of me. My thoughts, my insights, my beliefs, my experiences past & present that for me are important to share, to entertain and learn from , are written here. It's like diary to me that others can read and know me a bit in this world of existence. It's like footprints that I left behind as I continue my journey in life.

What I will be writing about today , is the latest experienced I had for days which is unexpected. I have stayed for my youngest son family since Aug. 2020, still time of pandemic. We have encountered much difficulties in daily living but God in His goodness have seen us through it all & we survived it. We have been grateful and thankful to God, for he worked in the hearts of people whom we did not expect would extend their help and assistance materially, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

April 23, 2022 - Saturday

It was a happy day for my daughter in law She shared to us how her relative have responded to her positively regarding the long term credit settlement to her. She received thru G cash the full payment amount of the money she lend to her relative who went abroad year 2018, before giving birth to her second son.

To note 2018, before giving birth to her second child the money was lend to the relative. The money that was being lend was intended actually for the giving birth of the second child, so my daughter in law hesitated to lend it. Having then other relatives to back up or guaranteed the said relative, and the promised to give back payment when needed, my daughter in law was persuaded to lend it.

Month of May was expected for my daughter in law to give birth for the second child. She expected the whole amount she lend to her relative will be given. But sorry to say, she was only given a certain amount of the money lend. Instead of paying it in full as promised it turned out to be an installment. Though dismayed by the outcome and nothing she could do, she just kept silent and tried to understand. Still expecting for the payment to be done without being rebuked , she waited patiently for the day it would be paid in full. But no effort was made by the relative to settle it at once. What is discouraging is that she had heard news that they are fixing their house , and just setting aside or just ignore the debts to be paid. When the pandemic came , March 2020, her relative was still working in abroad then .Everyone here knows what pandemic had brought every person and his family. The worst things happened unexpectedly. My daughter in law called the relative and responded favorably. Promised to pay , June 2020. The day came no payment was sent, no word of apology , as in nothing.

This year, April 2022, having then realized she had given enough time for her relative to pay and nothing yet had been done, she sent a rebuke message to the relative. Though it was not my daughter in law's attitude to do such things, she was proned to do it. She chatted with those relatives who have guaranteed the relative informing them about the situation. And such action turned into a favorable one. The relative herself talked and promised to send the remaining balance amounting to Php15k being the full payment.

Being true to her word, just this Saturday April 23, 2022, my daughter in law received the payment. And her relative sent an apology message. To think that they have been lend the money , sacrificially just to help her. And made my daughter in law wait patiently and sacrificially for 4 years, an apology must really be done.

April 24, 2022 - Sunday

It was my daughter in law's day off from work. She intended it for SSS follow up. She left the house early and came home early , because she was re scheduled again.

Since there was still time for other activities, she suggested to go shopping. It is understandable for she had already money to use for shopping. Accdg. to her a good time to shop but my son disagree. Since it's Sunday, my son just advised her to just take time to rest, relax and sleep, rather than shopping because for sure during such day off many people are in malls shopping. She agreed and just rested and sleep. She just told us to go by tomorrow to buy things for the two kids, for my son and me . And just take time to eat lunch in fast food . She gave the budget for the food and budget for shopping.

Having such plan, since I was included in the plan, I prepared myself for tomorrow. That night before going to sleep I planned what to wear, and what to bring. I put ready in my shoulder bag , my wallet with my ID's , my medicine in case I will feel dizzy, a small bottle filled with filtered water. I prayed to God for the plan, and for our safety. We slept as early than the usual time to sleep to get ourselves ready for tommorow.

My plans

  • To wake up early, to give time to things needed to do so as we can leave as much as possible as early as eight o'clock in the morning so as not to feel so much heat .

  • We will just have bread & drinks for breakfast

  • Will bathe the two kids as early as they wakes up

  • Will have lunch at Chowking after shopping

  • Will give the remaining gospel tracts I still have to persons

April 25, 2024 - Monday

Actual Happening

As early as 1:30 am, not intentional, I was awakened. When I saw there were unwashed dishes at the sink, I took time washing it. When I saw the empty gallons of drinking water, I took time to clean and filled it with filtered water. After finishing it all, I go bathroom to try to excrete so as not to be disturbed by it when in mall shopping.

Since it was yet too early, and everyone still sleeping I took my time putting up photos to its designated albums so as to have more space in my phone storage.

I just took a bath after my daughter in law , who will be going to work finished.

We had our breakfast of just bread & drinks as early as 7 am.

The youngest kid was still asleep at 7 am. We don't want to disturb his sleep for he needs it, so we just let him & wait when he will awake. I then personally accepted the delay of my plans and think of other productive things to do.

Interlude And Options Made

My son, who engaged in a buy & sell business on line of second hand cellphone was able to have the opportunity to have a new transaction deal of buying a second hand cellphone ,while the child was still asleep. The phone was delivered not long after the transaction was made.

My son only make a deal one at a time due to lack of capital. Since the last cellphone was sold already last Saturday and profited a little , he bought another one, using the previous capital.

By 10am I feel hungry, and I just decided to cook and then eat rice & even just Pancit Canton before leaving the house. We eat at once when I finished cooking.

While me, I engaged my time in the platform of noise . I interact with other users, commenting in their posts and sharing my free tips. Doing it I was able to add up earnings on previous days , so as to achieve my minimum payout .

The youngest child then , was awakened .As he was awakened , he was also fed. Then afterwards their father gave the two kids a bath and afterwards , the father took a bath. I was already finished my bath ahead of them and what I did was to clothed the two kids.

We were able to leave the house at about 2 pm. , a time by which the sun gives off a hot temperature, which we should have been get rid off, if only the plans had materialized. But unexpected things happened so, we had to go by it .

