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One thing I learned from Sir @Cain 's recent post.

"We're not just users, we're members"

As a matter of fact, the goal of is to create a community that shares ideas and experiences. Consider everyone as members not just by mere users because this platform is in need of authors that are of value to everyone. We need to cooperate with each other and if we really care, we should not tolerate any unfair act instead we should behave properly.

That's all.

I want to write a full article about it maybe tomorrow. Just to spread some awareness especially to my fellow Filipino users. 😊

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@Bitraph posted 10 months ago


About COVID19? Or Simple story like Juan Tamad?

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10 months ago

One thing that caught my attention on the post of sir Cain it something about about not focus on points, focus on creating a brand name of us so the visitor views according to their interest. It's just like dream to be a big content creator not for just money.

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10 months ago

Its not about the points, its about the articles and the content of it😊

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10 months ago