Revolutionary! Bioresonance provides a complete picture of your health in just one review!

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Bioresonance allows you to find out the state of health of your organism without drawing blood in great detail. This is the right thing to do if you want to check the general condition of your organism. Everyone needs it. Get to know her better!

What is resonance and what does it do?

We will start in medias res. First, let's say what the term bioresonance refers to.

Bioresonance is a very precise and delicate examination, which helps to find out details about your body without drawing blood, without radiation, without entering the chamber, non-invasively.

First of all, it refers to the functioning of the organism in general.

The emergence of bioresonance is of more recent date. In fact, it was discovered, they say, in the seventies of the last century, only to get its application at the end of the millennium. Today, it is successfully implemented and helps people around the world to discover various diseases.

It is good because you learn a lot from one review. That is, you don't have to do hundreds of examinations, go from department to department, but only discover everything that interests you in one examination. And the following areas are covered:

  • complete venous circulation,

  • bone and joint system,

  • urinary tract,

  • genital tract,

  • stomach,

  • esophagus,

  • the small intestine, large intestine,

  • breast,

  • thyroid gland,

  • lungs,

  • heart,

  • neck and head.

Bioresonance can also be used to test for food intolerance, the presence of bacteria and viruses in the body, as well as blood analysis, without taking blood. Absolutely all the information, in one view, you get in the palm of your hand.

It seems impossible and fantastic at the same time. Yes, it is absolutely possible, and as fantastic as it sounds, so fantastic it is.

What is a bioresonance scanner?

To do a bioresonance, you will need to go for a bioresonance scanner. It is an apparatus used to perform bioresonance.

The bioresonance device is actually a series of cables that the doctor puts on your head, and which is attached to a computer. It can be a desktop computer or a laptop, it doesn’t matter. When a certain program is activated, then it manages to read the state of the organism with the help of certain cables and diodes attached to your head.

The device does this with the help of an electromagnetic field, which, scientists say, exists around every cell of living organisms. This field emits the energy of the body, the scanner reads it and sends it to the computer, and it gives your condition in the form of images like in the palm of your hand.

With this bioresonance device, you can detect the disease if it already exists, and you can also preventively read the results that will show you if there is, at least a potential possibility, to get a serious disease. which organs to pay attention to.

Not only that, a bioresonance scanner can recommend the best therapy, whether the disease is already present, or whether there is a possibility of the disease occurring.

Without waiting for results, without discomfort, without pain, you get a picture of the inside of your organs on the spot. Isn't that fantastic ?!

What should also be mentioned is that the device can be used by everyone, regardless of gender, age, or health condition. In fact, perhaps the fact that pregnant women, babies, small children can use it tells you the most.

This is the apparatus of the future, current, but one whose relevance will only increase, considering the efficiency in work. Everything is on his side. If you’ve been hesitant to give it a try so far, don’t do it again. Be sure to do this.

Who needs bioresonance?

We have already mentioned that everyone can undergo resonances. However, who would need to undergo this treatment?

There is a misconception among many, so let's expose the myth and break down prejudices.

Bioresonance is not a treatment that cures, but diagnoses.

This diagnosis is good for anyone who doubts their health in any way. It is intended for young and old who may feel some symptoms, and classical medicine is not able to discover the causes of bad feelings. It can be anything: persistent hair loss, difficulty maintaining weight, incurable acne, and so on some things that we think are just an external problem but turn out to have their problem on the inside.

It can be intended, as we said, for those who know that they are sick, from anything, so they want to check their condition, to make sure whether the disease has receded or is progressing.

And of course, bioresonance can be done by completely healthy people, as a preventive examination, when, say, they reach a certain age, so they are afraid that they may develop certain diseases.

Whatever category you fall into, you will not regret opting for this review. It does not have any harmful phenomena, and there are countless useful ones. If nothing else, the most useful thing is to take care of the condition of your body. This is sometimes the only time for a generally good feeling that you can have in life. That’s why taking care of yourself is the most important thing!

