Peace of mind - 7

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Spider threads caught at her face, a sign that no-one had been there yet. She thought back at the time when her father was drunk, he'd say "I used to have a brother, you know", and get a faraway look in his eyes. What happened to that brother? She had never dared to ask. It was clear he didn't like to have her around and her mother? Amongst her mother's possessions, she found a letter. It was clearly precious to her and not written by her father.
Where was that damned lock?

"No room without a door, no door without a lock", she mumbled.

The marriage, her marriage... She was furious. How could her parents ask that of her?
Oh yes, he was successful, attractive, and charming but she'd learned that people of that age always had secrets and he had an awful lot of them just like her parents.
When she arrived home at that fatal afternoon, she noticed that the curtains were closed but didn't pay much attention to it. Why didn't she?Instead she went to the toilet and on her way back, opened the wrong door... The pink glove lay on the ground, almost covered by blood and it was the first thing she noticed.
When she had opened that stupid door, she wished she had paid more attention but it was too late. He had made a poor job of hiding the damage. There was sadness in her face as she told him he looked a lot like his father, she realised they needed some time apart and had yelled down at her boys who were arguing over the one swing left in the tiny playground.

He said he didn't understand what he'd done to her, but he would by the time she was finished!
To save his own life, he would have to kill her first.

Part 8/The end

This part fits to part 1  I guess. A coincidence again. I have no idea what to do with the horse(s) and the plague yet.

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does this have a second part?its kinda intriguing and thrilling.. one would not want to stop until he finishes reading it all..

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3 years ago

Hmmm her parents made her get married to a monster, huh?

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3 years ago

It sounds like that. No idea if they knew about the monster part, the parents I mean. Who knows they did since they didn't really seem to like her.

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3 years ago

Okay then. That makes a lot of sense

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3 years ago