Snow white

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2 years ago

A tale like it once was.

He examined his precious knife.
How many times had it taken one but also saved his life?

"Stop it. Do as suggested. It's not complicated.
Take it out, do what needs to be done and get over it!"

Most of its life it had spent inside anyway, it looked unhealthy, extremely pale.
A quick move and presto, the head fell off for sure it looked awesome on a silver scale.

It was the best solution something even the Bible mentioned.
Not a single soul would care about one more lost kid.

He hummed as he left the room and his beloved and loyal wife.
They didn't need a child to complete their wedded life.

"Hey, little girl how about some company?
I go for a walk in the forest. You like to come along with me?
It's a lovely day, what do you say?
We can hunt for deer, there's no need to fear.
There's an entire world full of light that you should discover instead of hiding inside."

It wasn't frequently dad showed up,
the little girl put down her cup
of tea. She loved her dad that was clear,
the only thing she wanted is to have him near.
She nodded and stood up to take on her shoes and gown.
When exactly was the last time they went out together, he always went alone?


What was the emergency?

No need to answer she noticed soon enough.
Once they had traveled over those seven mountains he would show his love
and loyalty to his wife,
the only one he cared for in this life.

The road was long there was so much to see,
Insects, butterflies, a wild pig, and birds in the tree.

One hammered at the trunk as if it was drunk.
A snake slithering in the grass warned her fast
"Get out of here run for life, your dad hunts for you he'll use his knife!"

Too late, the adult grabbed her hair, set his knee into her back
pushed the blade on the fragile girl's neck.

"It won't take long my dear, say your prayer the end is near."

She didn't beg for her life, didn't cry
or asked her father why.

She kept her eyes closed, the father did it
The lamb was sacrificed, slaughtered.

No hunter with mercy felt for this little child
saved her life by setting her free into the wild,
to end up as the slave of seven dirty, old men
who ruled her life just because they can.

For sure there was no prince charming passing by asking why
such a beautiful child died. Only one guy
a necrophile did but not quite coincidentally.
It wasn't the girl's looks but her smell alone
and that's why he took her for pleasure with him to his home.

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2 years ago


Nice wrote up dear. I really appreciate. Keep continuing your hardwork my dear friend. β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘

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2 years ago

Thank you for reading and your kind comment. I am on my way writing the next one but I believe this isn't the place to post content like this. πŸ’•

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2 years ago

Best of luck. I'll follow your next post. Hope this one too will be quality content. And sorry I can't understand you mean next post that you will share, not share here?

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2 years ago

I am not sure if my next post, the one I referred at is the next tale, will be posted here or be exclusive here.

As I started here I was told this would be for writers (I am fine with other good content too, photography, art for example). The problem is I saw this platform change a lot from the moment on I joined. It feels a bit like a waste to post good stories here.

Most users are for the short notes, the "nice", and that's it.


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2 years ago

Tnx for sharing us

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2 years ago

Thanks for commenting.

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2 years ago

This is a different version of snow white which I always knew from my childhood. It was always nice, kind, and happily ever after kind of things.

This sounds more like reality. Things that always happen in real life instead of fairy tales. I like happily ever after version but it is nice to know the truth behind the scene.

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2 years ago