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Dare to speak the truth

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11 months ago
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Days pass by and worldwide it's the same. Promises and after the promises are given people buy it, go for the jab because of that promise and next we all are back where we started, even worse. They, the government changes the rules. Not only once but every time.

"Here the people are confused", my friend says, "not scared but confused".

First, we did it to save the elderly, today it's done because of? Not to save anyone, not to keep yourself safe... a part does it out of fear. FOMO. Nothing so bad as being banned out of society, being ignored, not being able to go to the pub, cinema, the musea.
Not that it bothers me I never visit a pub, don't go to the cinema and the museum is history for me. I have had my share of culture after all I am an artist, a poor bastard creating own art. Why visiting a museum and look at what I have already seen or is showed in the books I have? Besides Modern art is hardly art to me. What Barba Bob paints looks better plus there are children more artistic. My children for example which means I am surrounded by art. They are painting on t-shirts, modelling, photographing, animating, giving lessons to children at boarding schools.

The birthday wish of a grandchild to visit granny won't come true. Instead, it's a Pokémon puzzle and some money transferred within a minute to increase the fun and positive vibes. This is all next to the financial gift I save each birthday. It might not be much but something is still better than nothing although I have doubts about the combination of money x future. Most likely the collectors are the survivors, not those who love and preach a minimalistic lifestyle. If you need food you need to grow it yourself and hope you can harvest (and won't be robbed) or you have to give something in exchange, something that is needed and no longer produced.

The future will be full of outlaws. People trying to survive in the wild, hiding or locked in prison. Corrupt and gangs will increase unless many die long before and what is left are the slaves controlled by one power. What works for China will work with the rest of the world too.
The addiction to a cellphone, social media, to be noticed, be online is a fact. It's the only place where the rejected, ignored and disliked people, creative minds, nerds, who loves to be noticed make friends and will be accepted, seen. In real life, the world outside is no longer popular and if so only if a lockdown takes too long. Suddenly a walk in the park is special. Restrictions by the way which of course do not count for certain people, those who arranged it all.

It never became clear to me what happened before 'Star Trek', 'Planet of the Apes' or 'Star Wars' but the world we are heading towards is a combination of all those SF we've been watching, even like. Games, chips, barcodes, QR codes included, just like knowing your location and therefore being registered. It's a world without children where slavery, fighting those with an opinion of their own, killing presidents, doctors, common people and those in need is included.
'The Hunger games' started and most likely the battle in 'Real Humans' will never be fought. 'Brave new world' and '1984' will end like the series 'V' because we are no 'Highlander'.

I wonder about those 1500 doctors who claim they question this vaccine also famous for its gen-therapy. How many of them are really willing to fight against what's going on. It's easy to say you can not live with it because of your oath not to harm people but these are just words. Words not spoken which means they are thoughts. Joining the club of rebellious doctors is a way to tell your conscience you subscribed to a group of fighters, protested which means you are a good person.
Are doctors, academics that blind, such cowards, so scared? Yes, they are. I believe they can be bought because that is what big Pharma already does for years. They give fat bonuses to doctors and vets who prescribe their medication!
Money is what we all need but money and protection are what the mob gives to only a few.

Doctors... I wrote about them before. Their offices are closed, were closed and many patients died. Their diagnosis is not made or wrong. It's been a trend for years. We know most accidents always happen at home not on the motorway. By now, even more, people wait to be operated on. They wait for months so it's questionable if the need is still there.
The hospitals are empty, the ICU's are empty. More empty than before the pandemic was announced.

