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How to freewrite?

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1 year ago

It only takes 10 minutes!

Freewriting is a great way of forcing yourself to write.

It doesn't need to take long and if you have a mobile phone you can do it everywhere. I spend a lot of time waiting. This waiting time is great for practicing my writing skills and gather my thoughts. Believe me, it's always busy in my head and it's good to let these thoughts out. If you don't take the time to do so you will be one of these stressed-out people not able to sleep at night or having nightmares because what you try to ignore in real life will ask for attention in your sleep.

Freewriting is the first step for those who want to become a writer. You need to write and practice to get better.

Freewriting is a good way to figure out what you are capable of, it's easier than writing a story or poem because you need to type in a preferable high speed. It's not allowed to sit and think about what to write next. You type and while you type you follow your thoughts.

If the alarm clock goes off (on the internet you can find timers too which you can set) you stop writing.

After that, it's time to reread and edit what you wrote. You can add some sentences or change it a bit or just leave it the way it is.

Try it free writing for a change. Ten minutes a day we all can miss and for a busy bee like me who hardly comes to writing it feels at least as if I did something of what I like to do most.

We changed the rules of the community Freewriting.

Not the rules only but we added information about what we see as a freewrite.

You are free to give it a try since anyone can write. You just need to want and do it. Practicing is the key.

How to freewrite?
1. Choose a topic (for example "sleep")
2. Set your alarm clock
3. Start writing about the word "sleep".
Keep writing till the alarm clock says your time is up.
If you know nothing to write about writing: "I know nothing to write about sleep" and follow your thoughts/feelings further on.
4. While writing there's no need to take care of grammar, typing failures just keep writing. You are not allowed to stop, sit, and think.
5. If your time is up you reread and edit what you wrote before you post.

It might surprise you to see what you have written. It's possible you have a story or some sentences are good for your next article.
The more you practice the easier it is and you can even tell a tale or write poetry in a short time.
Freewriting is a way to train ourselves to write, write better, and faster, to be always able to write. It will help you gather your thoughts about one subject and focus on writing.

The community freewriting is not the community for content about everything but a collection of creative articles written within a short time.

Rules in short:
We write in English.
We write ten minutes without pause.
We practice writing skills.
We fight a writer's block.
We are original.

The community does not allow:
Lists with tips and tricks.
5 steps to..,
7 tricks.., etc.
Nonexclusive content.

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Written by   807
1 year ago
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what more could a writer ask that is not revealed here in this beautiful piece. Free writing seem to be a first step into writing but another point worthy of not is, every one would write differently and think differently making free writing not exactly free as supposed.

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1 month ago

Hey @wakeupkitty! I am here! This feels quite like home with you and @heartbeat1515 here :) I agree, freewriting is a great way to force ourselves to write. I quite enjoy the excitement of penning down my thoughts sometimes, when I have something to write about :D.

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1 year ago

You have found both of us. You can start by writing an introduction post first and submit it here

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1 year ago

Thank you @heartbeat1515! I will work on my introduction post :)

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1 year ago

I already spotted you. Good to have you here. I hope some more of the better writers will join and make this new platform look great. Welcome to 💕🍀

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1 year ago

Thank you @wakeupkitty! Will make the best of it :)

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1 year ago

Love it. I agree with you. Free writing is a good way to figure out what you are capable of. Also I find free writing so fulfilling because I can share my thoughts to others.

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1 year ago

To me it's a great way to be able to write at least something on busy days. A day without writing makes me moody for sure and feels like a lost day. Great to hear you like to freewrite too. 🍀💕

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1 year ago