What does a bioresonance examination look like?

Bioresonance examination is very simple and easy.

There is only one condition for you to be able to do a bioresonance. And that is not to eat for three hours before the examination.

What else is expected of you?

Nothing. Just sit or lie down calmly, and the doctor, a professional, will do his job. First, talk to him about your symptoms, if any. Then about the way of life, but also about possible diseases that are common in your family. This is not much different from any regular check-up you have when you visit your doctor.

The review consists of putting a network of cables on your head (this is the most plastic way to explain it). That network of cables and tiny cables, in fact, has devices at its top that need to receive the energy sent by your cells.

When you sit down, you need to be calm and not talk. The doctor connects you to the computer and then begins to read the results of your examination on the computer.

It all depends on which part you have decided on and which segment you want to be explored. If you want to examine the whole body, then it will take a little longer. In principle, the examination can take from 5 to 30 minutes.

If the chest and abdomen are what you want to examine, then you need to lie down, and the doctor will connect you to the device. You also need to rest, and the results will be displayed on the screen.

Your body values ​​will be presented using charts and images, which your doctor can print out or save for you and send to your email address.

What is important is that you will get a detailed insight into what is happening to you, as well as recommendations for certain specialist examinations, if necessary. You may also receive certain therapy immediately if the problems you have are not major and can be solved by a doctor when performing bioresonance.

Where to do a bioresonance examination?

This is a very widespread examination in the last few years because it is no secret how good and useful it is. Currently, there are not a small number of clinics where you can perform this type of treatment, bioresonance, but we note that it does not matter where you go for examination.

There are several reasons for this:

It doesn't matter where you do the examination, because you need the person who performed the bioresonance examination to read the results nicely and to inform you about what is wrong with you and which of the parameters need to be changed.

Another reason is that you need appropriate advice, not only whether to continue with the examination, but also which therapy to apply in which situations. This can only be done by someone who is an expert in his field and who has extensive experience in the field of bioresonance testing. Don't give your trust to anyone.

That's the only way you really get a complete and useful overview!

Since this type of examination is useful for everyone and painless and simple, be sure to try it. The results might surprise you! Our recommendation is to visit the La Sante health center for that.

What is quantum medicine?

Another examination that is similar to bioresonance, only it is performed in a slightly different way, is quantum medicine. You also do this treatment on an empty stomach, and it aims to show you elevated values ​​and parameters of your body.

Quantum medicine is done using a probe that should also read the energy fields of your cells. It is made of a special material that will read these values ​​most easily. When you come for an examination, the probe is also connected to the computer, everything is painless for you and lasts a minute, but literally.

You need to take the probe in your left hand and hold it for one minute. During this time, you should not talk or make sudden movements. You just need to relax. As we said, it is best to do it on an empty stomach, so you can do this examination either in the morning, before meals, or not eat for a few hours before that.

Is bioresonance a scam?

This may be one of the statements you will read on the internet. Let us dissuade you here and explain why certain people write like that. That is why their expectations have been betrayed.

In what way?

We have already mentioned that many consider bioresonance as a way to cure some (mostly vicious diseases) in humans, and it is not intended for that. It is one of the prejudices that many are prone to.

Education and information are gold. Before we undergo anything, we need to thoroughly examine all the details of the process. In the first place, what is it for, is it safe, and so on?

Bioresonance is not a scam if you want to check your general condition. It is a non-invasive method, completely painless, and accurate, in determining numerous values ​​that have an impact on your health.

The price of bioresonance

We mentioned that there are currently a large number of clinics, mostly in larger cities, where you can do bioresonance treatment.

The price of one examination with expert diagnostics, with minor deviations to one side or the other, costs around 6,000 dinars. If you look at the treatment and take into account that you have examined the whole body in this way, without going to several doctors, then this treatment is favorable.

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Science is advancing every day in many fields, even in the field of diagnostics. Some time ago, I saw a billboard advertising a private health institution that reads: "Science has advanced so much that no one sees it is completely healthy."

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