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The cat

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8 months ago
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The cat on the lap is jealous. As soon as Poppy does something or asks to sit on a lap he wants what she wants. It's a bit strange since Poppy loves to be alone, is rarely in for a hug and never stays around long. She goes her own way and only pays attention if someone goes in the direction of the kitchen. The kitchen means food. It doesn't matter if their food is in the hallway the kitchen is food and food is always good. Well, not always since what humans eat is more interesting and the plate for the cat isn't always finished and we, we take away what isn't eaten. Just to be sure what is left will not attract those animals we do not consider pets.


"Take your cat, please."

The cat that invited himself on my lap is not always wanted. Perhaps once it's Winter I will be happy to have him around but it's not that cold yet. I try to ignore him if he asks me to lift him to three different sites of my chair. If it comes to this cat he wants to be too close with me. He loves to be in my face and peep into my mouth so I push him back while he tries to push his head underneath my phone to have a look.

"He doesn't love me," my child who is the cat's owner says. I must admit the boy raised his cat very well. Like a dog, I should say. The cat can sit on command and never jumps on his lap without being invited, never enters his room and waits for his boss to come outside in front of the doorstep. If it comes to it he comes too close and does things I don't like if he crawls into my face or mouth which means I keep pushing him away. No matter what I do he prefers me above the others. It can't be because I love him most of all. What is it with this cat? It's not uncommon that cats like to sit with those who "don't like them". This means they will be left alone, no pulling and cuddling but the cat on my lap wants to cuddle and be petted the whole time.

" Safe me I want to be with you!"

I think it's bedtime for both since it's nearly bedtime for me. Tomorrow I need to wake up earlier and the day after tomorrow it's waking up at 4 a.m. again.

"But what about me?"

"Shall I let him be walking around a bit longer," my child asks since what I want is to take a photo of Poppy. There aren't many photos of her. We made a bad start because she was always so grumpy.

Poppy... She's the first to show up and follow if it looks as if there is food. If it smells like it or sounds like it she will check it out.

Instead of me taking a photo of her she ends up on my lap. It kind of makes Kazimir sad or is it mad? Poppy doesn't care she is satisfied and likes to take a nap.

She's still a little cat but surprisingly enough heavy. Heavy bones or muscles?

The little girl is satisfied the way it is while Kazimir feels lost or perhaps abandoned. It is time for a nap. A nap in the cat bed at the place where the cats' dinner is served too. I made a hammock out of an old towel and both are happy with it. They are not different from little children. If we all are home and busy they cannot find time to rest. They need to check out everything and Kazimir is tired. He thinks he should please me by hopping by and punching with his front paws on my belly. There's no need to but he still does it while he can hardly stay awake. It became a kind of habit. One that Poppy doesn't have. She falls asleep alone or next to him. Once in a while next to the youngest. She's fine with the idea of someone in the neighbourhood but there's no need to pet or hug her.


Good night, sleep tight. Let's see what tomorrow will bring to us.

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Written by   807
8 months ago
Topics: Cat, Pet, Kitten, Photography, 2021, ...
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