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Time passes by and these days it is as if we all need to tiptoe more. We already felt as if we 'walked on eggs' during the past years. The country (read: the government) has many issues to deal with since they agreed to change Europe into a better, new world for all.
It's easier said than done since DNA, instinct warns us who can be trusted and who's the enemy. The statistics cannot be denied. Only 2% of the new community is good for 98% of all crimes.

The government tries to cover up the "new normal" with help of the media. Help? By now we know if the nationality is not mentioned exactly who did it. If the media is more specific, name and address are included, the 'bad guy' is Dutch or at least white. The government's fear to be accused of discrimination by a very small group of criminals is bigger than speaking justice. It gives many a certain feeling that can not be described. It's the same kind of feeling those always been abused and molested and never been heard feel. It's like my advocate stated, "there's a huge difference between being right and getting your right".

What happened during those past years besides the economical crisis? The nation was forced to spend money, their savings, while the government kept wasting it.
Group rapes (80+ included) and areas terrorized by 'the young ones' (people do not dare to leave their home, even decided to work at home), attacks by 'confused' men who kill innocent people with knives and axes. Those same people set churches on fire, molest and rob the elderly and feel insulted by the celebration of St. Nicholas, the words "Christmas" and "Eastern". Those words are no longer allowed to be used because a small group feels insulted by the word and the celebration (I would say go shop somewhere else and skip the celebrations you don't like, I do the same).

It's not a new type of virus and by far not the only one but... We (the Dutch government and the nation) cannot deny it benefits us.
With the announcement of the pandemic and the lockdown, many problems are solved and more could be solved if the police would show up once in a while.
Raping with a group is harder if you can only go out with two and there are no Christmas markets, pubs, music events, theatres, cinemas, or zoos open to sneak up on people.
The gangs terrorizing neighborhoods have to split up or stay inside (2 cities and one region are on the list if it comes to more restrictions).
Being drunk or stoned is only possible in your own house. After 8 p.m. buying alcohol is forbidden.
Only two guests in your house reduces the chance of being robbed, killed, fights, and intruders. Many will no longer open their front door since no one is expected.
The 'hated' St. Nicholas will not show up in a harbor and children will not welcome him. Who likes to see him can watch him on tv. Next year he will be forgotten (a good moment to reintroduce the God Wodan. He rides a horse, has a long beard, rides his horse in the sky, and can see everything from up there.).

'Christmas'... the shops no longer use the word as if it's the same as cursing. On products, the word 'Christmas' is replaced by 'winter'. Although I am fine with celebrating Midwinter and having Father Winter like it once was, I can only say to all those fabricants, shopkeepers, and the government: you are hypocrites, traitors, and cowards. You seriously believe those few complainers ever shopped with you or will if you delete the 'forbidden' words out of your shop?
New year's eve will be over too. For sure the pandemic is a very good reason to forbid firework (the pets don't like it and the cities hate to clean up the mess made) and champagne forever. Another luxury problem the western world needed to deal with is hereby solved.

No matter if you like it or not, ever celebrated, these celebration days are over (let's see how fast they will be removed as a national day).
- Carnival - forbidden
- Saint Nicholas - tv program of 1 hour
- Christmas - forbidden (stay home, 2 guests are the max, restaurants, etc are closed).
- New year's Eve - (stay inside, no firework, no traveling)
- Christmas holidays (vacation) - traveling forbidden (before the pandemic a minister announced there is no need for the common people to travel!).
- Eastern - soon be forgotten

What's left if it comes to national holidays, the own culture? Most likely only the king's birthday unless he says goodbye because Greece is a better place to be because over there is no need to pay taxes if you don't feel to it.

It's clear the world changes and this change goes faster than expected. The coronavirus makes it possible. It's a great method of forcing whole nations to change their behavior. Not only if it comes to washing hands, taking a shower, and washing clothes in time. We lost our freedom, are no longer allowed to kiss, shake hands, and need to keep distance. Shopping and traveling are no longer allowed.

The economical crisis is a fact and the virus can be blamed instead of the government. A restart is needed, most likely with a smaller budget for most of us and all prices will increase again.
A basic income might sound like a good solution and if not (it turned out not to be successful) we all need to find a different way of living, learn some skills to survive on our own. Cryptocurrencies might save some of us our lives if we learn how to trade when to hold and find cheaper methods to spend.

Choices have to be made if it comes to how we spend our money anyway.
About 40% of the food we buy is still thrown away and we all could eat less or start sharing a room if the house owner agrees with it.

At the end of this year, nothing will be the same. I don't fear the virus, and we will defend us against intruders without any doubt but what we can't fight is the increasing number of lonely and depressed people. It's hard, if not impossible, to reach out to someone if we all stay inside and don't know if that person exists. Yearly many die, commit suicide as soon as Autumn starts. Christmas and Newyear's Eve make it worse. Those are the loneliest days of the year. To many, it will be this year the last day of their life because people are raised to have contact with real humans. All those restrictions will only make it worse. I wish I could say it's only my fear, a fear based on nothing but it's not, not in the part of the world where I live and for the people in need I speak to.

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The coronavirus has actually taught us a lot of new things. This coronavirus has greatly affected our social life. Nothing is as normal as before. Everything has changed a lot. I don't know when we will be able to return to the previous state. But I hope we can deal with the coronavirus very soon, God willing.. I really enjoyed reading your article. Thanks for sharing with us.:)

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3 years ago

It taught me it's a great pressure method to feed anxiety with and to get rid of all those shops, farmers, cars and employees. ☹

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3 years ago

Absolutely. Many people have lost their jobs during the Corona period. Many people are still living with great difficulty. But I hopefully that everything will be okay again very soon:)

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3 years ago

Nice article..

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3 years ago

Now I forget what I wanted to reply here because of the countless feedbacks saying nice and the like.

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3 years ago

In'Sha'Allah everything will be fine very soon.

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3 years ago

I hope it all gets better

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3 years ago

I hope the pandemic will end , it really affects the lives of everyone

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3 years ago

I doubt it will happen within short time. We survived many pandemics before this one although under different circumstances. Let's hope for the best and care about those who need it.

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3 years ago