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There's nothing

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Written by   737
1 month ago
Topics: Writing, 2021, Freewrite, Life, Covid19, ...

Once upon a time, there was nothing. Nothing means zero, emptiness, blank and together it's worthless unless... you make something out of it. The it you have and which you give value to yourself. If you do so you are a trendsetter and trendsetters aren't per se famous, VIPs or liked but they have an attitude, a certain behaviour. If you see them you like or hate them although hate is based on envy. Envy is a nasty thing. If your parents didn't teach you that the Bible might have. If not... your feelings surely warned you. Envy is madness, takes energy (it's more like sucking out all of your energy) and you feel it but you can't help it since that forerunner became famous while you are still a loser, a nobody no one recognizes. You are nothing, zero and that hurts.

Just like envy hurt is a feeling. If you don't want to feel anything life is way easier than to those who are sensible, supersensible and even feel what cannot be felt, isn't said, if totally nothing has changed but they consistently state that isn't true, sob and say you just say it's nothing while they feel deep inside - if not in their bones (or joints)- you made up the story about nothing 'cause you hate sharing feelings or talk about it with someone who means nothing to you if it comes to it.

Does this ring a bell?

They keep nagging and nagging till an abrupt mood swing (which is a feeling as well) takes over and you can't help being out of control. You say: leave it alone! Although it started with nothing and you intended to say: "Leave me alone or I don't want to be with you anymore because you are like a millstone around my neck. You drive me crazy about nothing, this is all in your head. Turn that record and play another tune for a change."

Getting older is not for pussies? Neither is being a child, being bullied, ignored about literally nothing unless glasses, size, clothes and not joining TikTok counts and the fact you don't like pets, wear the wrong brand of clothes and your phone is old and Android because the expensive Apple sold today never keeps the doctor away and the government still hacks you. It's nothing we say. Why? Because this is quite normal today. We all are hustlers, cry babies, spoiled drama queens, we know how to do it, how to lie, cheat, scam and that's why we are who we are and end up where we once were. Back at the start, at zero.

Keep your expectations low and you'll see the future might, perhaps, if you are lucky, have something for you. Some sort of reward. Not necessarily bad but also not good it depends on how you look at it and if your mood doesn't swing. With nothing, life is easier I assure you. Once you climbed a mountain top the only way left is down. Back to the valley unless it's a ravine where no one likes to be. Not a single person will catch you or cheer you up if you fall off a cliff, drown or drop dead. By now you know (while falling) it's because you are zero, a waste of others their time.

No interest, not interesting. Don't be hurt.

Let it be and go your own way. Trends are hypes and not hot, they pass, fade away. It's all in the mind of the cattle that you need to be a copycat to be seen, accepted. A zero without personality is all you will be. Ever thought about that? True, I agree no one cares about the inside. If it comes to it, being rich and famous is how we all like to be. Do we? Well... not each one of us loves to show off, be in the spotlights after all you need a big ego for that. Narcissists for example love it and narcissism isn't the same as self-esteem. If you believe in yourself you don't need someone's appreciation, approval, a pat on the shoulder, to be complimented and seen. A personality goes his own way which isn't anything but something most of us don't dare. Kicked out of society, being a pariah is worse than being ignored, not heard.

What do you want? What do you want for yourself? Imagine you are alone in the world. No one to care for, no responsibilities. Would you behave in exactly the same way like you do now? True you are ruled and restricted and there's no way out of here. You are born at the wrong place, the wrong time and the wrong year even have the wrong parents and gender. There's nothing you can change about that except for accepting the facts. Facts that eat you and you keep thinking: What if I emigrate? A better life, better future, no need to work. Paradise is overseas not the garden of Eden where God wants us to work and suffer on a planet he created. Beside we are with too many anyway. There are no jobs right, at least not for me. It's too much stress to work 8 till 10 hours a day. I better do nothing elsewhere instead of where I live. How bad can it be? Living underneath a bridge can never be that bad if the bridge is located in a capital city where all chicks will fall for me and while I wait for my luck I kill some time with a bit of crime. No one cares, no one dares to correct me because I am independent, a loser, means zero to anyone which has it's benefits and above all I am free. Free as a bird to go and do as I like. Who needs to set a trend right or perhaps I already do and you will follow in my footsteps.

Make me rich and famous, please! A person like me has needs. Hey, media I have a story for you believe me it's better than what Reuters commands you to print which is always the same old story, same old song... Nothing.

I have some words (six) left: poetic flow of words, dance fever, burnout, creator, socks, tornado let's see what I can write and who knows I can even make it fit to what I just wrote (note from the author which is me: just ramble on and see what your mind will come up with. How hard can that be? Keep writing the clock ticks and if you stare at your screen it remains blank and you end up with nothing.)

Anyone around here who can explain a poetic flow of words to me? @heartbeat1515 or @marblely perhaps or is it too much asked? If getting older isn't for pussies either is poetry. You can rhyme but it doesn't mean you created something good. Most likely it has a lot in common with the lyrics of a song. The tune about nothing sang or more likely spoken by a nobody who likes to set a trend in the world of musicians although no one can beat Freddie Mercury. He was a talented guy and if you don't know why try to figure it out before all good music has been wiped out because nobody should share the same history. It's not different from what they did with the dance fever we humans experienced starting with Fred Astaire, next Elvis Presley and Fame. What a shame discos will soon belong to the past because they are seen as unhealthy. Not because of the loud music or sex-drug poured in our glass of coke, either the flashing lights or smoke but because of Covid-19. Simply, no one will be left to show that green pass the proof that nothing is wrong and you're not the super spreader around if you sneeze. If you are the only one left with fever it's better to dance at home.

Ever had burnout? How to avoid it during a pandemic? A healthy immune system alone won't do the trick. There's more needed than fruits and eating green. Stress is the biggest killer this world has ever seen. If this is true how come all those in war zones are healthy enough to fight for their lives, to endure even if nothing has changed or will ever get any better? Survival of the fittest is about the individual not the cattle of sheep following or worse waiting for the creator to guide and protect them. Who fights to stay alive, who's in need has no time to grieve, for a burnout. Today it is indeed survival of the fittest. We no longer have the luxury to talk about our feelings. Medical care ended. Praying and waiting is a waste of time if action is reaction. Know you harvest what you sow. If you do nothing, don't take care, you will get zero and lose everything. Like socks for example. Socks are like pens and one of the most lost (or is it stolen?) items. The only difference is no one says there's a planet for pens. A planet for socks seems to exist. The socks end up there with help of the washing machine which is the oddest thing I've ever heard. Is there anyone around who has ever visited the Planet of Socks? Perhaps Elon Musk can check it out he seems to have faith in everything needed to be motivated to act.

Just like a tornad I have never seen a new mutant of the coronavirus which turns out to travel by aerosols over land. The WHO loves it and governments finally shake hands, have something in common. Hurray, let's write history do something new so we all forget who we are. If we manage to do so, depopulate and increase infertility, let women bleed to death and everyone gets a heart attack the only question left is: Who can Big Pharma vax next? The planet is saved, no PMs left and the R-Dynasty and Bill Gates can reign till eternity or... till they drop dead but before that happens I suggest open borders for all. If that virus travels faster than any of us why should we care at all?

If you have no idea what to write or how to write a freewrite for the community Freewriting try this for a change.

#kittywu #freewrite #stopthenonsense #life #rambleon


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Written by   737
1 month ago
Topics: Writing, 2021, Freewrite, Life, Covid19, ...
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