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The world is in chaos

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3 weeks ago
Topics: Politics, Opinion, Diary, 2021, Life, ...

If I may believe all the news spread this is true. If I sit at home, stay in my own little paradise nothing has changed. The world, Mother Nature hasn't changed. With the radio and television swift off life is good and everything is fine. I am not limited if it comes to my daily life. My lifestyle, what I do or eat. For the past 18 months, I have had the benefits of homeschooling. Waking up later, enjoying the company and help of my children, saving money on gasoline.

The facemasks we had to wear didn't bother me. I never needed to wear a smelly one for ten hours a day. I could breathe while my children had to wear it and felt miserable. As the months passed by we gave up on checking the news. Only one friend is needed to keep you updated and tell you about the latest hype: face masks for all, vaccinations for all babies included and those empty promises about how we would go back to normal. Soon... Everything would be normal soon enough. Once those overweight people, those with diabetes and cancer would be helped and the vulnerable protected. Those people in nursery homes.

Trillions of dollars are spent but not one single person is saved. Right before the pandemic was announced instructions were given to governments, hospitals, doctors, caretakers, the media. Everyone had to tell the same story. The coronavirus, a SARS virus like the flu, turned out to be a window of opportunities!

Opportunities... That's what it is all about. The economical crisis is a fact since 2008. Something has to be done. China is a good example of how life can be. Copying China isn't a bad idea but it shouldn't be mentioned. China is good to blame, take the blame for the virus that quickly was called a killer virus. If this is the case how come so many people are still alive? How come not a single penny or cent is invested in helping people to slim down, healthcare, subscribing medication, vitamins and minerals many people have a lack? How come the story told by the media was always the same no matter which paper you read?

Plenty of opportunities to help, prevent and cure people but instead we let them die. The vulnerable... there is no place for them in the hospital our prime minister said. We let them die. Against their will, they received a jab with something that didn't save their lives. People who spend their last days, weeks, months mainly in bed do not spread diseases. But each shot counts and not many governments dared to do differently as told. A few did and they proved genocide, the biggest crime in history. Denmark does well, Sweden does, States in the USA where it's not against face masks, restrictions and other nonsense do. Some East European countries do fine, festivals included. No social distance, no face masks, no washing hands, no road paved with corpses of covid-19 victims.

It's already over one year ago proved the virus hardly harms anyone. It's nearly impossible to catch it if you walk outside if you do not wash your clothes, from the groceries you bought or a handshake and face masks do not protect you or others. It's not more than a statement or a way to keep you warm during winters or to hide your acne or herpes. It's helpful if you had no time to shave or use make-up.

The restrictions, lock down's didn't increase our health. We became lazy, moody, gained weight, and depressed. The food we consumed together was far from healthy. After the first weeks we already gave up on lemons, all those tips and tricks spread to rescue us from death. One thing remained. The fear spread by the media. The weekly update was given by the prime minister, minister of health, the media... It was all so predictable and from my paradise, I watched the world. I wondered and kept asking myself how come people kept buying all those lies, the empty promises. What made them give in so easily, give up on their lives and the life of their children.

How blind must one be to not question what's going on? After all those months I still know no one who died of the coronavirus. Just the coronavirus. I know people who are overweight, I know people with cancer, autoimmune diseases but each one of them is alive. No one died of the virus. Unless you truly believe one nation is superior to others this should make you think. This should force you to search for answers.

Public Health UK publishes a monthly report about the coronavirus. By now 74% of all those dying from Covid-19 are people who are vaccinated! In Israel, it seems to be even worse. That booster Pfizer/Biontech forces upon us only to work for 12 days!

Of course, not everyone gives in as easily as the government wants us to believe. Biden's country, the man who clearly has brain damage and cannot speak one clear sentence, has people, organizations, who fight back and so do other countries. In a small country like the Netherlands, there are over 70 by now and they started a search page. They fight to make the real news visible to everyone. Google, Facebook, Twitter should not decide what we are allowed to read, think, believe. They still believe humans are capable to decide what they want. It's up to the individual how s/he wants to live or die.

Freedom is a right. The constitution, your rights are violated. If you do not care that's fine but do not force others to believe in your fears, to live your life. Thanks to the diversity you can read this, have a mobile phone, the computer, profit from every single invention some human once did. From the car to the lightbulb, to plastic and a pencil.

