What an experience I've had!

Hi everyone, bread pudding here. Delicious as always. I wish you all a happy new month & all the best of joys October can bring into your lives.🥳 🥳 🥳

As I said before in my previous posts, I was introduced to this platform by a dear friend.

Oikawa made a post some hours ago. In that post, he mentioned the number of articles he had made and the amount of money he made on the platform.

I was mindblown by the number of articles this guy cranked out in September (it made me super jealous🥲).

But I feel so happy to see how much he progressed, I am so grateful for him introducing me to this platform, I am Thankful for the people who liked and commented on my posts these past few days, I am so touched by all the love and support you all have shown this Lil pudding🍮 .

I want to thank Rusty and Farmgirl for being the first to encourage me to keep posting for you all 🥰 .

Have a wonderful day😊.

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@breadpudding posted 1 year ago


Happy new month to you too🤗

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1 year ago

Thank you🥰🥰🥰

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1 year ago