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Christians & Life

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3 months ago

Some of my friends, close friends, are Jehova Witnesses. We do not make an issue out of not sharing the same belief. We onve met jad something in common and there was a click. We share what we like to share which includes the news, politics, and the pandemic with its worries about our (children's) future.

Till today their health is the same as it was before the pandemic just like mine. My closest friends share the same opinion if it comes to health, how much antibiotics we get in our body if we drink milk, eat meat, fruits and vegetables (pesticides included plus better do not ask what is in the groundwater). We try to live a healthy life even though we know we are not 100% healthy. A good reason not to poison ourselves even more.

Christian or not our opinion is ours just like the responsibility we have to take care of our body. No government or doctor will pay the damage done, we learned they shrug their shoulders and say "you have to live with it".
This is what nearly every doctor says: " learn to live with it."

If life is precious if giving birth is if a body is our temple it's not smart to let others decide about what is good for you. Mister President, the minister of Health, your closest friend, the neighbour or the teacher, not even your parents or partner know what is best for you. Whatever you decide with the results you have to live. Your body, your miscarriage, your disabled child, your auto-immune disease, your headache.
It can be good to discuss with people of different opinions what is a wise thing to do but this only works if you are open-minded and able to hear what they say.

Is life about quantity or quality?
Is it worth it to get old if you have to live inside a small room without a window, no contact with the world outside for 55 years just to get old?
Was life worth living if you die young but was able to travel the world, meet people, visited restaurants and lived to the fullest?
The answer depends on the person. The restless and travellers will go for that second option. A lockdown is not attractive and breaks people. You need to be very strong to not give up on yourself if everything is taken away from you.
It reminds me of the story of the lost son. Not my favourite one because I feel for the hard-working boy who stayed, who cared, who was taken for granted, had a hard life without fun and his father didn't celebrate the fact he was trustworthy and loyal. That lost son... He wasn't lost but a restless person. Most likely an extrovert who took his inherent and cared about his life, his fun, his feelings only. There was nothing lost about him. He didn't tell his father where he went that's all. Once out of money he went back home. The big party again.

While some Christians like to party others do not or at least not their birth- and name days. The Bible says it's not allowed to praise other gods, make statues out of them and with that the difference between what we call Catholics and Christians are made. Christians with us, Jehova Witnesses included, have a sober church and the Jehova Witnesses have meeting points. Buildings where meetings are held and people (can) discuss while the Christians sit and listen to what one single person has to tell.

How do we get through this winter?
These "7 bad year's" or I should say pandemic? Each day it becomes more clear that even if there is no longer a pandemic it's good for the government. They push through all kind of laws no one knows about. Laws they talked about long before the pandemic was announced. This means 2018-2019. Each day I wonder how come no one notices it, I should say hardly anyone notices it. Most churches closed down, the meetings held by Jehova Witnesses stopped and those two ladies I saw frequently sit on a bench in peace in front of the pharmacy no longer show their magazine. The world already changes and people don't notice it.
Too busy with their problems, financial issues, to ask and wonder.

Once church was the place people went if they were in need. The vicar knew his sheep including their needs, the elderly visited people at home. With us, those days are over for at least 40 years. The church you belong to doesn't know who you are. They send a bill and ask for 10% of your income. Till today it makes me wonder what this amount is meant for (no, I never paid it and cancelled my 'membership').
My friend receives support, marriage and divorce included. Support for years and in a way I wonder how come other churches can no longer do the same especially during those difficult times.
Saying you believe in God is not the same as feeling it for real. Blind trust is hard and I do not see it around me. Especially those who feel the need to say "I put my life in hands of God" have a hard time doing so. If believing is crystal clear, if Jesus dying for your sins is, if you are fearless because the father takes care of you, you smile, laugh, feel happy 24/7 no matter your character or the life you live. If God is good, your life is good as it is and there's no need to improve it, change anything or pray for a better life or a way out of this pandemic. Neither a hospital visit, PCR test or vaccination is needed. You take care of yourself with healthy food, keep a close eye on your weight, sleep enough and the rest is... Gods will. If you believe, truly believe your life isn't about what's fair or unfair but about following those ten rules set and showing love most of all. Someone dying for your sins is the most special gift you can receive. If you ask me this means life should be lived to the fullest and not being wasted by hiding inside, spreading fear and hating those who don't believe what you believe in. Life is too short to fight, live in fear or envy. Perhaps you need to be older to understand that. Embrace those who care about you, are willing to share no matter who they are. Differences are made by us people, not by the God we say we believe in.

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Written by   726
3 months ago
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We have different views in life that is why we need to understand each others perception. Life is indeed short, live the life that you deserve. God bless.

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3 months ago

Is it about the different views or our acts as a human being? To me it's the person who counts not which good a/he believes in. Be blessed.

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3 months ago

I agree that life is short. I realized that when I had a traumatic experience. Our life is unpredictable. Value everything that you have especially your family.

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3 months ago

I hope you can value what is important to you. We easily forget it if life, worries, fights take our attention. All the best to you.

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3 months ago