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BitcoinCash (BCH): It Just Works!

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1 year ago

Some in the cryptocurrency community are unaware of how well BitcoinCash (BCH) works as:

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Others (the vast majority) have yet to even dip their toe into using P2PCash.

BitcoinCash is consistently:

  • Fast

  • Cheap (transaction fees less than 1-cent USD)

  • Reliable

As a result of these key features and many others, BitcoinCash is being adopted more and more world-wide! We are merely in the innovation/early adopter stages of this fantastic tool to unleash us all to be more free and productive! I thought I’d list just a few examples of how well BitcoinCash works AND is being used everyday!

BitcoinCash Dominates Areas With Highest Cryptocurency Usage

What do places like Keene NewHampshire USA and NorthQueensland Australia and have in common? In addition to being among the highest (if not THE highest) in usage per capita of cryptocurrency, BitcoinCash usage is dominant!

Vending Machines

Since BitcoinCash is fast & cheap, these Oveser vending machines in Hong Kong accept BitcoinCash.

Digital Marketplace

In addition to BitcoinCash being available on thousands of online merchants including OpenBazaar, the only bitcoin type cryptocurrency accepted at the UQUID digital marketplace is BitcoinCash!

Online Poker

BitcoinCash is THE dominant cryptocurrency on!


For those interested in better privacy than what legacy bitcoin (BTC) offers but don't want to rely only on a privacy coin that is often not available on exchanges then BitcoinCash hits that goldilocks zone of “just right”.

BitcoinCash wallets like ElectronCash include the privacy tool CashShuffle which is a fully decentralized NON-custodial coin mixing protocol that makes chain analysis very difficult! And CashFusion (in beta, to be released shortly) is even better!

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Written by   18
1 year ago
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I love seeing posts like these. I just wish we get to the point that Tether stops pumping on BTC. It's gotten too controlled.

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1 year ago

Hello I don't know a lot about BTC but I think whenever someone ignores something That will get more value!

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1 year ago

You got it just right. Many people don't know how well Bitcoin Cash works because they have not tried it. They hold the coins on Exchanges and do not move them. Once you start using it and notice how easy and good it works, you quickly become addictedt to Bitcoin Cash. 😉

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1 year ago

Please let me know if you catch any errors or have any key aspects of BCH that I didn't mention that would useful to add! (target audience is primarily newcomers) -Thanks!

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1 year ago