Hello Read.Cashers.

It is my pleasure and privilege to encounter yet another but wonderful decentralised platform such as Read.Cash. It may be a new platform but i am already in love with the little i was able to see in my short tour of the platform. Some of the positives for me are the simple and user friendly UI, the ease with which one can simply write short notes or an article the earning potentials.

I am a blogger and content creator for quite sometime now. I also can be found on virtually all the blockchain run social media media platforms. Read.Cash is the latest addition to my trail and i trust that i can find that "missing thing" i haven't been able to lay my hands on the other retinue of platforms.

My name is Ayuba Ishaya Izge, otherwise known as @izge on all the platforms. I am from Borno state, Nigeria, a public servant, crypto enthusiast, Network Marketer and many more. Doing what is legally profitable is my passion, drive and enthusiasm.

Lets go there, Yours truly, @izge

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@izge posted 3 years ago


Nice intro post

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3 years ago

Welcome Mr igze.. Here is a greatplace to exploit

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3 years ago