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Convenient way of Celebrating Birthdays

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4 months ago

A few days back, Renzo my brother in law celebrated his 26th birthday. Being single but no longer available we had a simple celebration for his special day. On the day of his celebration, my sons who is very close to their tito (uncle) video called him and wished him a happy birthday. He then invited us for a just a simple celebration at home. But since Anthony (my husband’s name) isn’t here to drive for us, he said that he will fetch us. He arrived in the afternoon along with his long time girlfriend. He didn’t informed us what time he will arrive, that is why my kids and I weren’t ready yet. So we hurriedly change our clothes and get inside the car. On the way to my in laws house, I asked him what’s our food for that day. He told me that he ordered our family’s favorite palabok and will just order pizza. While we were on the way, my sister in law who is living in Los Baños now, informed him that she ordered food to be delivered at home. We dropped first at Pizza Hut nearby and good thing there was also a bake shop near so I got out of the car and bought a mocha cake roll which the celebrant preferred to. When we arrived at in laws house, the rider for the food my sister in law ordered was already waiting outside the house. Glad we arrived just in time before he leaves. After settling with the rider, we all gather inside the house along with the food we bought. We brought all the foods on the table while Renzo went to his brother’s house whose living nearby, asked them to come so that we can now start our simple celebration. Soon after everyone gathered, we began our celebration.

Let me share to you guys the food we had for Renzo’s simple celebration. My brother in law didn’t have time to cooked because during that day he has to renew his driver’s license too. Since it was the case, take out foods to the rescue. First we had our family’s favorite palabok. (rice noodles topped with shrimp sauce, and some delicious toppings of your choice) If you live within Metro Manila you probably knows Dolora’s Hauz of Pancit Malabon, their palabok is one of the best. You should try it too.

We also had pizza that day. Oh I just love pizza. Who wouldn’t love it anyway. Renzo ordered two boxes for the whole family. Then we had chicken from Jollibee (all time favorite) too. This was the food that my sister in law ordered. And lastly birthdays won’t be completed without a cake.

My father in law leads the prayer, asking for more blessing for the birthday celebrant and for the whole family as well. After the prayer, we started eating while having our never ending chit chats. The simple celebration ended well. I know Renzo was very happy that even in this very hard time, our family got to get together on his special day. It’s time to go home, we waited for the rain to stopped before Renzo took us back home. Oh before I forgot we came home with some leftovers palabok and a slice of cake. (balot balot din pag may time)

Closing Thoughts

We Filipinos never let any celebrations passed by. It’s already part of our culture to have something on our table in every occasions. Whether it is grand or just a simple one, we make sure to celebrate it with a bang. I remember back then, whenever there were celebrations in the province, people woke up early in the morning so that they can prepare the things to be done and of course to finished cooking early. It took a lot of efforts in order to prepare the dishes and some other things for the celebration. Up until now, people were still doing the same thing. But if you have less time in preparing such things, I would rather suggests taking out food. You can choose from a wide variety of food available in your area. In our present situation, this is mostly what people preferred to do. You can have your food delivered in just a snap of a finger thus you don’t have to be exposed with other people. It may cost a little higher but at least your safety is secured.


That would be all for now. It’s been raining the whole day again. And another week is about to end. Time passes by so quickly right? I hope everyone is doing good today despite this heavy rains we are experiencing.

Thank you again beautiful ladies for the trust you’ve given to me.😍

See you in my next article. If you have something to say about my article please feel free to comment down below.

All images used are mine

Credit to Unsplash for the lead image

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Written by   122
4 months ago
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Totoo. Kahit simpleng handaan lang okay na as long meron tayong mahahanda sa hapag kainan.

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4 months ago

tumpak na tumpak sis😍

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4 months ago