11 reasons why reading books is important

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For some, the book is a "best friend", and for others a great hobby and way of having fun. There are also those who read very little or do not read at all. Some read in Serbian, some improve their foreign language by reading at the same time. I would especially like to point out professional training, for example, if you are a translator or a court interpreter. But now we will dedicate ourselves to reading books out of love and hobbies.

There are many texts and articles on the Internet on the topic of why reading books is important. You must have read most of it. Although useful, they have failed to awaken or increase your desire to read. Imagine that the greatest names in world literature give you advice on why reading books is important. Would you then be more inspired and motivated?

I will try to bring you closer to the importance and beauty of reading books.

Through quotes from famous writers, I will reveal 11 reasons why reading is important. After that, in the following text, you will find a list of the 11 best sites and applications for a free reading of e-books and a list of the top 11 books that carry important life lessons, as well as a small bonus.

11 reasons why reading is important

This is only a small part of the reason why reading is useful, healthy, important,

and why reading should be included in the daily routine.

1. "I don't know any problem that an hour of reading didn't alleviate" - Montesquieu

The book has a healing effect, has a positive effect on reducing tension and nervousness, and relieves stress. There are studies that prove that reading reduces nervousness to a greater extent than walking, watching television, or drinking coffee.

There are many books and you can always find a suitable reading that will improve your mood, whether you are sad, depressed, disappointed, or looking for a solution to a certain problem. It is important to choose a book that suits you and that relaxes you. And don't create extra stress for yourself by determining the number of pages you will read during the day. Sometimes you will read three pages, and sometimes several chapters. Sometimes I read an entire book in one breath.

Self-help books have a positive effect on the treatment of depression and reduce its symptoms. Reading eliminates the feeling of loneliness and reduces the level of stress, which are common causes of depression. They also have a beneficial effect on lowering blood pressure, and the main culprit for raising it is again stress.

By reading, people become more satisfied because the secretion of dopamine is accelerated, which directly affects the feeling of satisfaction. Books are a type of natural medicine for calming and anti-stress therapy. I warn you that reading books is addictive.

2. "Don't read books for three days and your words will lose their beauty" - a Chinese proverb

Reading enriches vocabulary. The more we read, the more we encounter new words, and a rich vocabulary is extremely important. When you want to impress someone, when you go to a job interview or have a public appearance, you will be grateful to yourself for all the books you have read.

By reading, you get to know other dialects and long-forgotten, archaic words.

Each book is written in a unique style and expresses the uniqueness of the author. Often authors use words that sound so good, and you didn't even know they existed.

The ability to express one's opinion in the right way is important for the social life of every person. People who read a lot are more communicative and easier to make friends. They are less likely to have embarrassing situations such as conflict or misunderstanding that cause someone to misrepresent or misinterpret someone's statements.

3. "Reading is the best learning" - Pushkin

Reading is actually learning. Whatever reading you read, you come across a handful of new facts from different areas. Over time, you can become an expert in an area that you read about regularly and often.

General information is important for everyday communication. People who are literate have a higher level of self-confidence, more developed communication skills and find it easier to get a job, and often start their own business. In general, it is true for all successful people to read a lot and not be focused on one genre. Professional literature can improve your knowledge in the field in which you operate.

Reading allows you to learn and improve a foreign language. If you are a fan of a certain writer, and his last book has not been translated into Serbian, reading in English is very useful. Also, many more titles are available in English, as many books have not been translated into Serbian.

4. "Reading some good books is good for health as well as physical exercise" - Kant

According to a text from the journal Proceedings, reading prevents the appearance of early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Although the cause-and-effect relationship has not been scientifically confirmed, several reasons are given in support of this thesis.

Brain inactivity is very often the cause of numerous diseases and early onset of symptoms. An insufficiently activated brain is susceptible to the development of Alzheimer's disease, which has been very common lately. Intellectual activities are thought to strengthen the brain against disease, just as physical activity strengthens the heart, muscles, and bones.

It is not out of place to apply this thesis, it certainly can't hurt.

Also, reading improves concentration and good memory. It is common knowledge that it is sometimes difficult to stay focused. By reading, you focus on the events from the book, which you can apply in everyday life. If you get used to several books read in a row, reading the book will be easier, because you will be able to "habitually" sit over the book and think only about it. Your attention will be trained enough to focus on only one action - reading. As a logical consequence, memory, which is crucial for learning, will appear.

