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JUDGING others is easy.

Each of our lives is different, from beginning to end; everyone has his or her own story, with his or her own sufferings and joys. If someone has had a dark past, that person belongs to him or her, judging him only allows us to fill our ego, because in one way or another we have all suffered, we have cried, we have shared or have been rejected, we have loved or hated.

It makes me angry when a person speaks ill of another person because of his or her suffering, maybe this person has not had the same life as you, to belittle him or her for it is something very low profile. Judging also implies wanting to change someone, each one of us is molded in a different way and in our own TIME, it is up to us to decide which path to take, if we want to let go or hold on to the past, we cannot decide for another person and tell him/her what he/she should or should not do. What, if it is in our hands, is to listen to and give him or her support, to feel empathy for pain in the person.

The world is becoming more and more insensitive; we laugh at someone else's wrongdoing, we hurt and make judgments towards others, but are we really perfect? Before we judge others, let us first examine ourselves and make our own judgments.

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@JesseZee posted 3 months ago