How easily we get fooled by the nerd with the glasses. The guy who states he's doing this for us. Don't count on back to normal. Look around you and ask yourself how come so many countries build centres, camps, to lock in those they say are infected. Do you truly believe that? If that's the case and fine with you ask yourself if you can be one of these people in the (nearest) future. It's possible...

The natural immune system is killed by those jabs with graphene! Whatever is in it does harm your organs, blood vessels, fertility. There's no need to care if you have no intention to have children. If you like to die in pain. If you always dreamed of you or your beloved ones dying of a heart infection. If you truly believe this is the way out, the best way for you. Whatever you choose should be your choice. You do this for yourself. Only for you! You accept 7 shots and more because you want to travel, party, out of fear. Because you don't dare to refuse, to demonstrate to say: fine I quit.

Australians... I read these men are more alpha. I couldn't figure out the name of the author but it must be a joke. If you accept 18 months of lockdowns without fighting back you are not an alpha. Those who fought back from the very start are the French. They are famous for their revolutions, civil wars, demonstrations and are willing to take risks. It's rare these days to take risks I mean. We became lazy and lost our independence. This happens if you give the government the right to 'take care of you'. They don't do this for free.

You always need to pay a price to the mob if you to let them keep you safe. You paid for the illusion they work for you but the mafia has its own agenda.

Babies are forced to be jabbed, toddlers forced to wear face masks and children their mouths are taped closed by teachers at primary school. We can say: this is all America the land of opportunities, they are nuts but the reality is this happens worldwide in most countries. From my paradise, I look at the chaos around me and wonder what happened with you people. How come you treat each other so cruel? Why these witch hunts and abusive behaviour against others, children? Is your brain already eaten by the vaccine? Do you buy every word told and if so how come you don't feel the urge to search for the truth? If your life means anything to you why not fight for it, your right?

The CDC isn't the only organization that lied about the coronavirus, the number of people who died of it. The WHO and nearly every country did. They agreed everyone who dies dies of Covid-19 nothing else. Why? Because of that window of opportunities.

Ask yourself if the fiction you watch is fiction. Black Mirror, Real Humans, Biohackers, Open your eyes and many more films and series you ever watched is the present world we are living in. We are manipulated, registered, taught what to believe, how to act.

That face mask you wear is a part of it. Those quarantine camps aren't different from the Japanese and German concentration camps. The prices for electricity and gas will be sky high and a lack of food will be part of our lives if we accept every new rule made in name of the coronavirus.

Official data shows 8 times as many people have died due to the Covid vaccines in 6 months than people have died of Covid-19 in 18 months! This should be alarming but to most people, it's not. They don't know, don't care, prefer to blame others and still believe the vaccine is the only way back to normal.

And here I am in my little world called paradise. I feel fortunate I have what I need. I am not depressed because of restrictions or a lack of friends. Introverts, a-social people can do without a society ruling them, bullies, trolls, being noticed. I am glad I don't live in a city but that doesn't mean I don't feel for you. I do feel for all of those living in chaos, those who are not willing to open their eyes. Out of experience I know it's pointless trying to wake you up. You won't hear me, will say I made it up, these are all lies and you have nothing to hide. You will blame me for your misery and if you wake up at all say you didn't know. History will repeat itself. Just a single person will shout "Freedom!" and fight for us all. Most likely that person will not be remembered or thanked because people like that are always taken for granted.

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Avatar for wakeupkitty
Written by   734
3 weeks ago
Topics: Politics, Opinion, Diary, 2021, Life, ...
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"don't let everyone believe in your fears" I truly agree unto that. If thats their fear I hope they would only live it by themselves. And stop spreading and inflecting the hopeful souls. This fears sometimes are worst than the virus we have right now.

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3 weeks ago

This is very serious cos China did contribute largely to the unfortunate covid19 wave that almost ravaged the entire into mere rumbles. More over, we all know that it's a known fact that China has indeed contributed its own quota in ensuring technological/economical advancement but has in one way or the other, taken back those useful aspects of them from us and had replaced them with so much sorrow, tears and blood resulting from the strong effect of the covid19 pandemic that got all the economies of the world bed ridden and placed everything almost in a shambles even without anyone to pick up its pieces. I as a matter of fact agree totally with you and I feel for the world generally though I well know it's gonna be fine that's for sure

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3 weeks ago