Sleepless Nights

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2 years ago

What did I do to myself? I woke up at exactly 8:00 am today. I slept very late at about 5:00 am, I was up all through the night surfing the net and getting different kinds of information I needed.
And the worst part is that two nights ago, I also tarried throughout the night that I ended up sleepwalking, sleepblogging and sleep doing everything the next day.


Why did I have to put myself in that situation again tarrying the night? I wouldn't say the tarry was worth it but what can I do? The did have already be done.
The worst part is that today being Friday, we have an all-night rehearsal in my church, making it double tarrying. I just pray for the strength not to break down.

When I miss my adequate sleep it always turns out pretty bad on my health. I was never nocturnal so I wouldn't start it now. I do everything I needed to do during the day because I know immediately night comes, my eyes and system will start dancing to its tune.
And if I try to deny it rest then I will have myself to blame for it.

Having done this to myself already. What do I do?
Should I spend my whole day sleeping and resting? To fill in for the sleep I missed during the night?
Or should I rather keep up with my day's activities?
Then what about our all-night rehearsal? How do I tackle that? I can't miss the rehearsal for anything in the world and I also cannot spend my whole day sleeping and snoring in my bed (Ps: I don't snore😂)


I have work here to do on Hive. I have both online and offline works to do so if I choose to sleep, I will just end up ruining my schedules for myself which I don't even want to happen.
So I think I would have to deal with the dizziness and the headaches and work my ass out.
While still doing the necessary and needful. I hope I will have some hours to rest before I attend the all-night rehearsal.

If you did stop by to go through my ranting, then thanks for that and if you still have suggestions for me to tackle these issues then please I am open for it, thank you!

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