The hair elastic against lice is both a decoration and a prevention!

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The anti-lice hair elastic works as a very practical invention for those who have long hair! And is that really so? Discover how this revolutionary thing affects lice!

Now I see you shaking your head in style: “What lice! They were exterminated a long time ago. "

My dears, the truth is just the opposite. Lice are still a part of our everyday life and you can get them easier than you think. In fact, the lice season never passes, especially if you are in a risk group.

Head lice are a great preventative!

In our people, there is a belief that some people simply do not want lice.

Also, lice are believed to run away from dyed hair. Both are not the rule.

Recent studies have shown that lice are now becoming resistant to many lice shampoos. That is why it is best to make sure that lice do not occur.

Until recently, there was no preventive solution against lice. However, recently, special rubber bands and hair clips against lice can be found in pharmacies. They are designed for children. They look quite like colorful erasers with fruit trees or other interesting figurines at the end.

The package contains 4 erasers soaked in active natural essences: rosemary oil 7%, tea tree 3%, and mint oil 20%

They are safe for children of all ages.

How does a hair elastic work against lice?

The manufacturers have taken advantage of the fact that some substances repel lice. There are primarily some essential oils.

Anti-lice hair bands were soaked in essential oils. As long as the essential substances evaporate from the rubber against the lice, they should force the lice from the hair that is attached to the rubber.

The use is simple: the hair is fastened with an elastic band against lice, essences that are not pleasant to lice evaporate from it and they run away from your hair.

You can find them in a pack of 4 pieces, each lasting about 2 weeks. These erasers are advertised as the best lice prevention.

They are soaked in essential oils and are declared to be 95% effective in repelling lice.

They are colorful and designed to fit the children's style of clothing and their taste.

Although there are no clinical trials and evidence that they really work, moms on blogs and pharmacists confirm their effectiveness.

In addition to erasers, pharmacies also sell anti-lice hair clips. This is in case the hair is short and cannot be tied.

In addition to these soaked in essential oils, those that can be bought from us and come from a domestic manufacturer, contain flowers of aromatic plants that should drive away lice by evaporating their aromas.

These homemade ones have a shelf life of 6 months after opening.

What essential oils repel lice?

Essential oils are obtained by distilling various plants. Their healing properties have long been well known, both for the treatment of various diseases and for skin and hair care.

Lice run away from certain essential oils.

Tea tree oil most effectively repels lice. Then there is mint oil and lavender essential oil.

If there is a real risk of infecting you, and the hairband does not suit you because you are not a child and do not wear rubber bands or have boys, or for any other reason… you can use the repellent effect of essential oils against lice in other ways.

Make your own rubber band for lice to your liking!

There is a healthy, safe, and easy way to keep lice away from your head as well as from the heads of your little ones.

Make a spray that not only repels lice but also has a beneficial effect on the health of hair roots and scalp.

Take a spray bottle. Pour 100 ml of water into it. Add 5 drops of essential oil of tea tree, lavender, and geranium. Add another 4 drops of eucalyptus oil to this fragrant solution. Now your weapon against lice is ready. Shake the bottle well every morning to mix the oils with the water and spray the scalp.

This mixture repels lice and you will be safe even if you come in contact with a potential source of infection. Your head just won't want to get in your hair. Even if he does, he will run away immediately. Be careful not to get the mixture in your eyes during preparation, as it will cause irritation.

This method of repelling lice is especially suitable for adults who do not really like colorful erasers against lice. The effect is the same.

The effect is the same, only the effect may be shorter. Either way, you can repeat this as many times as you want. The same goes for your girls' favorite bows and ribbons.

For boys who like caps, you can spray the inside of the cap with lice spray.

An additional benefit of soaking the scalp with tea tree oil is its antimicrobial and antifungal action. Tea tree oil cures dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Read more about tea tree oil here

Lavender oil deeply regenerates, makes hair shiny, and also controls dandruff.

Geranium oil has been used for decades to promote hair growth. It works by nourishing the scalp and controlling sebum production. If your hair is naturally oily, you can have multiple benefits from the lice spray.

Can erasers remove lice that have already settled in the hair?

Unfortunately no.