The delay should have discouraged us and might get us up set. But by reason that we should not get affected by cancelling such plan and schedule for this day, we push through with the plans and go shopping, for we had scheduled things to do for this day, that was postponed, for giving time for shopping. Beside I do not want my daughter in law to be disgusted with me and my son if we procrastinate shopping. It might give her a wrong impression, which of course, I want to get rid of.

The Travel & The Shopping Moment

We lived in Pasay City and the nearest to shop is in malls in Baclaran. For everyone, Baclaran us one of the place where goods are bought in low price may it be in a retail or wholesale basis.

From home we have to take a not much longer walk to arrive to the place where we could get a ride going to Baclaran. We rode in a tricycle. It costs us Php50 or $1.

From where we alight , we still have to walk more steps to arrive at the mall. It's quite tiring for me, and I perspire a lot because of the hot weather condition. Good thing when we arrived at the mall, we were welcomed by a cool and refreshing atmosphere inside the all

My son was very much familiar to the place, because it is where they usually shopped. It's the Two Shopping Center. I just have to follow him, having her eldest daughter with me, while his younger son with him. We go first to the third floor to start to shop.

Of course, I am eyeing for the items we are going to buy for my grand daughter who is with me and for myself. While my son look for the item for his son and for himself at the same time. My son where able to choose for his son and for himself.For his son he bought a sandal and for himself a set of underwear. But for my grand daughter and me, I was not able to choose any to buy. It took as sometime to pay for the item for we have to fall in line. After paying we went ahead shopping the second floor.

Roaming around the stalls in the second floor I was able to find an item which suits my grandson. A set of colorful terno sleeveless shirt with shorts. The terno was designed by different anime characters. A pack contain 6 pcs. of different colors , size 10 accdg. to the sales lady and it cost Php660. Since the cloth is good and the size suits my grandson, adding to it the designs and colors we decided to buy it.

At the same floor not from from it we find another stalls that I saw an item good fo my grand daughter. It was also a terno , a blouse with a knee length shorts.

The color is good, the cloth and an anime designed for girls was featured . The size fits my grand daughter so I buy it too. There were only 3 pcs. Available but the sales lady sold it to us in a whole sale price php85 each

Since we saw that other stalls are closing up we decided to go out of the mall. We still have some items to buy so we try to look for it at the other mall adjacent to it. It was just some steps far. We look at the items from the opened stalls. We didn't anymore roam around so much. We find in one of the stalls a good terno for my grand daughter. A sleeveless blouse and short. Printed designs of anime designed for girls. The price was reasonable for a good cloth and colorful designs. There are lots to choose from. But I let my grand daughter choose for herself. She chose the design with unicorn. I perceived that she choose it from among hello kitty and frozen because she has it already and she has a unicorn toy.

We saw a stall wherein underwears were being sold. We looked at the items and we find the items were of good quality and cheap. I decided to buy a dozen for my self and a dozen to my grand daughter.At last I completed the items that needs to be bought for the kids.

We went out of the mall and headed towards Chowking. As we walk down the road I saw along the street were vendors are selling their goods the wall clock my son intended to buy. We buy it without any second thought for we hardly need it, and we just can't go back to mall to buy it from.there.

Our last visit was Chowking to eat the food we were told to buy for our lunch. But since we had our lunch at home before leaving, we just decided to buy the bucket meal and just eat the halo halo & the crunchies and drink the tea and just take home the meal. After finishing that so called merienda we go out of the place.

Time is running out and soon people will be going out from work to go home. And we need not to stay in the place longer. We need to get a ride quick as soon as possible to get rid of the bulk of many passengers . Good enough we were able to get a ride and we get back home before it gets dark.

When we arrived home , my daughter in law said she has just arrived from work only minutes or so . We were just on time not to let her wait for us too long, for we had the key .

So far , my daughter in law was satisfied and happy for what we bought for her kids . For me she said I should have bought something more expensive than what I bought for myself and should have bought a dress or what I might want. I just said it's okey. I said I just look at shopee the item that I like. And she agreed with my suggestion. She even let me look in her phone to see some of it. And when I was able to say what I wanted she let my son ordered for it in shopee.

Then we had our supper together. Aside from the Chowking bucket meal we took home , My son just bought additional canned goods for supper and a big bottle of cold soft drinks.

So our day of shopping activities were fulfilled to our satisfaction. If There was left undone for the plan of the day, was the giving of gospel tracts to people. It was taken out of my mind , as i was focused on shopping and the feeling of pains in my muscles and joints due to stressful walking here and there , roaming around the mall. My mind was totally blanked about it. I only realized about it when I opened my bag and seeing it there. I just hope God will still give me an opportunity to make up for it.

Despite my shortcomings to God still He blessed us in our shopping activities. We bought nice goods at reasonable prices. Nothing from what we bought were missed . We don't have encounters on people whose agenda is to steal.

Thanked God we were safe and just on time back home. No one was stressed out or get irritated . Though I feel tired , my joints & muscles in pain , yet their is joy within me. I was blessed to have my son & his family let me feel their concern and love. There is joy and there will always be good memories to ponder and look back at the process of time.


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mahirap na talaga ang magpautang sa panahon ngayon,ikaw na ang mag-aadjust kung kailan ka babayaran

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you're such a caring granny. I wish I have a granny like you. You grandson must be so proud having you as his granny. You know, granny, blame that young boy not if he loves you so much because I would do same because of you grnerousity.

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If one must borrow money from someone and wish to collect them back at a future date then a family member should be the last person to consider it. It is so difficult to have your money borrowed from a relative and have them back. If me, unless it's an amount of money I can just let go. But, borrowing a relative is always what I try to avoid.

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