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Christians & Pandemics

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3 months ago

Read the Bible and you know Christians survived pandemics, found a way to deal with it. The lepers for example. They knew in the old days certain diseases don't do a community well. Lepers were sent away, had to ring a bell to warn people.

To me, the present pandemic felt the same. So did the discussions about a covid-19 app in the news. We have to avoid people, especially certain people. Those infected are a risk to society, they are criminals. The government wanted an app, google did it without warning users, and many downloaded it. Of course, the app is anonymous and of course, I have doubts about it, strong doubts. A friend warned me about google and I switched it out. Google isn't anonymous and I don't need to know who is infected. I do not like to treat people like lepers, a pariah. For sure many wills and I know they did. Some freaked out.

Our government decided to develop its app after the meeting with developers turned out to be a big joke. That app (most likely not developed by the government was silently introduced, downloaded by many and... turned out not to be anonymous. All the info of the users was public, at least for Android users (which are most smartphone users). It's questionable if the government can be trust if it comes to not using this private information. The government always does and like we all know their computer systems are always hacked. They don't seem to invest in good software, firewalls, do not do what is necessary.

The pandemic.
In October 2019 the world's leaders had a meeting on how to act during a pandemic. Is this coincidence? At the start of 2020 slowly the world was introduced to the new variant of the coronavirus and a bit later the pandemic was announced.
All governments were kind of instructed at the end of 2019 and most people knew around March 2020. I was late because I hardly socialize and do not watch t.v. Indeed I don't have a radio either. I live in the country, rarely speak to my neighbours and do not search for information I don't need.
A friend living in Belgium first mentioned the lockdown to me. The only lockdown I heard of were those the prisoners I wrote with mentioned. Alone in your cell or worse in the hole without any contact. Not very human and not a Christian behaviour if you ask me.
"I hope for a lockdown and the schools close," my friend said and with her, I hoped for the same.
Our wishes were granted after the same weekend we spoke. Good for me, my children, my finances. I could save a bit. No longer the need to visit the gas station once a month, no need to buy bus tickets, no need to wake up at 4 a.m., more family life (indeed I had to get used to not having the house for me alone).
The biggest frustration was homeschooling. Bad, lazy teachers and bad internet connections. During the past 1.5 years, not one teacher answered questions or made corrections if it comes to homework made! Homeschooling was a big joke and it took my children and my whole days and nights 7 days a week to make it. To figure out what exactly that teacher wanted (being clear turned out to be a problem too and the expensive schoolbooks are hardly used).

Although I saved money I needed extra money too. The cupboard needed to be filled and the car to be repaired plus I had to buy a new water pump.
The schoolyear 2019-2020 started with visiting the school, March it was homeschooling and a few weeks before the summer vacation children went back to school.

One child had to work several hours for the experience which was for 2.5 months at the library. Summer 2020 was one without hardly any infections. There was no lockdown since the children went back to school, all shops and businesses were open again and around July we travelled abroad to meet my daughter. The roads weren't as busy as usual which was a relief. We took our food and drinks with us, used public toilets and slept in the car on parking lots.

During that summer one of my children started too with theory and first aid for the driver's license and passed both exams. From his birth on I had saved to be able to pay for it just like I did with my other children. After passing these exams the driving lessons started which were partly done during school time.

September 2020 meant back to school this time with a face mask. For the second school year (2020-2021) in a row right after the Christmas holidays, (and yes I suspected it and felt happy about it) the schools closed. It was homeschooling again. This time we were more prepared especially if it came to school.

By now it's June 9, 2021, and there's only one more week to go before the schools for summer vacation. Three weeks ago they opened so the children go back to school in a total of 4 weeks. Face masks are no longer required outside or in the classroom. There haven't been any school trips but my children don't feel sad about that.

