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Skin care: How much do you spend on it?

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2 months ago

Really, how much do you spend on skincares? And I mean hygiene too.

Me? I spend little on it. Regarding hygiene, I only use shapmoo, bath soap and toothpaste. Of course toothpastes will be useless without toothbrushes. Im not a woman who used many different kinds of products in my skin. I don't even use lotions and oh, I only use deodorant sometimes. Reasons? Hehe of course one is that i don't want to spend money on it.

In my piont of view, whatever product you will use on your skin, especially the face, or even how much you spend on it, it will eventually wrinkle out one day. Most of the people (don't be offended, this is the realisty even if you did not come to realise it yet) are using lots of products on the skin because they are still in denial of the truth that the skin will wrinkle out one day. It's the natural process of life. Do you know why we grown ups smells bad when we can't have a bath its because our body is programmed to die. Really and hey, this is Biblical.

I must have blurted a lot. I'm sorry for that.

Now back to the topic. It's not that I cant afford to buy things for my self, those lotions, facial cream, facial cleanser, special soaps for this area and that and those extra products that says they can prevent wrinkles on the face and other parts of the body.

It was during my pregnancy to my second born that I noticed my allergies went so bad. Colognes smells can make me sneeze, and vomit. They make my stomach churn and I still have to wait for a long time for relief. Those time, I started not to use lotions even when my skin is so dry due to pregnancy. Even the skin on my face is so dry and. My lips too.

My husband uses papaya soaps that time too. His will was followed because he is the one who has tims to buy grocery. Due to my skin condition, I asked him to buy me regular soap, safeguard soap to be exact. But then the condition worsened. Then he tried bioderm soap and there my skin had less flaking.

Since am working inside an air conditioned room, I didn't bother to use deodorants. And for the other products on the face, I only remembered using them not more than ten times. Im a rugged type of gal. I grew in the farm where the water is only abundant when it is rainy season. The spring requires ten minutes walkans twenty back and forth. There I used not to wash my face before sleep.

Regarding face powders, I was disappointed with it, because every time I use it, I have break outs of pimples. I hate pimples, they are itchy for me and painful. And the thing is, I always hurt myself when I have them. I feel like I'm not free to touch my skin when I have them.

I almost forgot, I have stumbled once in facebook about living a minimalist's life. I'm impressed with it especially when I realised there are lots of things that I can live without.

The things above summed up why I only use few things to take care of myself now. I said to my self: as long as I don't smell bad, its okay.

Doing the math on what I spend, of course, I have influenced my family. My husband specifically, the kids has nothing in mind about this, but this could be a training for them on living a minimalist's way.

10 sachets of toothpaste (80.00)

4packs of soap (68)

5 sachets of shampoo (64)I use keratin shampoo, they have bigger volumes than another shampoo in sachet.

These things are the things that I found am spending on my hygiene. And it only costs 212 per month. Im talking in pesos, and it is just about $4 monthly.

Just to let you know, we spend most of our monthly income for our children's milk and needs. And food, of course. We still don't have savings for there is a parcel of land that my husband and I were trying to buy.

Okay, I have to go home now. It was raining outside and my husband has not brought with him raincoats.

Till next time,good day.

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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I almost spend nothing... just a body lotion and that's all

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1 month ago