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4 months ago


The wind... If it blows I have the feeling I need to leave. I have always had that. If you are not a traveller like me you might not feel what I feel. Perhaps it is restless me or my childhood or the lack of the home sweet home feeling so many seem to have. Can be I will never feel at home anywhere because home should be somewhere inside of me or... I've never been really home anywhere? It's not that I am always on the run or never satisfied. The place where I am is good enough. I have a life, more freedom than most people but a part of me is searching for something.

The wind... I hear it and I think of Africa or a walk on the beach. No, not a walk during a Summer day but more on one of these windy days. Those days at the North sea. I miss the smell of the sea just like I miss eating fish and a good meal.

Today the wind is more more like an African wind. Perhaps it comes from that far although I can't tell. I am surrounded by sand anyway. It's a warm wind but not so comfortable to stay (lay) on the beach.

The wind in the trees

I know travelling is no longer in it. It was already announced 2-3 years ago. A minister said travelling should not be meant for ordinary people. After that, it was announced aeroplane tickets are too cheap. Thinking back everything that happens today was announced so actually politicians don't lie. They mention it and the nation doesn't hear it. Too deaf to hear and blind to see what's going on. At least I have travelled, I made photos even if they weren't as good as expected and... I have my memories. Memories which might be coloured but it's better than nothing.

This morning as I woke up I decided to spend more time outside. Being outside is hard because of the high number of flies but at 5 or 6 a.m. it's possible. Each morning I walk to a part of the world outside and this morning I decided to have a closer look at my garden. The lawn is finally mowed, I need to cut some trees, some trees died but some have planted themselves and grew fast. Kind of strange how what I planted dies but what planted itself made it.

A huge web but no one home and no preY

In the backyard, there is a corner where I searched for more spider webs. I noticed them yesterday but today they were all gone. I stayed longer in my little corner of my world. I could place a bed, table and chairs in it. At the side I could keep some chickens. It's a nice, peaceful spot the way it is surrounded by trees. It's into the shade. Although my child called for me and I answered I was unseen. It even walked into the opposite direction. Did the wind make it hear the sound of my voice elsewhere? It was interesting. "You found a nice spot", it told me later.

Instead of webs, I decided to take photos of leaves because that's what I was surrounded by.

"Vinegar tree" it smells

Leaves with and without sunlight on it.

Leaves twisted

or partly dry,

The planted hazelnut tree did so well till the ants arrived. Summer did the rest. I hope for the best.

leaves are eaten by insects most likely caterpillars although I didn't see butterflies.

If the wind blows it isn't easy to make a clear photo. Digital cameras are too slow if it comes to responding. In most cases, the great moment is over at the moment the phone (camera) finally makes it. I must admit when I try to zoom frequently I can not take a photo at all. I still haven't figured out why. The only option left is to close the camera option and start it again.

I made each photo without flash and just clicked or used the macro option. All the other options I skipped. To me it's not worth trying those options it simply takes too much time figuring and trying everything out. I look for a subject and try to snap it. If that doesn't work I try it from a different angle which altogether can take me several hours too because I do not photoshop and especially the macro option rarely works.


Camera smartphone: Samsung A10

If you like you can share your photos in the community: SYT: Creative Smartphones Photography (9cd6)

Please, do read the rules set by the community

No matter where you are there will always be a corner or snapshot worth sharing.

#kittywu #smartphone #photography #leaves

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Written by   749
4 months ago
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I love green. Good thing you have these. My eyes need it right. Photos of nature is enticing.

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4 months ago

I like your writing style and the way you took those photos :)

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4 months ago