Those 7 goats

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She felt tired at the moment she woke up.

Being a mom of seven isn't an easy job.

She had to admit she had it with it.

Those seven sprouts were already awake, jumping on her bed.

Screaming for food, wrecking down the place, it drove her mad.

"I am too old for this" she bleated while she tried to stand on all four.
One jumped on her back, the youngest bleated for more.


"Do you mind!"

Two pulled her goatee and one bumped into her behind.

Shopping day.
No way!
She would not take those seven nightmares along with her.

"Ben, stop it and get over here!"

The eldest goat startled as he heard the sound of her voice.
Usually, his mom had a gentle soft choice

but this one sounded more like mister Bear. Good enough to scare the hell out of you, be aware.

"Mom, who?"

The food he just stole fell on the ground and he hesitated to come nearby.

"Clean up that mess and take care of your siblings. I am going out, now!"


"No, but, no why! Those days are over. You drive me insane."

Her eyes spat fire as she looked at them and the extreme mess they made.

She wished they were never born. Those nasty little monsters ruined everything for what she strived.
Not one moment rest she had had
from the moment they set a foot into her life.

The tears welled up in her eyes. The only thing she longed for was,
some rest, a peaceful environment, and sleeping in the grass.
Just do once for a change as she liked.
Instead, she was abandoned to the woods because of those dreadful...

No one liked to have her around since then, it all started when they molested the shed, started bullying the sheeps those little creeps.

"Mom?" the youngest bleated lost.

It seemed to be the only one who cared once in a while. For a second their noses touched.

"Stay here with the rest and close the door" were the last words she bleated before she left.

She didn't look back as she walked straight ahead. She felt way too tired for that.

"Hi, dear" mister Bear greeted her "why do you look so sad."

"Please, spare me your chit chat and leave me alone."

"Damn girl you are moody, take a break sit down next to this stone.."

"Are you deaf old bear", she rasped.

The bear had never seen her that angry and gasped.

His intentions were good, always had been but that lady was so extremely mean.

Timid he ran into the opposite way, that goat had spoiled his entire day.

Goat didn't care about the feelings of the old guy, she didn't want to be close to the forest's citizens that's why.
She continued her way while looking at her feet, once back at the farm, her future was guaranteed.
She smiled although the road was long, how good it would be to be among
those who were most close to her, the sheep, the donkey, the stur...


It was the fox who called out her name.
A handsome red guy who felt no shame.

"Wait for me girl, I can keep you company I am heading North too as you can see."

The charming fox touched her gently at her knee.

"Mister Fox", she said firmly.

"I know, I know you are not into me but hey, we can be friends I won't bite you and silently guide you."

She stopped and gazed at the fox for a while, gnawing on a leaf and gave him a smile.
It was good enough to encourage the red-haired predator, it made him hope for more if not now maybe later.

The seven goats were shocked as their mother left the door.
They were not in the mood to clean up, scrub the floor.
They crawled into a corner of their home, it was the first time their mom left them alone.

"We better close the door", the youngest said, "what if someone breaks in. Mum will be extremely mad..."

"Oh shut up, you nasty, spoiled little thing, you made this jumble too", bleated goat number two.

"Knock, knock anyone home? Oh, dear what a slum. Are you kids alone?"

A huge black paw pushed against the door and... there was more.
The wolf stepped inside and grinned.

"Guess, what I heard from my friend the wind."

The seven monsters stared at the beast.

"I told you", the youngest bleated, "why didn't you lock the door".

"Shut up! I don't wanna hear you anymore", the eldest shrieked.

"At your service!"

The wolf jumped and swallowed number one while the other six ran.

Did they play hide and seek or run for their life?
It doesn't matter because the wolf caught them all, he felt hungry and had a pregnant wife.
They both needed to eat too and this is a natural thing for a wolf to do.

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This ks a nice poem/song. And I like how you managed to make the wolf a little bit more humane. It does have to eat.

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2 years ago

It's not a song but a tale. If you can sing it I love to hear it or perhaps @heartbeat1515 can? πŸ€”

$ 0.00
2 years ago

This is a story for me but if it can be a song, I am curious about how it will sound like.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

It's a tale but not as long as the one I once wrote and not over 300 pages as the Dutch one once written about the fox Reinaert.

Feel free to sing it.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

That' s the way things are.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

It has a happy end. The society who kicked out the goats will be relieved. The wolves had a good meal and with some luck the fox too.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

If we think about it that way, it does have a happy ending.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

This is a sad story for me. I don't think the mother left her children to be eaten. If only they listen to her instead of being naughty and ignorance. Pity the youngest one.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

The mother left because she had it with the monsters who spoiled her life and made her an outcast. They could have listened but like usually they did not. The youngest was too small to lock the door, the rest too stupid to live. That's what life looks like. Survival of the fittest. Goats are meant to be food, wolves are there for a reason.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

One decision that changes it all. If only they listened. I pity the youngest who listened but do not have the capability to perform.

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2 years ago

Awesome Story. Keep writing like this.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Thank you. The next one is already written for the biggest part but I am too busy to post it now.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Been a while I read animal story. This is lovely

$ 0.00
2 years ago

It's been a while since I wrote a fairy tale and it really eats me I can't find the time to write what I like to write most of all πŸ˜•

$ 0.00
2 years ago're really good at it. I hope this has a part 2πŸ˜‰

$ 0.00
2 years ago

If it comes to this story there's no part two. Making it longer for this platform is pointless too because people won't read it and I can no longer use it. The group of readers interested in reading is too small and these kinds of stories are too hard for most to understand. They are good to tell over and over again to your children and the rhythm or rhyme if you like helps them to remember the story. My children like it and that's what counts. πŸ™‚πŸ’•

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2 years ago

Well it is true. But then all stories deserve to be read❀️

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2 years ago