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Joy of life

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1 year ago

With the same kind of movies, similar events, and some health issues, I felt my life had become monotonous and something had to change. In fact, although I dared to change my whole life with one decision, I realized that I had not done so for a long time. Frankly, the change is a bit scary, and while I have a very logical reason not to change it, it's a contradiction that it doesn't make much sense to continue in the same way.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that something must change, but this time I decided it would be more appropriate to have internal and external changes triggered by it rather than fundamental changes.

First of all, as I know that my health problem negatively affects both my work and my private life, I think that the first change should be surgery, if necessary, despite all my fear.

In this process, I wanted to find entertaining movies, series and efforts that would keep my inner motivation high. Although I normally prefer science fiction and mystery movies, I now believe it is best to get psychologically into the comedy genre better. Although I am a very negative person, seeing that I cannot think positively as easily as before, both encourages and awakens me.

So when I first mentioned local comedy movies and comedy shows, I started watching Friends series. It is a very entertaining series that is very enjoyable to watch. Since I've never watched it before, I watched it until the 10th episode of the 9th season. I had a lot of fun and I think I will watch it every season.

I don't want to think too much about serious issues these days. Life somehow puts before us what we need to live. The issues we already live in are "What am I going through?" Instead of thinking and questioning, it makes more sense to let it flow and experience what is needed when necessary.

Also, I cannot write constantly. I can only respond to your comments when possible. If there are movies like "Friends" that you know are fun, I am open to your suggestions.

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Written by   96
1 year ago
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