No one, no country in Europe, permitted doctors to diagnose and cure. There was no education, no force to make fat people lose weight to pull them out of that danger zone. In the USA there was a city rewarding those who went for an experimental vaccine with a burger and french fries!
Our minister grabbed his chance and introduced "Dansen with Jansen" (dancing with Johnson vaccine). The young ones, those who are our future and called to be more intelligent than their ancestors fell for this trick. Many went for that jab and immediately went to the discotheque. The minister of Health smirked. After the weekend he had a great reason to close down everything. Mr Hugo de Jonge even admitted it was the only way to make this group go for that shot otherwise they would have never taken it.
If you ask me this generation isn't smart at all. They are easy to buy with empty promises. Those who didn't go out but planned their vacation can forget about it. Stupid kids! These are my words. You always sat inside gaming, you grew up with computers, you had access to every piece of info how come you didn't see this one come? Everyone knows a vaccine will not make you immune, you can still spread the disease (the PCR test does not test that) and above all we know politicians lie they want the power!

The next group invited are the single ones. Again the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is used because better one shot as taking the risk those people won't come back for the second one which a part doesn't for different reasons. Even if they drop dead it doesn't matter. At least that person had the shot.
The GGD (Regional Healthcare Department) invites singles to join their "Sjansen met Jansen" (Flirting with Johnson vaccine). At a romantic place (candlelight included) you have your jab and during those 15 minutes, you wait after being treated, you have your blind date. I wonder how many fall for that. You make a list with questions and talk fast if you like to know someone or hand over a letter with name, address and phone number. If the person jabbed after you is a loser or there is no click you have nothing (not that you have if you drop dead right at the spot).
If it comes to those 15 minutes that might be great if you are speed dating and can meet different people but what if not? And what will they jab into you with candlelight? No one will tell you that and we know we are all genuine pigs. We do not get the same jab they are even mixed by now. But hey who cares? Imagine there is a click? A 'dating bureau' asks for all your personal info to make that happen? It would be disappointing if after those 15 minutes (your 15 minutes) are up you have to leave and won't meet again.
Side effects... they start later. If you feel ill, have a high fever this means you have to stay at home. Home alone.

You'll see after this successful jabbing act there will be a very good reason again to continue the lockdown and that plan made many years ago.
No, of course, we are not like China but they love to be, beat China. We do not say having children is no longer allowed. We say black lives matter! We say: Thank god I had the shot if we end up in the hospital right after or weeks later with a heart infarct. We truly believe these stories because we are raised to believe them. We truly believe our doctor cares about us, the government and health insurance companies do because we pay. We close our eyes and keep on dreaming, no longer see the difference between dreaming and reality. If that happens to you you have a lot in common with Parkinson disease patients! With them the centre of the reason is disturbed, the black area (black box) is slowly vanishing. The college I followed about Parkinson disease was quite interesting. Also, the fact we all will have it if we get old enough (under normal circumstances the age of 100-110). More interesting is this disease is increasing and this doctor his youngest patient is 13 years old. If you know what happens with that black box, how it infects behaviour, daily life in every way, how the medication works (or fails) it does have a lot in common with what those mRNA and other jabs do in your body.  It infects your brains, intestines, ovaries, futures, hearts, lungs, unborn and born children. A biotech weapon to erase what is no longer needed, what is too much which is you.

No matter if you go for the dancing or flirting or eating out which reason you pick it won't help you! 'Freedom Day' was what it is... just a day. Vaccinated or not you are still a danger because you are the virus which is a very good reason to wipe you out. In this new world, we all are criminals and will be treated like that. At first, people scolded the first person who was discovered with the new coronavirus. Next, the Chinese were blamed. After that the travellers, those who went out, the young ones followed by everyone not being vaccinated and today we are all criminals! Called criminals by those who committed the biggest crime in human history.
We will be controlled because we, the people, can not be trusted. If you get yourself jabbed out of fear you can not be trusted. We all know a dog that acts out of fear can not be trusted. Those who tricked you, spread the fear know you are a danger to their new world. They will eliminate you but preferably you kill yourself first.

