Can be a cause for your depression?

Yes, it can be. If the sole purpose of your pressence here is for earning money , earning validation , earning views. Then the failure to achieve them may cause grave anxiety to you. People these days run after social & virtual validation, easy and fast money. Attention and patience has lost its relevance in today's 5G world ( although most part of the world still uses 4G 😂).

What can be done then? if you log into every now and then to see a red alarm in top right corner of your screen , and then feel depression and disheartened after not getting the notification which you have been waiting for. Then you must stop for a while, remind yourself that money should not be the only factor driving you. Develop writing as a hobby , passion , to increase your own knowledge. and believe me.. (its my personal belief) that one day you will surely get recognition. So dont be disheartened or depressed. Enjoy reading , writing and happy learning 🤗

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@Broker posted 3 years ago