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Another day spent in Art

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5 months ago


I had a lazy day earlier, not because I had boster vaxx side effects but because it is Saturday already. I don't know, maybe I just got used to go home early that usual at Saturdays in the past that's why I'm having a Saturday feelings now and its very boring that I really wanted to go home or might as well take leave of absence.

So to make time pass by, I held my pencil which is just a common mongol 2, and my DIY sketch book that is made from old and scratch papers that I cut in half and glued together.

I used to staple once but it hurt me and since I plan on teaching my eldest child, I came up with the idea so she won't get hurt. I saw my co worker do this some time ago and so I had the idea fof it and I never thought it would work for bigger piece of papers too. Remembering the looks of my old papers in elementary and high school, I guess its the same process as this one minus the paper that was used in wrapping the top part.

Here is what I have done earlier :

Mingming the cat

I'm so ambitious that I wanted to draw something like this and Im happy with the result even though it kind of look like unfinished due to the lack of furs around its body. That thought made me super lazy because of 2 reasons : 1 I still don't know how to, I haven't encountered that one in the tutorials that I saw and 2: there's a lot of furrs in the cat's body you know, how could I possibly finish thatn such a short moment?

My real goal in this drawing is the perception. I kind of wanted to draw things in 3D and this is one step of moving forward to that goal. Those shades of the pencil makes it a little like 3D for me. Oooh, and those eyes, I love those eyes. I think I got it right from my reference and speaking of which, here it is.

Naaah, I double checked, it was different. I still have to work on thatb one too.

So, I screen shotted it from my gallery. This was the first time that this cat went inside our house and under the table, like he is begging us " please don't hurt me, I'm hungry". Part of this fur was gone as if its skin is damaged by someone who poured him hotvwater because he had been stealing food from them.

The second best thing that I did was this lips. My husband says it looks like in 3D. He admired my work because he only knows how to draw stick figures. I didn't have a reference this time, I only use my imagination plus what I have learnt from the video tutorials that I watched in the previous days. I chose not to include the link here because there are lots of videos that I watched and it would be unfair if one will be forgotten. But its in YouTube and is very easy to search for it.

So I came across a video that uses a blending pencil and he mentioned there that blending pencil is made of paper so I thought I would make one and you know what, it works! It's what I used in this drawing.

I think my works are so good that taking only one picture is not enough. Let me share it all to you before I will delete it in my phone to save some space

These were not the only thing that I draw today, here is another one, I'm trying to make a face, because one day, I plan on drawing my whole family.

These are my DIY blending pencils. I made them by rolling a pice of paper so tight and secured it with a tape. For the edges, I used a super sharp cutter blade knife. The real ones are quite expensive in the market at 286 for 3 different sizes. Though I think they work better than mine.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed my drawing for today. Goodnight to all.

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Written by   61
5 months ago
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And you are absolutely cool at it. Love those. The Devil is so happy with it.

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5 months ago