Reading is a great exercise to keep your brain in shape. It is known that children, who do not read in the summer holidays, have a harder time adjusting to the beginning of the school year and re-encountering books and learning, unlike children who read regularly.

Reading, as well as going to the gym before bed, solves the problem of insomnia and contributes to better quality sleep. The next time you roll over on the bed, instead of surfing the internet, indulge in the magic of the book. You will fall asleep after reading a few pages.

5. "The difference between what you are today and what you will be in five years depends on the quality of the books you read" - J. Ron

Reading books is important for building a successful career and advancing in business. By reading, you gain many skills that are very important in the business world.

The skill of reading is important in almost all jobs, and especially the skill of correct comprehension of the text.

Perseverance is valuable in business. If you can read an 800-page novel, you can successfully complete any job.

Self-confidence is a quality of successful people, and you will gain it by reading books from different genres. This way you will have the opportunity to actively participate in discussions on various topics while sounding well-read and educated.

The skill of writing will drastically improve because "the best books are written by the best readers". It is very important that you write emails, offers, contracts, reports correctly, and clearly…

Analytical skills are developed so that by constant reading you will be able to predict the next few steps in the development of the action. In business, it is important to always be one step ahead.

Communication skills are extremely important because good and understandable communication is the core of any business.

People who read in books often come across characters who can serve as their role models. You will try harder because if someone has already succeeded in something, you can also succeed.

6. "Choose a writer as you would choose a friend" - V. Dylan

Friends know you best, and we can often hear the old saying "Who you are with, that's who you are." By reading books and choosing an author and a certain genre, you get to know yourself best. Nothing can expose you so well as a good book or a character from a work that you have identified with. By reading, we can discover quite surprising things about ourselves, which we did not even imagine.

7. Books can be dangerous. At best, you should put a warning: "It can change your life" - H. Exley

How many times have you heard that there are books that can really change your view of life, the world, and the environment, as well as setting life goals? While it may sound like a phrase to you, it has been proven to be so. A small bonus is waiting for you at the end of the text.

Literature abounds in political, philosophical, sociological, psychological, and various other ideas that the human mind has been able to come up with throughout history. Literature is really able to change your life. Apart from life experience, nothing but literature can teach you so well how to treat people, how to think, how to adopt ideas and apply them in everyday life.

It has been proven that books that belong to the so-called genre. popular psychology has really helped people change their lives. Especially important are books with serious philosophical ideas that can instill in you certain life values, understandings of morality, ethics, and man. So give yourself a chance to change or improve your life by reading.

8. "I am part of every book I have read" - J. Kiran

Reading books evokes empathy. It often happens that you identify with the hero and understand his feelings, the problems he faces, and the obstacles he encounters. In time, you will learn to have an understanding of the people around you in real life. Reading strengthens the feeling of empathy for those who are weak and powerless, and that is a rare and much-needed virtue in today's world.

9. “That's the thing with the books. They allow you to travel anywhere without moving ”- J. Lahiri

A book can be a great means of transportation that can take you on an exciting adventure and to unknown destinations. Adventure is welcome in a world ruled by routine. By reading, you can get to know different parts of the world, other cultures, or demographics.

Castles, dragons, brave knights, and court princesses are not things we encounter every day. So we can meet them in the book. Socializing with them ignites the imagination: you can clearly imagine the characters, events, landscapes… Awaken the child in you, fantasize and walk through the beautiful gardens and royal castles.

10. "And just knowing that a good book is waiting for you at the end of the day makes the day happier" - K. Norris

Reading books is an ideal hobby, which can bring even profit. I have already written about him in this text.

11. "More valuable ideas can be found in the smallest bookstore than in the entire history of television" - E. Ross

By reading books you will come across countless ideas. Ideas foster creativity, and books are a perfect source of inspiration. Good books motivate people to become better at work, marriage, everyday life.

Characters from books are often a source of inspiration because we can learn a lot from them, but they can also motivate us to change our lives.

Describing a place or people can also be inspiring. For example, you might like a book about Japan so much that you decide to take a Japanese language course or start saving for a trip to Japan.

There are many reasons to read and there is no reason not to start reading today!

While we wait for the next text, let me hear your reasons for reading and why are books important to you?

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