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Love & Friendship

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10 months ago
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Have you ever wondered why some relationships last for many years, while others last very short time?

How do married couples who love each other for the rest of their lives and stay with each other achieve this?

Why do some people rush to end the relationship right away and start a new one on the smallest problem in their relationship?

What if the most important thing in relationships is respect, love and tolerance for each other...

Even if their financial situation is bad, even if they are going through difficult times, if the couples who hold each other tighter get their strength from this relationship...

I think that the relationships of couples who have overcome the problems they have been through by supporting each other spiritually and going through difficult times together are getting stronger.

In other words, people who can overcome difficulties stand up stronger and relationships become stronger in the same way.

Of course, the reason for starting the relationship is also important.

Happiness and harmony are possible in our relationships without making great sacrifices. People who know each other know what each other likes and dislikes, what makes them happy and what hurts.

If you know what is hurting someone and you hurt them, it is unlikely that the relationship will remain happy, peaceful and strong.

A friend is the one who doesn't hurt you.

First of all, we should be able to establish real friendships with the people we interact with.

There must be friendship in marriage, in friendship, in our relations with our children.

If you are hostile to the whole world, it is most likely that you will one day be hostile to those you come into contact with.

There are many couples who start their relationships with friendship and are happily married to each other.

Romance in relationships may add color to relationships, but I think the most important thing is friendship.

"I can't show my love."

Another cliché... Haha..

If you truly love, even if you can't express it with your words, you can show it with your actions.

If you show your love as much as you show your anger, many problems will be solved by themselves.

Let's know if you are a friend or an enemy, my dear! :))

The power of things like holding hands, hugging, resting your head on the shoulder of your loved one is much more than we think.

This article is an impromptu article created with spontaneous thoughts. Thanks for thinking with me. 🙂

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Written by   124
10 months ago
Topics: Life, Writing,, Love, Reality, ...
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A healthy relationship supports each other. Every party should contribute to keep the relationship going and there should be understanding and acceptance involve.

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10 months ago

Friendship and bonding of happy memories with your partner will be the most effective way to surpass all the trials you may encounter.

Trust your partner always. Contribute the sparks in the relationship not fuel the negative issues.

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10 months ago