Important! Nits in your hair will not disappear if you do not do this!

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Lice are a problem, but the nits in your hair are even bigger! That's why we offer specific instructions on how to remove nits from your head, easily, quickly and so that you can be sure that they are really gone!

Nits in the hair are not uncommon, although they are still taboo at the time. People are still ashamed to admit that they have this problem when it occurs. Maybe that's why it's no wonder they're so easily transmitted.

As soon as nits are created in your hair, you will think that your hair is dirty, and the truth is that it is completely different. It's not your fault, you're just infected.

Nits are the most common occurrence in toddlers who go to kindergarten or school. This is one of the nightmares for both kids and parents, but there is a way to get rid of them efficiently and easily. And no matter how careful we are, we will never be ready for them. They are easy to form, and what you need to do is act immediately and prevent them from multiplying quickly.

It will seem to you that this problem is so big, until you grab it in your hands and start cleaning it by hand, one nit at a time. Today we will address this topic and finally figure out how to remove nits in the easiest way.

What are nits in hair?

The nits are your eggs.

We have already written about how to recognize lice in your hair!

The nits are glued to the hair itself and are not easily removed. It is not even that difficult to get rid of lice on your head, you will find many shampoos and preparations for them that are effective and will give good results in just a few days. However, when you do that, you are left with those eggs that are glued to the hair and cannot be removed so easily.

The nits are located right next to the hair root, just an inch or two from the skin. For them, you will get a special comb that will easily remove them from your hair. That is the key!

With nits, many preparations will not be as effective as you expect.

Your parasites live on the scalp and hair and feed on our blood. They cause itching and discomfort and are transmitted very quickly, from one person to another. They are primarily spread by human contact, so it is important to inspect them regularly and remove all their eggs (nits) as early as possible.

Yours can't jump or fly, but they can crawl fast. The goal is to collect lice and nits when there are fewer of them and before they multiply in large quantities because then it becomes harder.

When you remove the nits from your hair, the problem is solved! However, in practice, it does not seem nearly as simple as it sounds.

When removed from the head, the nits do not survive. They only fit our hair and nothing else, which is actually great, because otherwise, they would be all around us.

Lice are tiny hairy animals living on humans or animals. There are many different types of lice, and we often come across lice that live on the head. They are always in the center of events because most children meet them even before going to school.

As for the nits, the nits are white and very small.

One louse lays up to 300 eggs, or 300 nits, during its lifetime.

The worst part is that you usually don't have just one louse, but several. Multiply by 300 and here's the trouble! No, we didn't overdo it, this process is faster than you think. It takes 7 days for lice to grow from a nit, but only in ideal conditions for lice. It is true that they can be calm for up to a month, and then they will be activated.

Eggs are difficult to remove from the hair, but it is not impossible.

Although lice may seem nasty enough to you, the main problem lies in nits, because new lice are born from them.

How to recognize nits on the head?

The nits are quite small (1mm) and are uniform in shape. They can vary in color from grayish to white, but the nits are in most cases pure white and oval in shape. Lice lay nits near the top of the head, where the temperature is perfect for their reproduction.

There is a small problem - you can easily think that it is dandruff. Dandruff is quite harmless, unlike nits, because nothing will appear from it. You will recognize the nits by the fact that they are glued to the hair and it is difficult to separate them. They create the feeling of oily hair, and when you take a closer look, you will see that it is not just ordinary dandruff.

The itching is much more pronounced than with dandruff, and it will not pass even when the hair is washed. As soon as you notice the nits, you should react at that very moment, because it takes 7 days for them to create chaos on your head and for a small infection to turn into hair full of yours.

Today is at least easy! Open the internet, find the perfect preparation for removing lice and nits and you are already halfway to getting rid of them for all time.

Without a comb and good preparation, it is impossible to remove them! They won't go away on their own, you really have to drive them away!

If the infection has already spread, and you saw it late, then the problem becomes more difficult to solve, because in the meantime, yours have multiplied with incredible speed and it is difficult to catch them all.

Nits in children's hair

Rarely has anyone not had nits in childhood. As soon as the friend from the bench gets lice, she will get your child as well. Everything happens quickly, so sometimes, half the class gets infected.

The first symptom you will notice on a child is scratching his head. The itching is unbearable and you will easily notice that something is wrong. Because lice drink blood, it also creates a wound that manifests itself through severe itching, especially due to swelling and spreading infection. With an infection, it is important to say that it can spread to part of the neck and the area around the ears, although this is a rare case.

The scalp becomes more sensitive than usual, so it is possible for eczema to appear on the head. Apart from the itching, you will notice that the child becomes nervous, that something is bothering him, that he feels uncomfortable, and that the condition is not as it is otherwise. As soon as you notice these symptoms, examine the child's head, and you will easily recognize yours, as well as whitish nits.

