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10 months ago
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The days pass and I am aware that I am not as often present as when I first started on this platform. Is this bad? I don't think so, because a lot has changed since that day.

People come and go, those with whom I had built a relationship, but the fact is many have long forgotten me. That is the reality and I am convinced that everyone tries in their own way to live or survive life.

We can talk about the current war, but to be honest I don't really feel like it. The fact is that no matter how you look at it, the ordinary man can do very little to change the situation. Given the experiences we have all had with WHO, doctors, hospitals, the media, and changing definitions and rules, most of us have become even more aware that there is no going back. We will never go back to normal. This was all a lie to force the people to do as they were told. The facemask is a good example of this as are the experimental injections which Pfizer itself, like Fauci and many leaders, now say do not help. On the contrary, it only made people sicker. In any case, the experiment succeeded. Pfizer knew that these injections would not work and that was the intention. Man is a danger and not only to each other. What to do when everyone rebels against the government? Then war is the only thing left. War is the best way to distract people. We still hear little about Fauci and the new dictators and if anything, not through the MSM.

We all know by now who is paying whom to spread the lies and fear, but is this really so very different from the previous wars (1938 and 1914)? Mankind survived this just like all the other wars in the world about which the MSM is silent. After all, the truth must not be heard. The people must believe in what they are told and it is important to have the same enemy.

Just as was the case with the declared pandemic, people are being locked up again. Senior citizens who do not share the same opinion as generation Z+ are being arrested by the police. Recently, there was another 74-year-old and I think: what are we doing? Is this elderly person really such a danger to the leaders who do not care if the people suffer? This 74-year-old lady is not the only one who has been arrested and locked up. A man around 92 years of age was also detained for taking part in a demonstration. Are the police afraid to take on younger people that they see the very elderly as rioters and drag them away in handcuffs?

Covid was planned and those who search will find the answers. Answers on the sites of various governments that mention Covid 19 long before the world had ever heard of it. The same is the case with the current war. The Ukraine, no other country has ever cared about that. It is a piece of no man's land without ever being officially accepted and mentioned as a country. I wonder if this is a coincidence or deliberate. I suspect it is deliberate. It is not for nothing that America has, for at least the last 20 years, interfered with at least 46 bio-labs and trained a Nazi army. Now we all know why this was never mentioned in the media though.... it is not so long ago that Ukraine was seen as a Nazi country by many newspapers. Why the turnaround? Because the American government lied in the first place about the fact that they are indeed active in Ukraine and are releasing dangerous pathogens on humanity, for which they then blame China and Russia?

How come we humans can't just live peacefully next to each other?

It seems to me that the world is big enough for everyone. From the missionaries and the many aid campaigns to other countries, we must at least have learned that the Western world does not know everything better. Not only the damage to nature is on the conscience of a small group of conscienceless power abusers, but also untold damage to humanity. Those who sincerely believe that the covid injection is the first health-threatening and damaging jab are wrong. The many injections given to people have all been harmful for years. The worst is that all these side-effects we call normal today.

The rich are not interested in your and my health, but in the revenue model. Are you sick? Then you go to the doctor, you go to the pharmacy and you try every medicine in the hope that it will cure you. We are told that death is a sin and that quality of life does not count. I myself have a different opinion. Those who read me more often know why.

Life has to be lived, but this does not automatically mean that it has to be a bad life. Constantly living in fear, suffering pain and hunger, a hopeless or no future, being someone else's slave cannot be the intention of our life. Perhaps it's time to ask ourselves why we hate those we hate, what exactly did this specific person harm us and if it's true what they told us all those years. What if you, we are wrong? What if it's all about the money?

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I am fine, or as people say, "It's okay to live with some problems."

Oh, you are a two-year-plus user on ReadCash! Why do you still have the same default "No bio yet ..." bio?

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