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The Power of Experience. Real Heroes!

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1 year ago

Real Hero

All of us at some point in our lives have waited for a hero to appear to save us from the difficulties we face. That hero will appear in an instant and all our problems will be solved in an instant.

However, the real heroes are those who come into our lives at certain times in our lives and help us even though we don't even realize it.

Our mothers are our true heroes. They fed and raised us in times when we were not even aware of ourselves.

Our fathers are our true heroes. They have protected us from many dangers in our lives.

However, so many heroes have entered our lives that we are not aware of any of them. The person who lends us one of his pens in the exam is a hero.

Our friend who defends us next to another friend is a hero.

The person who helps an old woman cross the street by holding her hand at a red light is a hero.

Heroes are not people to whom we have completely surrendered control of our lives, to whom we have given up our will. It should not be like this...

If you are looking for a hero who will save you from all the problems of your life, you will make a mistake. Problems, difficulties exist to improve us. Only in this way can we evolve and become a better and stronger version of ourselves.

Heroes should not be people who feed us when we are hungry, give us water when we are thirsty, and struggle with problems and difficulties for us. Heroes shouldn't be people who make things easy for us. If there is someone who can make everything easier in our life, it should be us.

If everything were easy, we wouldn't need to evolve, and even if we lived hundreds of thousands of lives, we would stay the same and not evolve.

Instead of looking for someone to tackle our problems for us, we should look for ways to solve our problems. This is what will improve us.

We can develop and move forward through experiences. And the problems, difficulties and troubles we encounter in our lives are part of our experiences.

We are no longer formula-fed babies. Years ago, we decided to walk on our own feet. Now we must continue to walk on our own feet, to find a way to solve our problems, to overcome obstacles.

We are all real heroes. We can help those who need help. However, walking, moving forward, continuing is one's own choice. No one can dedicate their life to yours except your mother and father. Everyone has their own life. Everyone has their own problems. Even heroes...

And everyone has the responsibility of solving their own problems. Others can only give us small clues about solving the problem. However, it is our responsibility to find the solution to the problem. The fact that someone else solves our every problem causes us not to gain problem solving skills.

In fact, we can only reach a place with a wonderful view if we keep walking without really giving up. The tools that will facilitate us on this path emerge with our inner strength.

And eventually we will realize that it is not the problems that really matter, but the rewards we get at the end of our experiences. Someone else's solutions may mean we miss out on the real rewards.

Someone can describe paradise to you. But you can only understand, feel and experience the beauty of heaven when you go there yourself.

Descriptions, definitions, will never be enough to explain the truth of something.

Even photographs are not enough to understand the true beauty and feelings of being in a place with a wonderful view.

We as human beings have the power of experience. Learning from books, from what someone else has told, from stories can make us partially understand something superficially. Only our experiences can teach us the truth. We can realize by experience that the truth is not just problems, but that there are wonderful beauties, miracles and blessings in it.

You can only know what it feels like to feel the wind on your face while running.

When snow writes, you may realize that it can be a great game to take a piece of snow in our palm and turn it into a snowball and throw it to your friends.

Life is a combination of wonderful beauties. And we learn this through experience. We can only know by living that one day, skiing, driving, playing a musical instrument, singing, cycling, swimming, walking on the beach, picking mushrooms in the forest are all wonderful experiences.

To experience is to feel deeply. Only in this way can we truly feel that we are alive.

And one day we realize that many great heroes come into our lives and that we are the heroes of others as well as ourselves.

Image by Mostafa Elturkey from Pixabay 

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Written by   124
1 year ago
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Lending a helping hand to people who need them in the best way we can makes us a hero. We are all heroes if only we learn to help and not refusing or rather insult. Nice article @turuncu. Keep the flag flying. 🤓🤓

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1 year ago

Thank you so much. Being a hero doesn't necessarily mean saving someone's life. Sometimes a little help can make someone's life better. Even if they don't realize it...

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1 year ago

Even with the meals she cooks, my mother is my hero by far, not to mention other features!

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1 year ago

Surely it is. Being able to do so many things at once is an extraordinary talent.

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1 year ago

love this article, I strongly believe that heroes are everyday people doing extraordinary things that make people's life easier and give hope, light and love to the world.

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1 year ago