Despite all the speculation, it is true that personal hygiene in a child is not crucial. Lice love when their hair is not washed, but they adore when it is clean. There are no rules. Although this condition was previously associated with dirty hair, it is true that nits can also be planted on completely clean and well-groomed hair. It is important to them that it is warm and that they can reproduce unhindered.

We are constantly wondering how to prevent nits on children's heads?

It is difficult, but it is possible. Primarily, this topic needs to be discussed. Many parents are ashamed to admit that their child has nits, so because they will not say so publicly, other children will be infected in a short period of time. A good variant, at least for girls who have long hair, are lice rubbers.

Nits in adults

Do children get nits more often than adults?

It's just a myth. Anyone can get them.

It happens that both the parents and the family members get lice when the child brings them home. That is why the whole family should use shampoos that are intended for lice so that the infection does not spread further.

Lice are real parasites. These famous bloodsuckers do not choose where to settle down, they just look for the best possible conditions for their life. We can get them at work, in the team, and in the hospital. You never know exactly where they are, but you do know where they love to stay.

What is interesting is that they can always come back.

Yours can survive out of hair for up to three days, so if they stay on the pillow, expect nits in your hair again.

In order not to enter the vicious circle after your healing, it is important to wash all the worn laundry, to vacuum several times, to wash pillows and bedding, everything you had contact with while you had nits.

In the past, the best solution for curing nits was to cut your hair. This is only because the methods of treatment were much different and there were not as many effective preparations as there are today. A haircut is definitely not necessary.

Dead nits and shooting nits - what's the difference?

Cracked nits are, as a rule, alive, and the dead are dry. As we have already said, it is important to get a shampoo that will kill lice as soon as possible, and then you should dedicate yourself to cleaning the nits. Both crackles and dry ones should be cleaned with a comb, in the same way.

The nits are removed by hand and when you see that they are not dry, you have to shoot them, that is, kill them. They are killed by hand.

When they are cracked, they are older nits, which stay in the hair longer and they need a little time for the lice to hatch.

Dry nits are young and they are not heard when removed. Be careful and do everything under strong light, so that you can see them all.

And what to do?

Here’s the explanation you’ve been waiting for!

How to get rid of nits in the hair?

The issue that bothers us the most at the moment is resolving the nits from the hair.

You need this first!

Step 1: Preparations for lice

The basic way that everyone will recommend is to remove with the help of lice spray. As soon as you notice the nits, you must buy preparation for their destruction. The lice spray acts directly on the lice, it suffocates them. However, the spray also contains some fatty ingredients, thanks to which the nits will peel off more easily and slip off the hair.

The nits will therefore remain on the hair, and they can be removed with a comb. The sooner you do that, the better.

There are various preparations, but the most famous is the shampoo for lice and nits, which acts directly on them and kills them. It is possible that these preparations will kill all lice, but you will not be able to remove nits with it. It is possible that some of them will die, but they will not fall out easily from the hair - you have to remove them manually.

Before shampooing, the hair must be thoroughly checked and combed, regardless of whether the hair is shorter or longer. The shampoo is applied to each strand of hair, so it is good to use a thick comb with teeth in this process as well. The shampoo is applied in a thick layer and should stay on the head for a while. How much it will cost on the head is indicated on the package, and you should follow the rules with these shampoos because they are really strong.

Before rinsing the hair, the hair should be combed again and the nits and lice removed from the head, and only then should the hair be washed thoroughly. Despite this popular way of removing nits, there is also a natural way to remove them.

Step 2: Comb for nits in the hair

The nit comb is made to remove nits from the hair. Its teeth are densely spaced. In addition to the classic comb, there is also an electric variant for eliminating nits. It is intended for children older than 3 years, and can also be used on pets.

Step 3: Comb the nits

And finally, mechanically do the process itself.

How to get rid of nits with long hair?

Long hair can really be a problem when lice and nits appear on the scalp. Lots of hair - lots of nits and problems. Here it is important to be detailed and to comb the strand, strand by strand until you remove them all from the hair.

So that your long hair doesn't confuse you, you can also weave braids when you are done with a certain part of your hair. In this case, large hairpins can also help you, which will separate the cleaned hair from the one with the nits.

How to get rid of nits with short hair in boys?

You may think that it is much harder to remove nits from short hair or in boys, the truth is that it is actually the same. They are located at the root and are even easier to spot when the hair is short. You will remove them with a comb in the same way as on long hair. It is common practice for boys to get a haircut, especially if they have very short hair. As we said, it is not necessary, because the nits can be removed without cutting to zero.

Natural hair spray is a good way to fight nits because it can also act preventively!

Nits in the hair are a common occurrence. Both children and adults deal with them. They are hard and boring, but fortunately, they are much easier to solve today than before. The most important thing we have learned now! You can kill lice with preparations, but you can only remove nits in your hair with a comb!

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