That democracy you talk about? It doesn't exist! It only exists in your head, because they mention the word. Twice I wrote an organization that fights for it but no answer. No opposition party in politics disagrees. If you like to know where the money flows now you know. If you like to know why presidents are sent away or killed this is your answer. Psychotic tricks, brainwashing is used for generations to make you think the way you are. The only way to stop this is to stop reading the usual papers and watching the usual news and joining the well known social media like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Google, Whatsapp. They read you, know you and will kick you out. It's already announced that if your account is blocked at A you should automatically be blocked at B, C and D too!

Just to make this clear. Even if the coronavirus is over (mutations included), even if 100% is jabbed we will not go back to normal.
If you had your anti corona "vaccine" you are not safe. You still can get ill, you still can infect others if you are not ill. Those vaccinated are the super spreaders.

The coronavirus is all about aerosols, ventilating, a very small chance you get sick!

Vaccines are never without risks never protect 100%. The flu vaccine is only effective for 1-6%! Yes, you read this well. Other vaccines for 40%. Still, they are given and there are flare-ups of diseases.

Your immune system, especially with young people (<70 years with us) is strong. It's strong enough to survive attacks of all types of viruses, bacillus, bacteria and so on. We are stronger than we think especially if we watch what we eat, sleep enough and are not overweight.
Most countries lied about the numbers of people who died of Covid-19 only. They say 17k and it turns out to be 158.

They do not check and count those being sick, not those who spread it but who has the virus.
Being positive if it comes to this virus does not mean you get sick. Most people (98+%) will not even notice it and never end up in hospital.

Governments, specialists, doctors worldwide lie and cheat and so does the WHO. They want to make this pandemic last forever or till we all do like told. Till those left are turned into grateful slaves. Grateful to go outside, grateful to be allowed to travel, grateful to meet or hug someone. If I look around me many already are. They are grateful for what is normally a right. They applaud for an hour outside or a day without a face mask. Some governments even want you to wear it inside your own home!

If you like to know what is going on you can still find it, read it yourself. Indeed this is scary to face the real world, to find out no one cares about pollution or a healthy nation but it's possible to fight this, to do something back if you stop praying and hoping for a better life. How your life will be is in your own hands. You can still choose what you want for yourself, who you want to be.

Today my head is filled with information and just like many, it's up to me how to go on. To figure out if I like a life like this if there is a future at all. I know many like me do not care about going out and I know governments know that too. So after pleasure, they take away everything else precious to you. Your job, your children, your education, your food, your life.
Eternal life, being immortal is a Rockefeller and Bill Gates thing not meant for normal people like me. "Who wants to live forever?" Not me.

July 21, 2021
In the Netherlands, you can contact 'Lareb' if you have side effects caused by the new vaccinations. That will be hard if you are ill or die or already dead. There is a small chance a doctor will report it and if report what really happened. Doctors will never admit it was the experiment that killed. The chance they will investigate why someone died is even smaller. Most likely because of being overweighted, old, a drinker, having diabetes, being depressed, debts, being dehydrated, crazy, falling down the stairs, other medication or it was a natural death. The experimental vaccine didn't cause it

AstraZeneca is no longer used we give it away to countries in need (sounds hypocritical to me).
Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) is still used. They said, "only if people explicitly ask for it". Today they announced the second jab is a must. Again we are tricked.
We already know Pfizer wants a third shot (more cash bigger chance to clean up the virus named 'human being') and for sure the governments follow this nonsense advice and love the idea with it they kill others their natural immune system (their jab is not what we get). Once a puppet always a puppet.
Lareb and the EMA state they will investigate why so many people die after being vaccinated. Most likely this investigation will never take place because the only thing they want is you to get that shot! Besides no one knows what people are jabbed with today. My guess they are the controlgroup for this experiment which will continue till at least the end of 2023.

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Written by   825
11 months ago
Topics: Opinion, 2021, Life, Column, Health, ...
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These are the reasons why I'm afraid of being vaccinated. I have read some news that there are people died after getting their jab.

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