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Patience ( key to life )

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1 month ago

"patience is never enough" and you need to be patient as well.. but the thing with patience is that you will not just be told how to be patient, you will learn how to go about it. i mean the success is never in the future, the success is in the now. start by looking at what you are currently doing. and if you are not getting it right, take a step back and ask yourself why are you not getting it right and what do you need to do in order to do better. there's nothing wrong with failing but there is something wrong if you failed to learn from your mistakes.

"sometimes, things don't go your way. Just keep going till it does".

patience is something that is best define as a virtue and it's really important. in this day and age, i really feel that a lot of young people especially are not patient enough and are always looking for results fast and once things does not work out well as they expect to, they usually give up fast.

It is often seen that people are in a hurry to do something. They don't have patience and don't want to wait for what they want. If someone asks for anything, he has to get it within minutes. This impatience has given birth to a thinking that if we are not doing or achieving things now, then it means we are not achieving them at all. This is a wrong thinking and leads to negative results. We have to remember that nothing comes easy and we have to be patient with all the relationships we keep, things we do, and situations we face.

"PATIENCE - patience is never enough, one has to be patient with whatsoever he or she is doing. we dont need to rush things when we are involve with something. patience is a quality of human that most people lack of which it brings unpleasant experience. but on the other hand, its also the key to success in all aspects of life. Its better to be patient in all that we do than rush things because rushing things lead us to where we want not in an instant but in a few years time. Why so many people cannot understand this simple thing I dont know but still they keep rushing into things without giving themselves time to think of how they will do it.

Patience is a virtue, one which I assume most people on this planet dont have.

I assume…

To be frustrated is normal for everyone, to be patient is not.

I assume one cannot be patient and frustrated at the same time, right?

Patience comes with everything, whether you are doing boring work or something that requires a bit of brainwork.

One has to be patient with people who really pisses you off.

Patience comes into play when you dont want to do a certain task but you realise it will benefit you in the long run.

The short-term gain is not always the long-term happiness. Live a consistent life and get rewarded with a better future. The saying "patience is never enough" really reminds me that we never know what is going to happen in our lives ahead. The next thing we know, time had passed us without us noticing. Many of the people around us might be successful or become famous because they did not give up. So, today I would like to remind all of you out there that you can be great as well. You have to have the patience and resilience to conquer any obstacles that comes in your way.

Patience towards your studies, patience towards your business, patience towards your health and fitness, etc.

patience is never enough; one has to be patient with whatsoever he or she is doing. we dont need to rush things when we are involve with something. take everything slowly and carefully. it will help a lot to get a right result.

Patience is a virtue, especially when you are dealing with day to day tech problems. However, certain individuals have absolutely zero patience when it comes to dealing with issues that often arise when using technology.

In the modern era, where everything is done in a time frame, patience is considered as an unimportant factor but we must understand that everything takes time and there are no shortcuts to success. Patience is required in order to learn new things; it is needed in order to develop bonds of friendship and most importantly patience is required in order to achieve success in any field of life.

"when it is time, the appropriate situation will come up"

In finding the appropriate time, one must be very careful and patient.

The appropriate situation has to do much with one's timing. One must go with the flow and must not rush things.

While you are working on something, remember not to rush things. You can always wait for the right time to come around.

Patience is a key virtue to have.

thanks for reading, i remain Tifee, the anonymous writer and holder of BCH.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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Patient is a gift from God and not everyone has it. If you're patient enough, you may get all the good things of life. Patience is the key into whatever we do. It's so funny how most people begin something now and they still expect it to yield profit now. Let's be patient!!!! Patience goes a long way in our lives

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1 month ago

Truly, we can't just keep rushing things and at the end of the day, it's fruitless. Patience is what the youth of nowadays really needs.

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1 month ago