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1 week ago
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Are you a shopee member too? When do you start to trust this app? :) To be honest, I really love shopping unless, I have a lots of money. Lol. Hehehe. And I look unto cheaper products but, good quality. I will share all the products that I've been bought in this app and also the review on it.

Before, I'm so afraid to buy in online because, of the rumors in the internet that they received products that different of what they expected or orders. Just like, they received rocks instead of phone. Lol. But, my curiosity strikes me to try shopping online.... So, I tried to buy product in shopee. Since, shopee is the most famous advertisement in youtube... Hahaha..... Dibahh?? "Shopepe Shopepe".. Also, the Lazada is the famous ads in Tiktok.... But, I didn't yet try to order in Lazada.

Anyway. The first product that I bought is soap. The one that I saw in facebook. Since, first time ko mag order. Wahahaha...I didn't know which button will I go first to click. Lol.. Then, I ask the seller... She said," Please click the item of your order ma'am. Then, click the check out. After that, answer the delivery form" .

I follow her instructions and yeah. I did it. Wahahaha... I'm so shy when I asked her.. But, after I check out and place my order. I didn't ask anymore..hehehe..

The day of the delivery. The J&T Express texted me that please provide the proper amount. An hours later of waiting, the delivery boy called me.., "where is your house ma'am?" . (lumampas na pala siya sa bahay namin). Anyway, this one is so funny. Since, this is my first time to received a parcel. I thought, I should sign up or put my signature and open the parcel in front of the delivery boy..Wahahaha.. Nakakahiya.. Then, he said to me... "Ma'am, first time mo po mag order"? .. Then, umOO na lang ako at sabay sabing, "Thank you po" na medj natatawa..Hahaha .Sheggss, kahiya superr..


This is the first product that I ordered in shopee. The WYN Gluta Kojic Radiant WHITE at the stellatrading shop. I saw this in facebook. Hehehe. I tried to order it for only 165 pesos plus shipping fee na 100plus.. Mas mahal pa ang shipping fee. Lol...

So, I don't know if I glow my skin in this product. But, I think, my skin is not "hiyang" on this. Anyway, this soap is so heavy and easy to bubble with free skin scrub. You must try it. Why not..? Dibah? Baka hiyang ka..Hehehe..

The next one is....


This was the second product I ordered in shopee. The Essentia Glam to Glow Rejuvenating Set at hajimebeautyph. I saw this in tiktok. Like, wow.. Is this really true??.. Hmmm, I must try it.. So, I save money in order to buy it. For only 389 pesos plus 100 plus shipping fee..

So, this one really helped me to get rid all my pimples, acnes and dead skin. Supperrrrrr nakaka glow up..huhu.. It has collagen soap, toner, sunblock and serum. 4 in 1.. In just a week, all my pimples are "lumabas" ,it's called purging stage. It will last 4-6 weeks. Then, after that, my pimples are already dried and yeah..I achieved my glass skin. I recommend this to you. :) I already wrote an article about this. You can check it into my articles "My rejuv journey".

The third one is this...


I ordered it in 6.6 Mid-Sale of Shopee. Naka less ako, so I ordered 5 bars of it. Thi is a SAKURA x4 Whitening Soap for only 69 pesos sale plus shipping fee of 100 plus pesos at imoutosakuraaa shop. Di talaga mawawala ang shipping fee.Hahaha...Mahal masyado ang ship... I saw this on tiktok also. And yeah.. Famous siya masyado na soap. So, hahaha.. I tried it.

When, I open the parcel, it was wrapped with a pink heart bubble wrap. So cutiee. And the smell of it is just like candy... Hehehe..You know, this soap helped me to lightened my skin in just 2 days of using it. My skin started to light and glow up.. You must try this one.I really recommend this soap to you. And for now. This is the Permanent soap that I will be used. :) The best soap ever!!

Next one isss...


I didn't order this one. But, I won this in give away in tiktok. You can check her shop in shopee: reisskincosmetics. The best ang magic serum niya. I used the dark one. I didn't expect na manalo ako sa give away niya.hehehe.. You can visit her tiktok acc:reishaquinga. Baka ikaw naman manalo sa pa give away niya. I just paid the shipping fee and the 5 pesos fee of the product. The best product that I've used in terms of liptint and cheecks..

-I know, we love to shop. But, always look the real one. I mean the real shop on it. Because, nowadays, we can't deny the fact that many shop immitating other products. And if you use skin products, please. Don't forget to patch test, to avoid irritation in face. :)

That's all. This is not sponsor. It just only base on my experienced in shopee. :)

So, what's up?? Nabudol ka na din bah?? Hahahaha.... Habol pa sa 6.6 Sale...Para maka less mga sis...

Anong Shopee experienced mo?? Share nemen diyan..Hehehe

Thank you.. :)


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Written by   34
1 week ago
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Hindi pa ako nakapag order sa shopee😁Sa Lazada pa lang yung natry ko. Kaso ngayon uninstall muna. 😅😅

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1 week ago

I also prefer to shop online in this time we had now to be safe and also it is more convenient.

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1 week ago

Yes ate Janz. Mas safe na din sa online. Click lang at tamang hintay sa parcel. Btw ate, ikaw una ko na sponsor..Nahihiya ako, di naman ako magaling magsulat. Pero, Thank you po talaga ate sa sponsorship...🙏❤

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1 week ago

Welcome lhang, I love your articles your good at writing naman. Just keep writing here. Happy earning as well.

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1 week ago