Essential vapors from the gum against lice may force live individuals to leave the habitat, but the nits that have already been laid in your hair will come to life in 7-10 days and continue to multiply.

If the infection has already occurred, you will have to do the whole procedure of removing lice and nits.

There are many lice repellents on the market. Some are less some are more effective. What we have to take care of is to make the preparation as natural as possible without harmful chemicals. Pay special attention to pesticides in the composition of lice repellents. We recommend that you choose a natural spray against lice that satisfies both conditions: it is effective and completely natural and harmless.

Who is most at risk for lice?

Generally all, but still not equal. As a rule, children's heads are the most common lice nurseries. If you have kids in the house who go to kindergarten or school, this is your ticket to lice.

If you are an educator, teacher, pediatrician… All occupations that involve daily contact with a large number of children place you in a risk group.

Lice are parasitic insects. They parasitize on various plants and animals.

We distinguish two species from lice, which choose only humans as hosts:

Human lice (Pediculus humanus)

Pubic your (Phthirius pubis).

Human lice have two subspecies pediculus corporals (body lice) and pediculus capitis (head lice).

When someone tells you that he or someone in the family has lice, think of the latter. This insect, 2-3 millimeters long, lives exclusively on the human scalp, feeding on the blood of the host. It occurs with painless stings. And as it is in the hair, it was thought that a hair elastic against lice could be a good idea.

Adult female life on average for about 2 months and during that time lays two to three hundred egg-eggs. Lice are looking for the warmest place to lay their nits. Most often, it is the root of the hair itself, the valley below the nape of the neck and behind the ears. In about a week, new young individual hatches from the nit.

They love the very place where the lice eraser comes when you attach your hair to it.

Lice are multiplied by mathematical progression. They are transmitted by the individual falling or passing from one head to another. They can be transmitted by hugging but also by using a towel, bedding, or clothes of an infected person.

Lice are parasites and give you a lot of trouble, but they are not carriers of the disease. However, you will certainly want to get rid of them. A lice eraser can even prevent them!

The first symptom that you get lice is the first mild, sporadic itching of the head, which will turn into persistent, unbearable itching of the head, which is especially strong at night.

From ancient times, people have been trying to figure out how to get rid of these unbearable parasites. They put various substances on their heads, among which kerosene was in the lead. Today, it is common to use specially designed shampoos to remove lice.

Here you can find out all about lice shampoos.

With a shampoo or an anti-lice eraser, removal is still a big pain. It will take a lot of time, patience, and broken hair.

All the experiences I found on our home forums are positive. No mom said they didn't work. What is still imposed as a general experience in the fight against moms and lice is the preventive use of shampoos against lice. Namely, moms say that the season is always lice. There are kindergartens, schools, children's birthdays, training - it is easy to earn them, and after that, they quickly pass on to other family members.

In order not to be in a situation where you need them yourself, it would be useful to periodically wash your hair with a shampoo against lice prevention. It's like if your little ones seem to be itching or if you know you've come in contact with someone who has had or has lice. In general, if you are at risk of infecting yours, do it every 7 days.

Simply put lice rubbers on your children's hair!

Maja is the mother of two adorable girls with long curly hair. It happened to her several times that she had to need lice hair. With long hair, this is not an easy task at all. In addition, there would always be a child in the school and kindergarten who has lice, so everything turned in a circle. Ever since she discovered rubber bands against lice, they have become an integral part of her children's everyday appearance. Maja says that she uses them very often. That decorative part of the rubber band against lice is simply turned down so that it is not visible. She warmly recommended lice.

Add essential oils against lice to your usual shampoo

Here's another good idea on how to reduce the risk of lice: You can instill lice-repellent essential oils in your daily shampoo. After washing the hair, enough essential residues will remain on the scalp and hair, which will keep these annoying parasites away with their aroma.

After all, it is not bad to always smell of lavender and peppermint. After that, fasten the hair with an elastic band against lice, because it is always better to prevent than to treat.

Lice are reluctantly talked about. If it happens to us, we usually keep it like a snake's foot, feeling ashamed. Anti-fashion hairbands are a good way to avoid this embarrassment. Although they are practical, don't leave things to chance. From time to time, inspect your hair!

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