To be honest, if I look back to this period not much have changed. Some restaurants were not allowed to accept guests inside, same with certain shops but you could order online and pick it up. They say online shops, even the new ones, made a profit of 60% in 2020 but if that's the case how come so many are bankrupt and without financial support?
The streets remained crowded but I no longer see the beggars or the Salvation Army. They were helping out, present at train stations, serving soup during the winter. No one collected food at the supermarkets to give the poor groceries for the Christmas holidays and the containers for food (and toys) are gone too.
Many spent the past period alone, are alone during the pandemic. The elderly and sick for example. They were already the pariah of my society. No respect, hardly any care, no love, no visitors, no hug. Once the remark in the paper was made we turned into "window wavers" but even that isn't true. We all live our own lives and no longer greet.
Those who didn't give up on visiting church still might and meet other people. At times it's good to do so because the circle of the own family can be choking too (35% more violation at home during the pandemic is alarming enough).
I wish we would start caring again, I mean for real. In many countries where vaccination programs are started, there are (no longer) high risks. As a Christian or socialist or Muslim or social person or caring person, we should not give up on each other. Let our life be ruled by fear, by what they say or suggest without investing the truth. If you believe in God, any god, or your immune system, if you are a scientist or have trust and faith how come you panic about what the media say? If our life is planned before or after our birth, it doesn't matter which road we take because they all read to Rome, our end goal.

I read many messages about praying for help, trusting god, his wisdom but I miss the real belief, the happiness and peace it should bring. Peace of mind to start with. Knowing it's the right thing to do to meet, greet and give a hug. We are all adults. History taught us water and soap don't hurt. History taught us too that iodine, vitamin D and C are needed during our entire life. We all are educated enough to know the media isn't objective and politicians lie. We know there isn't an answer to each question and each upside has a downside, each medication has side effects, vaccinations do hurt and what is good for you isn't necessary for me.

So let us respect those who live, think different from us. Let us inform and search for answers and not take life and health for granted or ignore those who are depressed and can not find a way out of this pandemic, those who need help and have no one to talk to.

Till today I survived. The winter was hard, the doctors were closed because they had to think about their health (like my doctor told me by e-mail). Some doctors continued working, healed people with ivermectin and dexamethasone or iodine. Simple cheap treatments and they are treated worse than criminals. Some doctors gave up their profession. How the future, my future and my children's, will look like I don't know but at least we are close and at home, we live in peace and harmony which is important for your mental health.

If I can travel abroad this year is not sure. The country isn't in a lockdown, many are vaccinated and there are issues with the vaccinations. AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson (Jansen) are no longer used. Their credibility is over. Both share the same very harmful side effects. I and my family are not vaccinated. We do not like to be a lab rat and since we never had the flu we feel it will more harm than benefit us. Health should not put at risk, isn't something to joke around with.

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Written by   721
3 months ago
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The pandemic found us unprepared, in the midst of many things to do and many goals to achieve, children in school who suddenly had to learn to study from home, often with the few resources they could afford; a pandemic filled with much anxiety, estranged families: households in happiness and others in bankruptcy. Many times I cried and had panic attacks that thanks to God I managed to overcome little by little, redefine life and establish new projects.

We do not know what will be tomorrow in countries like mine, with restrictions in many areas, the issue of wanting to run away to another country is obfuscated due to the new reality we live and the uncertainty of succeeding in our departure.

We can only trust in God and trust that our decisions can be correct and that we will be able to cope in the best way with all that is to come...!!!! Best regards Kitty!

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3 months ago

Can we ever be prepared for a pandemic announced? I doubt people in the past were. I always try to be prepared in a way we have food and bottles water. There isn't much more than we can do as making the best out of it. We can teach our children because we can read, write, count and if they have schoolbooks at home it helps too. If not there is still enough to learn at home. Take good care of yourself dear and share your panic! ❤️🍀

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3 months ago

Will probably try this one on weekends. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I had a good read. :)

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3 months ago

I hope to read you.

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3 months ago